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To prefer ‘Radio’ to ‘Sounds’

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Nandalot Tue 16-Oct-18 23:22:29

I have just visited the BBC website to listen to something on the iplayer radio which I do to help me drift off to sleep and found that the word ‘radio’ has been replaced by ‘sounds’. Why? ‘Radio’ seems to me to encompass both music and speech whereas ‘sounds’ could be a door banging or a toilet flushing. It belittles what radio does.

MeltingMacaron Tue 16-Oct-18 23:39:31

Late Junction often sounds like someone banging a door or flushing a toilet.

I suppose radio is just the technology which uses radio waves to carry sound but I suspect a real life Sioban Sharpe from W1A is behind this change.

Notice that almost every station national and local has radio in the title.

sodapop Wed 17-Oct-18 08:46:13

Oh for goodness sake, why do these people find it necessary to be trendy and 'down with the kids' I shall revert to using the word wireless as a protest ?

Happiyogi Wed 17-Oct-18 10:12:34

I agree! It wasn't broken, but someone with a budget to spend has made it their business to 'fix' it anyway.

M0nica Wed 17-Oct-18 19:41:27

Very imprecise. Does television come without sound hmm

Jalima1108 Wed 17-Oct-18 19:51:18

I like listening to the wireless in the car.

aka car radio

BlueBelle Wed 17-Oct-18 20:08:48

I used to listen to the Wireless now I listen to the Radio but I won’t be listening to the Sound

Jalima1108 Wed 17-Oct-18 20:11:04

The Hills are Alive!

Bathsheba Wed 17-Oct-18 20:58:58

Oh how ridiculous!

Moocow Wed 17-Oct-18 22:20:38

So good to see that DH and I are not alone. Wonder how many meetings they had to make the changes. Very strange!

JackyB Thu 18-Oct-18 16:24:05

Good point, Jalima. "Car radio" is something completely different from "car sounds". The sound of a car is what you hear if you turn the radio OFF!

Jalima1108 Thu 18-Oct-18 18:01:36

It's just daft.

alchemilla Sun 21-Oct-18 12:10:37

I'm with you all. Someone at the Beeb being paid too much to neologize!

Day6 Sun 21-Oct-18 12:49:56

I am going to join the "wireless" gang as a protest to inflicting this stupid , trendy, totally unnecessary terminology upon us. I bet someone is being paid handsomely to come up with this modernisation of the airwaves. Most presenters are a turn-off too.

popsis71 Sun 21-Oct-18 15:38:40

Its always been wireless to me and I aint gonna change.

Chewbacca Sun 21-Oct-18 16:37:00

I'm another that's with you on this. Nothing wrong with how it was, so why it had to "modernised" is beyond me. Nice to know that someone is sat in a pokey little room, somewhere in the bowels of the BBC, chewing on the end of their pencil and trying to think of how that can reinvent the radio.

Nandalot Thu 01-Nov-18 20:57:47

It gets worse. Now tv has been replaced by ‘reel’ and you now have to look for ‘sounds’ (i.e. radio) under ‘other’.

NanKate Thu 01-Nov-18 21:10:37

I was invited to download the newsBBC sounds app today. I quite like how it us set out, but whether the content will be better I don’t know. More from me later.

NanKate Thu 01-Nov-18 21:39:06

On the new app they have a choice of all the BBC local radio stations. I’m not sure if I should ask for recommendations here or on a separate thread but here goes.

Can anyone recommend their favourite local radio station?As we are countrywide on GN I thought we could exchange good programmes.

I listen to Radio Berkshire (also Radio Southern Counties) each week night to the Paul Miller Show 10.00pm to 01.00am. As well as having a good laugh I drop off to sleep more easily listening to it. They have games, quizzes, call-ins and although occasionally I pull my earphone out when it is a caller who irritates me, on the whole I enjoy it.

Can you recommend your local radio (sound?) station ?

tidyskatemum Thu 01-Nov-18 21:48:22

I'm told it's "Sounds" because it now incorporates podcasts and not just normal radio. Whatever it is it's infuriating. Every time they do an "upgrade" it is more difficult to navigate to what you want. I was always told that the fewer clicks a user has to make the better but the BBC seem to have the opposite view.

DIL17 Tue 06-Nov-18 18:59:09

It’s just to allow them to streamline their services more. So instead of having separate radio, podcasts, live music apps, it’s now all in one place under sounds.

huang Wed 07-Nov-18 06:20:43

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Billybob4491 Wed 07-Nov-18 06:28:40

Another wireless listener here.

NanKate Wed 07-Nov-18 07:04:03

I am back with BBC Radio IPlayer as I can’t find any archive drama. It may be there but I can’t find it. I wish there was a contact us address available.

Last night I listened to an episode of Round the Horne and I also listen to Paul Temple.

NfkDumpling Wed 07-Nov-18 07:34:58

I heard a trailer for it on the wireless and did wonder what they were on about. Soooo, Sounds is radio? Now - if they’d called it Audio I would have understood. I wonder what they’re going to call TV and stuff we watch, bearing in mind it’s available on tablets and phones now. Sees?