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AIBU to think they are asking for trouble?

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nicky68 Tue 14-Aug-18 17:24:19

I am taken aback by the number of people who openly post on social media that they are about to go on holiday or are on holiday or what have you. Facebook perhaps is not so bad as long as your privacy settings are OK as presumably then only people you know will see it. But every day I see on Twitter and on Instagram when I go on it people telling the world and his wife that they are away and their house is lying empty. I don't think I am blowing this out of proportion. Only this week we had a letter from our insurance company warning people about this exact same thing.

Do you think that people forget that they are openly saying they are away from hom or that they are just naive at best? The letter from the insurance company said claims will be void if there is evidence on social media where you have told people you were elsewhere.

Nanny27 Wed 15-Aug-18 11:00:03

I so agree but then don’t get me started on the apparent need to post every detail of some folk’s lives on social media. Another couple of weeks and there will be a plethora of pictures of children in their school uniform for the first day of term. Name of child, clear name of school (usually visible on badge). Unbelievable imo that parents can be so careless with their child’s safety. Sorry OP I know this is a bit off thread but I feel so strongly.

labazs Wed 15-Aug-18 11:02:53

people nowadays are so keen to boast of holidays and post loads pics of the place they stop they dont stop to think what they are advertising

Annana Wed 15-Aug-18 11:08:18

Ok, perhaps not an ideal solution for holiday time, but I find that a dog ( esp. one that barks and does not sleep too soundly at night) is a really good deterrent for burglars.Some years ago, we were almost the only house on a new estate who escaped that misfortune.Recently, my husband got a barking gadget to replace the animal for when we are away, but what with the mechanical whirring which goes off before the bark and the obvious constant pitch would doubtless not have the same effect! Such a pity that he does not learn( I.E. husband, of course) that buying things cheap or on special offer might not be the best deal!

Willow500 Wed 15-Aug-18 11:12:17

Annana we were burgled years ago during the night when we were in bed and the dog was in the house downstairs - she never made a sound! We think they maybe fed her through the cat flap grin

I agree it's foolhardy posting pictures and other information when you're away from home - almost like inviting the burglars in and making them tea !!

ninathenana Wed 15-Aug-18 11:22:16

Your house dosen't need to be empty for burglars to cone in.
We were raided whilst DH was in bed from night shift. The cheeky bugger even went in our room and stole my jewelery box whist DH snored !! (he was used to noises around the house)
He was caught imprisoned and offended again 2 wks after release. Sadly nothing was recovered.

nicky68 Wed 15-Aug-18 11:27:36

grandetante funnily enough today I walked past a house where someone had stuck a note on the front door saying to the expected courier 'we are not at home, please leave over the side gate'. Very odd

I like to share holiday photos (a few not the whole shebang) on facebook but only ever do so when I am home again

I agree that burglaries can happen any time whether you are in or not but I do think it's extremely foolish to basically advertise that your property will be empty for a certain amount of time

dani4 Wed 15-Aug-18 11:36:12

Also, taking a taxi from your house to the airport, train station etc. can be a risk, think about it!

Lilyflower Wed 15-Aug-18 11:37:18

If I mention we will be away I always say my son remnains behind to work.

He would be as much use as a cholate teapot in a break in as he sleep so soundly and for much of the day at the weekend. But Burglar Bill doesn't know that.

chrissyh Wed 15-Aug-18 11:42:15

Something not mentioned is that insurers may not pay out if you have been advertising your absence on holiday on social media. This is because most insurers have a 'reasonable care' clause in contracts so firms don't have to offer up cash if they can prove people weren't careful enough in protecting their possessions.

quizqueen Wed 15-Aug-18 12:14:09

I don't understand why people post on social media about their life at all! I always have house sitters for pets while I am away anyway but I also have nothing worth stealing either.

icanhandthemback Wed 15-Aug-18 13:08:55

The only time we took a taxi to go away on holiday, we were burgled on the night we left. We had left someone in the house but they'd gone out for the evening and he came back and started tidying up, wondering why we had left such a mess, until he realised that the video player was gone. This was long before social media so it just goes to show that there are many ways to advertise your absence! I am very careful now and only post pictures of my holiday to friends after I am already there. We try to leave somebody at the house or have somebody go in a couple of times a day to switch lights on and off when they feed the cats.

Eilyann70 Wed 15-Aug-18 13:16:28

DD1 and family are on holiday in Canada. DGS started a blog before they left to which only family have access so we have seen some fantastic photos and no insecurity

FlorenceFlower Wed 15-Aug-18 13:43:29

I think it’s difficult, but we or people we know have tried:

1. Not using real names on Facebook, and only posting on Facebook after a holiday, plus using the highest privacy settings on Facebook.
2. Getting taxi before holidays from a neighbour so it looks as though there are a lot of people left behind in the house.
3. Burglars in one area climbing on garden furniture to the first floor window, as most people don’t bother with their alarm on the first floor. The burglars seem to be young, fit and healthy and get over even 6 ft garden or side walls with ease.
4. Living next door to people who are careless with security so that the burglars take the easy option!
5. One chap we know was burgled from his bedroom while he was asleep and since then has the bedroom door and windows very firmly bolted when he is asleep. Very claustrophobic in my view.

