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AIBU to think they are asking for trouble?

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nicky68 Tue 14-Aug-18 17:24:19

I am taken aback by the number of people who openly post on social media that they are about to go on holiday or are on holiday or what have you. Facebook perhaps is not so bad as long as your privacy settings are OK as presumably then only people you know will see it. But every day I see on Twitter and on Instagram when I go on it people telling the world and his wife that they are away and their house is lying empty. I don't think I am blowing this out of proportion. Only this week we had a letter from our insurance company warning people about this exact same thing.

Do you think that people forget that they are openly saying they are away from hom or that they are just naive at best? The letter from the insurance company said claims will be void if there is evidence on social media where you have told people you were elsewhere.

endre123 Wed 15-Aug-18 23:33:09

Privacy setting on Facebook mean nothing, Every now and then it updates and sometimes undos the privacy. People (like myself) thought they had tight security on FB found they were being targeted by particular organisations/ adverts when they had had a private discussion on the topic. Then recently we discovered FB was collecting our personal data and selling it, and they could also reach other devices to gather friends through friends data.
I was robbed while on holiday by the daughter and boyfriend of the neighbour who was looking after my cats. The mother was called away on a family emergency and she asked the daughter to tend to the cats. I came home to find a family heirloom gone, plus many bits and pieces which apparently she sold at a car boot sale. A wrong 'un, no longer lives with her mother.

Grammaretto Thu 16-Aug-18 07:49:39

When our car was broken into in a crematorium car park, we were told by the police that these and cemeteries are easy prey for thieves.
When you are grieving and distracted it's the time to be most cautious.

JenniferEccles Thu 16-Aug-18 11:13:48

Even the lovely Jacob Rees Mogg was guilty of this by posting pictures of him and his family on holiday.

I was so shocked that he couldn't see what a bad idea that was. Predictably, vandals struck.

NotSpaghetti Fri 17-Aug-18 16:01:17

quizqueen - some of us use Instagram (and other social media) for work purposes as it gives clients ideas about what we are like and makes them feel more connected to our "brand".
Obviously this means we are extremely careful of the posts we make.
Regarding burglaries, we were once burgled on a Saturday night whilst asleep with all the family at home (7 people in all). They never came upstairs. It was lunchtime the next day before anyone noticed. They took only a bike, purses and golf clubs. They had tried to get in to next door first we believe and had tried the padlock on my son's motorbike.
I suppose if you have a busy house you don't notice noises in quite the same way as, say, we do now given that there are only two of us.