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To think that No Ball Games should mean...

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gillybob Fri 09-Nov-18 08:55:05


We have a car park out the back of our house where each house gets an allocated (numbered) bay . There are a limited spaces out front too. My DH uses the bay out back as do plenty of others . There is one family ( 2 houses ) with young boys (dad and grandad too) who constantly bray a football around the car park . They incidentally hog the front spaces so it doesn’t effect them . They have no regard whatsoever for the parked cars that are constantly hit by the ball . Several people (including my DH) have complained to them but the grandad (arrogant and nasty) completely ignores them and carries on braying the ball up and down . It’s pathetic . Recently due to several complaints the management company put up “No Ball Games” signs which we thought might do the trick but no. They totally ignore them. My DH asked if perhaps they couldn’t read shock (oh dear big mistake) and he got a mouthful of abuse ! Now where we live we are surrounded by parks, playing fields, football pitches etc. Within a minutes walk so it’s not as though there’s nowhere else to go . Any ideas on how to handle this ?

Luckygirl Fri 09-Nov-18 09:08:43

A "braying" ball boggles the mind!

I am sorry that you have this to contend with on top of all your other challenges in life. I really have no helpful suggestions to make - I wish I had.

It might seem a trivial thing to some, but I do know how uncomfortable it is to be on poor terms with a neighbour and send you a hand hold!

GrannyGravy13 Fri 09-Nov-18 09:10:21

gillybob some people are just so very selfish. Obviously they cannot be bothered to walk to the park or playing fields. It's easier just to "hang" near home.

If they have a "stroppy" mindset the more people complain I guess the more they will keep playing football.

The management company will have to sort this if all the neighbours get onto them.

gillybob Fri 09-Nov-18 09:13:57

Maybe “braying the ball” is a Geordie term Lucky I assumed everyone knew what it meant hmm sorry .

Alima Fri 09-Nov-18 09:15:13

You have my sympathy gillybob though I don’t know how to stop it. Just had a brainwave, why don’t you and DH do the same up around their house/cars/windows/gardens. Make sure it’s a heavy old football to do most damage. (Where we used to live next door’s children and friends always played football by our car and garden so I know how you feel).

Alima Fri 09-Nov-18 09:16:18

(I thought “bray was a typo!)

gillybob Fri 09-Nov-18 09:21:01

My DH said as much Alima (how would you like it if I kicked the ball against your car ?) which didn’t go down very well at all. My young neighbours (he works away a lot) are fed up with the ball constantly bashing against their back fence , they have a little boy and a baby and she constantly loans to me but she is too timid to challenge them about it .

Delibes Fri 09-Nov-18 09:30:01

No Ball Game signs have no legal standing. However what these people are doing is actually an offence under the Highways Act 1980 which the police can enforce:

(3) If a person plays at football or any other game on a highway to the annoyance of a user of the highway he is guilty of an offence and liable to a fine not exceeding ...

A highway is any public or private road or other public way on land so that will include the bays.

It's a level one fine currently £200 max, I believe.

Verbal abuse comes under the Public Order Act 1986 and can carry a fine of £1000.

Good luck with getting the police to act in these pressed times but if you have a management company behind you it's worth seeking legal advice. Maybe a lawyer's letter to the family pointing out the potential fines might steer them towards the park.

gillybob Fri 09-Nov-18 09:31:00

Well there you go then Alima

To “bray” something means to hit it /smash it/ kick it/ crash it very hard !