And yes, I completely agree we don’t need to add to the risks by advertising that we are away and our house is empty!


nicky68 Wed 15-Aug-18 13:53:55

chrissyh I mentioned that in my OP!! That was what made me think about it , the letter from the insurance company

Camelotclub Wed 15-Aug-18 14:27:15

A decent alarm, a big dog and light timers that come on and go off at random.

Advice from an ex Met Police sergeant I know!

Grammaretto Wed 15-Aug-18 14:27:23

Like quizqueen we always have house sitters when we go away.
For one house sitter it is a career. They pet-sit and house sit for a small fee.
I need someone to water the tomatoes.

bikergran Wed 15-Aug-18 15:07:14

Give me about 15/.20 mins just mooching and browsing and I will know.

Where your going!
When your going!
What time your taxi is!
How long your going for!
Your address!
Your d.o.b.
Who's going and their d.o.b!
How much deposit your paying!
Then at the end ..everything confirmed!

So......... "Where am I " ??

Nanny27 Wed 15-Aug-18 16:15:15

Unless fb has changed very recently, privacy settings are not as private as users often think. A simple like or comment from anyone and your post becomes available to all their friends. Is this still the case? Hopefully they've tightened this up and I'm wrong.

bikergran Wed 15-Aug-18 17:04:14

The Travel Agents !

Hence all the information.

I happen to go in our local travel agents with my mum a few months ago (my mum was inquiring and booking a little holiday) been n gone now.

But whilst I was sat there twiddling my thumbs I started to browse the brochures etc , someone did come up to me to ask if they could help "No thanks Im just browsing at the mo" but in that time (around 20 mins) I could here enough information from others , that was a bit scary.

Not sure how this could be overcome as most travel agents are pretty small offices and there is no privacy what so ever.

4allweknow Wed 15-Aug-18 17:05:12

No matter what precautions you take if a burglar is determined they will get in. Have an alarm, bump proof locks but still do not think of being burglar proof.

jocork Wed 15-Aug-18 17:27:17

Love your idea Juliet27! That should mean my house is permanently protected.!
Seriously though I had an attempted break in when I was in. My car had just failed its MOT and gone to the great scrapyard in the sky and was yet to be replaced. I guess the burglar thought I was out as the car wasn't there! I heard a noise and went into the kitchen to investigate. With darkness outside all I could see was my own reflection in the french doors but the white handle moving up and down. I was scared witless but clearly so was the burglar(s) who scarpered leaving behind a spade with a broken corner which he/they had used to try to lever the door open.
I am the neighbourhood watch coordinator for my road and often get reminders from the police not to advertise our absence on social media. My experience would confirm that burglars do try to break in when they have reason to think the house is empty. I hope they were even half as unnerved by my appearance as I was by the awful experience.

blossom14 Wed 15-Aug-18 17:32:58

We were burgled while away celebrating our Golden Wedding. They even took our post which had our cards from the family. It must have taken them a bit of time to get in as they couldn't get through the back windows. So, they cut out the old glazed panel door to the kitchen. We had taken DH car keys (were using mine) however, had forgotten there was a spare set in an old briefcase, so his pride and joy complete with golf clubs in boot was stolen and not found for 4 months.

The police came very quickly - this was 9 years ago and had already found our TV, jewellery etc at a local dealers flat. It was the mess they left that upset me.

Our neighbours did not even notice gaping hole in kitchen door facing them

Daisyboots Wed 15-Aug-18 17:34:55

We usually have housesitters when we are away but it's rather stupid to announce you are going away on social media. Another thing I always think is rather daft is to clean your house throughly before you go away. Friends say that they have changed the beds cleaned everywhere so everything is sparkling. So if someone broke in I am sure they would know that they have plenty of time to search. I always left some things out on the worktop in the kitchen as though I have just been using it and some washing up in the sink. Surely most houses have signs they are being lived in normally and don't look like showhouses without a thing out of place

1974cookie Wed 15-Aug-18 18:39:27

Why oh Why do people broadcast that they are away on social media especially sites like Facebook?
The people that they Facebook may be "friends" but who on earth are these friends posting on too, and so on, and so on.
It is not rocket science.
Don't do it if you value the security of your home.

sarahellenwhitney Wed 15-Aug-18 18:56:42

I don't have curtains but venetian blinds.
They are always on tilt so difficult to know whether the property is occupied or not.