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Izabella Mon 10-Sep-18 14:46:23

What is is with some people and plastic bags? I recently did a coach day trip and the number of folk with a bag full (seemingly) of plastic carrier bags which they proceeded to rustle throughout the journey was amazing. Everything it seemed was wrapped in plastic and an inordinate amount of time spent searching for objects that naturally had gravitated to the bottom.

Fiachna56 Mon 10-Sep-18 14:47:48

Ha ha, you should try going to the

Synonymous Mon 10-Sep-18 14:58:25

I was thinking of cattle when I saw the heading! grin

Quite agree though and also don't know why sweets etc are allowed in any theatre. Went with DD to a cinema a couple of years ago and was amazed that a family came in, sat behind us and ate a meal purchased in the foyer. The eating noises were awful and the smell was unappetising to say the least and had us gagging!

lemongrove Mon 10-Sep-18 15:02:42

Yes, I thought it was going to be sheep rustling [which is on the increase ] grin anyway, I agree rustling is annoying when anywhere quiet, or in the theatre or cinema.

Somebody sat near you gobbling up a glutinous hotdog is also revolting.

Jalima1108 Mon 10-Sep-18 15:21:21

I was thinking of cattle when I saw the heading! and sheep
Me too, especially as I have been reading about bush rangers in Australia in the early days of European settlement.

DH was 'rustling' last night when we were watching Bodyguard shock
He said, I'm just getting a magazine rolled up ready to swat that mosquito before it bites you'
Ahh smile

Jalima1108 Mon 10-Sep-18 15:22:23

People can't seem to go more than an hour without eating something - that's the other strange thing!

TerriBull Mon 10-Sep-18 15:57:10

I thought the thread was about some hideous looking burger that went by that brand name. One of my sons brought them home occasionally when he was in his late teens, possibly they could have been plastic which was why they were called "Rustlers", anyway he's still here grin I didn't buy them honest! I approached this thread with trepidation, thinking surely this isn't about the "Rustler" burger GN posters are far too naice to want to consume such vile fare, tantamount to what I imagine Jamie Oliver once rather nicely described as scrotum burgers shock

Mycatisahacker Mon 10-Sep-18 20:43:07

I was torn between sheep thieves and baguettes. grin

People eat far too much and have no manners. Fact smile

NannyJan53 Tue 11-Sep-18 07:16:30

I have never understood the need to chomp and slurp through a film, play or on coach journey.

Also, find it strange that people eat whilst walking, fish n chips, burgers etc!

When I eat I like to sit down and savour and enjoy in pleasant surroundings. I agree with Jalima , some people seem to graze all day! Most odd, or perhaps I am the odd one?

Grampie Tue 11-Sep-18 08:04:06

Apart from the noise the result is casually discarded litter unless one of those bags is used to take it home.

shysal Tue 11-Sep-18 08:36:39

I also don't understand why people don't seem to be able to watch football on TV without consuming copious cans of beer or lager. I am horrified at the huge packs I see in supermarket trolleys these days.

I walk the length of my village each morning and pick up litter every time, usually discarded take-away wrappers, carrier bags and cans. We are not far from a motorway service station and an Asda, so I imagine people have just had time to eats their purchases on the move before chucking the empties out of the car window. I put them in the nearest waste bin so they don't even get re-cycled.

Poppy11 Tue 11-Sep-18 09:03:24

Curry sauce and chips.A person couldn't finish there meal and emptied the remaining meal over my car which is parked on my drive.polystyrene box thrown on my garden.

Cherrytree59 Tue 11-Sep-18 09:20:48

An other who thought cattle or sheepsmile

On school run with DH Friday, arrived early so I caught up with some reading.
DH decided to sort through his rucksack twhich he stores in the car boot.
Goodness knows what he keeps in it but it was rustle rustle rustle.
So glad when school bell finally went!

Happysexagenarian Tue 11-Sep-18 10:57:15

Three years ago I attended a friends funeral and was horrified when a woman sitting two pews in front of me started rummaging loudly in her bag for sweets! The people sitting next to her were clearly annoyed but said nothing. I also noticed several people texting during the service!

GabriellaG Tue 11-Sep-18 12:05:17

Only certain animals graze all day. Goats, cows, elephants...

Maggiemaybe Tue 11-Sep-18 13:00:04

Oh dear, I’ve got to throw my moan in now. smile Taking drinks into concerts, yes, that’s a good idea, you don’t have to rush your pre-show or interval wine. But it’s led to so many people going backwards and forwards for refills and disturbing everyone sitting near them. Can’t they manage an hour and a half with just the one drink?

lemongrove Tue 11-Sep-18 14:14:09

grin Maggie it would appear not, they may die of lack of hydration.
others may starve if deprived of food for a couple of hours.
Hilarious, isn't it?
Eating and drinking have become hobbies to be indulged at all times of day and night.

millymouge Tue 11-Sep-18 15:15:02

We quite often go to music performances at our local theatre. It really annoys me when people stand up in the middle and go off to the bar for drinks, and then inevitably they need to go to the toilet. There is an interval, can you not wait until then, if you don't drink so much perhaps you won't want the loo!!

Nonnie Tue 11-Sep-18 15:59:37

Synonymous our local theatre sells a limited selection of sweets in plastic bags and gives you a paper cup to dispense them in.

At certain performances in our theatre late arrivals are not admitted until there is a break in performance and if you leave to go out you cannot get back in until a break. No one ever seems to go out during the shows.

Another one who cannot understand why people can't go an hour or two without eating and drinking.

Legs55 Tue 11-Sep-18 18:15:58

I am guilty of unwrapping a cough sweet or opening my tin of mintshmmI hate making a noise but it's better to prevent the coughing fit, now that would give you all something to moan about, sips of water or a G&T also worksgrin

I hate "rustling" of bags, crisp packets, popcorn etc & also wish every-one would take their rubbish with them.

Iam64 Tue 11-Sep-18 18:56:44

I thought this post was going to be about the ducks disappearing from our parks and reservoirs. I'd suspected rustling till I remembered they probably flew to warmer climes, sensible creatures.

I confess to having taken to eating chops at the cinema these days. I don't make a noise though, honest. The cost of those huge tubs of popcorn, disgusting hot dogs and so on is astronomical isn't it.

ah well - such is life.

Jalima1108 Tue 11-Sep-18 19:39:13

Chops shock

You cannot be serious!!! grin
Not roast duck then

I love popcorn

Marthjolly1 Tue 11-Sep-18 20:01:49

I love crisps but only at home. I frequently do long distance train journeys during which lunchtime occurs at some point on the journey. All around me I hear rustle, rustle, crunch, crunch, rustle, crunch. The fact I'm reserved in the quiet coach makes it worse. And ohh the smells - prawn cocktail, crispy bacon, cheese,n'onion etc. Urghhh.

Marthjolly1 Tue 11-Sep-18 20:11:33

Iam64. Chops?? I'm intrigued, lamb, pork, grilled? With gravy? Slurp. Seriously! [Grin]

Iam64 Tue 11-Sep-18 22:18:14

Nope not chops, chips or chicks - all predicted by my iPhone text when I wrote chocs. I will avoid posting from my phone as this isn’t the first time it’s decided to operate independently.