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phoenix Wed 19-Sep-18 20:20:57

Evening all, and yes, I have succumbed to posting on the AIBU thread! blush

Perhaps it is only me that gets really miffed/riled/pissed off (delete where not applicable) by the use of the word "invite" when used to describe something that is sent.

You can invite someone to an event, by sending them an invitation

Yes, it probably is only me, after all, even Elizabeth in the Archers used it a while ago, I was so shock that I nearly had a bit of the vapours!

Jane10 Wed 19-Sep-18 20:45:16

It's not just you phoenix this use of a verb for a noun is so irritating. However, this has come up before and there is evidence that it has been in use for several hundred years. What can I say?!

Iam64 Wed 19-Sep-18 21:09:58

Good evening phoenix, its a surprise to see you here on AIBU. In the scale of current irritants, I can't say I find myself getting wound up by the misuse of the word Invite when what's meant is invitation. It's becoming what I suspect is now known as a 'thing'

No UANBU but am I bovvered, not really. As you were.

Melanieeastanglia Wed 19-Sep-18 22:55:52

I think it is just the way language has evolved over the years. I would use the word "invitation" in such circumstances but don't mind what other people do.

A phrase that always amuses me is when people talk about "toileting the children" instead of "taking the children to the toilet". No doubt I am being petty but I suppose we all notice different things when listening to other people.

JackyB Thu 20-Sep-18 06:45:40

We've had this one before (sorry Phoenix) and someone found a link explaining that the word "invite (n)" was almost as old as "invitation".

JackyB Thu 20-Sep-18 06:51:50

Maggiemaybe in the 2nd post on the 2nd page.

And guess who started the thread!

BBbevan Thu 20-Sep-18 06:53:20

Oh yes ! Hallelujah! Someone else who shares my pet hate.
I will invite someone to my house and give them a written invitation. Can't bear ' Give an invite'. or if it is an ancient use

Teetime Thu 20-Sep-18 09:00:10

I dont like it either. I also dont like someone being 'tasked' to do something or being 'gifted' a present.