I got brayed a few times by my dad when I was young ! grin

GrannyGravy13 Fri 09-Nov-18 09:32:46

I learn something new every day on gransnett "bray" I like this word!!!

gillybob Fri 09-Nov-18 09:33:58

Bloomin’ heck . My young neighbour does not loan to me ! ( I know I’m not well off but I’m not a scrounger) she does moan to me a bit though grin

Karanlouise Fri 09-Nov-18 10:22:48

I do sympathise with you "Gillybob", why can't people be more considerate!! I would agree with a previous poster that it's worth going back to the management company as they they will have experience of similar situations and may be able to support you further.

rafichagran Sat 10-Nov-18 09:16:07

Who is in charge of the car park with the allocated spaces? Could you speak to then about it.
If not if there are spaces around the front when they leave could you park your car there.

gillybob Sat 10-Nov-18 09:19:39

There is a management company to whom we pay a monthly fee to manage the car park rafichagran . There are a very limited amount of spaces out front it’s almost impossible to get one by the time we get in from work. Anyway the point is we have an allocated bay with our door number on it. Why should one idiot family spoil this for everyone? They are at it as I type, DH is at work so at least his car won’t be getting hit but plenty others are.

Irenelily Sat 10-Nov-18 09:20:21

Have you got a management committee? Was it them who put up the notices? Where you live sounds similar to our area, where there is a car park behind some of the houses. Our committee deals with any problem like yours. We have an ex- policeman on our committee who comes in useful for problems like that!

Nannan2 Sat 10-Nov-18 09:20:29

Aw yes bray is a word used in yorkshire for hitting a person(id hear it when growing up out playing,kids would say "my brother got home late& dad brayed him" or some such.but its never been used in any other term like for ball playing.we'd say "lakeing out' for that.grinsympathies over the ball playing though it must drive you all batty.sadmaybe you can all get up a meeting and then all sign a letter or something to go housing management.if they then let the family know theyre prepared to prosecute and/or evict them and point out theres parks etc to play on they might give it up.i beleive they CAN be evicted for such a may make a difference.hmm

Irenelily Sat 10-Nov-18 09:23:03

Sorry must have typed at the same time as you gillybob xx

gillybob Sat 10-Nov-18 09:25:53

I’m not sure you can evict someone who owns their home Nannan ? We have all had letters warning us that the No Ball Signs were being put up so they would have had one too. One of the signs (the one nearest them) has disappeared (no prizes for guessing who might’ve removed it). I am going to phone the management company again on a Monday as this is getting beyond a joke. I have just counted 11 cars parked out back and three kids and the idiot grandad are having a full blown kick about in between them !

Glad you are familiar with the term “bray” (I assumed everyone had heard of it) must be just a Northern term.

Auntieflo Sat 10-Nov-18 09:32:27

Gilly, sorry I have nothing to add, but feel sorry that your precious weekends and home time, are being spoiled by thoughtless, selfish neighbours.
You need more than abrew How about a wine.?

PECS Sat 10-Nov-18 09:34:17

Are the homes rented / owned? If rented then the landlord 'could' write to the culprits and try that route? It would be a long shot..
Selfish people are everywhere unfortunately & in all walks of life.

Sorry you have this real irritation to cope with. But I have some support for all the other residents going out there and playing cricket when only the footballers car is there or you can chalk the wicket on their fence!

SpringyChicken Sat 10-Nov-18 09:38:27

Isn’t this the sort of problem that the police community officers would handle?

wolfie1 Sat 10-Nov-18 09:41:35

Would cctv cameras have any effect?

Hm999 Sat 10-Nov-18 09:51:22

Had a similar problem living 1 minute from the beach! Eventually the kids grew and didn't want play with older generation in street.

gillybob Sat 10-Nov-18 09:52:13

Selfish people are everywhere....

They are indeed PECS . Of course they don’t have their car parked where it might get damaged there’s is in pride of place round the front (they seem to have claimed that space as their own as they don’t go out to work) .

Not sure CCTV would make any difference as it would only prove what we all already know. They have ignored the signs and letters (maybe they don’t think they apply to them?) . It’s a lovely day here so I guess this could go on all day again.

olliebeak Sat 10-Nov-18 09:53:16

I'm with some of the others on here - looks as though you may have to approach the Management - whether it's a Housing Association (or a Management Committee) for some back-up on this one.

Good Luck - I also know what it's like to be pestered by neighbours who are being very selfish in how they use shared/communal space.