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Sleeping Beauty.

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felice Thu 18-Oct-18 17:08:13

I was listening to Radio 4 this morning and there was a discussion about Keira Knightly banning her daughter from watching the old Disney cartoons. Sleeping Beauty and Snow White in particular. because the Prince did not ask the sleeping Princess permission to kiss her.
Now all the children I know now and have known over the years seem to be able to differenciate real life from a cartoon.
I wonder if any of them have ever read the Fairy Stories they are based on, including the ones by Hans Christian Andersen, his were very dodgy.
Is this going too far, I know I am one of the first to complain about 'Little Princesses', but I blame that on the gullible adults who encourage it.
Any comments ??

NanaandGrampy Thu 18-Oct-18 17:15:47

I cannot believe that girls lives have been blighted by reading and enjoying fairy stories.

Quite frankly I am of the opinion that Keira Knightly is in need of some PR time and this was a handy thing to hang her hat on.

My daughters enjoyed all the old tales even the darker ones like Red Riding Hood and Hansel and Gretel and my GD enjoys them too.

I'm sick to death of this type of thing - load of tosh :-)

sodapop Thu 18-Oct-18 17:17:06

More attention seeking from a 'celeb' absolutely ridiculous in my opinion.

BlueBelle Thu 18-Oct-18 17:20:56

I wondered where my post had gone as I had written about this but just realised we have two threads about Sleeping Beauty

yggdrasil Thu 18-Oct-18 17:21:24

"Fairy stories" were never intended for children. This goes double for Grimm's tales, which were collected from ordinary people who had passed them down orally.
Then they were rewritten to allow them to be printed in the prurient Victorian era.
Originally, it was a rather more physical act than a kiss that woke Sleeping Beauty. Raping an unconscious woman is definitely not ok nowadays, but 'asking permission' would be a bit difficult too.

BlueBelle Thu 18-Oct-18 17:33:42

Load of codswallop as I said on the other Sleeping Beauty thread I ve never had anyone ask permission to have a kiss in all my life it’s a spontaneous reaction and doesn’t need signed permission, talk about kill the moment
Well not many kids watching Disney would know about any darker stories behind the fairy tales, I didn’t.

felice Thu 18-Oct-18 17:36:18

Sorry Bluebelle, I did not see your post.
Of course the original stories were gruesome but not the versions the children are seeing now.
I saw Corioleanous???(Shakespeare, getting tired now) at 14 and had nightmares for months. With the school too.

I just wonder what children are now supposed to see or read, nothing with any violence, nothing with competition, and certainly only strong women.
I am trying to think of something but even Pingu can be a bit stroppy at times.
May not be true but I heard Mr Tickle was now out of favour.

NanKate Thu 18-Oct-18 17:45:31

KK in my mind absolutely mad.

Nanos Thu 18-Oct-18 17:55:57

I didn’t hear the interview on Radio 4 and I am very glad I missed it. Otherwise I would have been furious. I adored Sleeping Beauty and all the other fairy tales and have relished the hours spent reading the same stories to my grandchildren.
On Mumsnet quite recently, some mums were complaining about the lyrics of The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round. Give me strength!

AlieOxon Thu 18-Oct-18 18:06:15

Most fairy tales I can stomach..... but cannot stand the sweet and sickly Disney versions of them.....

Bellanonna Thu 18-Oct-18 18:11:30

My children and grandchildren have had all the popular fairy stories read to them. I remember loving them too, as a child. What nonsense this is. As B.B. says, talk about kill the moment. Indeed. Excuse me whilst I blow loudly into my man-sized Kleenex. Oh sorry, another thing I’m not now allowed to say.

Nanos Thu 18-Oct-18 18:13:12

Love it Belladonna! Just read about the man sized Kleenex now off limits!

henetha Thu 18-Oct-18 18:16:45

What a load of codswalloop all this stuff is. Since when does life have to be so sanitised and "correct" in every detail.
I despair sometimes at the intelligence of some of these so called celebrities.

KatyK Thu 18-Oct-18 18:17:51

This was in the news a while ago. Not by Kiera Knightley but by another PC group. KK is jumping into a bandwagon it seems.

Chewbacca Thu 18-Oct-18 18:19:57

Drat! I've got tickets for the Sleeping Beauty pantomime for GC this Christmas (it was Snow White last year). I had no idea I was scarring them for life by taking them to see such harmful shows. Should I cancel all of the tickets and take them to see something more worthy that KK would approve of? hmm

KatyK Thu 18-Oct-18 18:22:13

I've just Googled the article. It was in November 2017 when a woman from the UK somewhere said it should be banned as the prince is a sex pest. It's only because Knightley is famous that it's causing a stir now

travelsafar Thu 18-Oct-18 18:42:53

I feel soory for the young people of today,they will never experience disappointment or joy as being so PC saps the life out of every experience.

Oldwoman70 Thu 18-Oct-18 18:54:29

Kristen Bell, who voiced Anna in Frozen, has also said something similar about Snow White, apparently she tells her children that the Prince should have asked permission. Surprise surprise she is writing a childrens book herself hmm

Nannarose Thu 18-Oct-18 21:41:02

I always disliked stories about passive princesses. They are very different to the old folk tales with their warnings, life lessons, and resourceful heroines.

LullyDully Fri 19-Oct-18 08:01:38

Is it not an impossibility to give permission for even a small kiss if magically fast asleep??

I loved any fairy tale when I was little but of course we didn't have all the children's literature available now.

We know lack of consent is a problem and the younger generation of women are trying to tackle it in the way they see fit. Good luck to them.

Grandma70s Fri 19-Oct-18 08:12:03

AlieOxon, how I agree about the terrible Disney versions of fairy and folk tales. Unfortunately, for many people these are all they know, the definitive versions of the stories. Tragic, really.

PECS Fri 19-Oct-18 08:16:22

If you read the traditional tales with adult concepts and knowledge then they can become different tales. Most young children hear them and enjoy them at a superficial level. If passive princesses ( especially sugar coated Disney ones) are the only diet kids get it is not a healthy one. Yesterday , in her reception class my DD had a real toad. She read the story of the frog prince. Then the children asked her to kiss the toad .. disappointment! A girl piped up .." You need to wear a shiny dress for it to work" grin

MawBroon Fri 19-Oct-18 08:19:14

Alas how many toads have we all kissed who never turned into princes.
Clearly down to the shiny dress smile

PamelaJ1 Fri 19-Oct-18 08:21:33

Some people seems to want to suck the fun out of life.
Is she keeping her baby in a bubble?

JackyB Fri 19-Oct-18 08:22:02

No way would I want my snot to be equal to that of a man. They are welcome to their big tissues, their snoring and their morning coughing and sneezing.