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Rees-Mogg,Bad situation about to get worse?

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Bridgeit Fri 16-Nov-18 13:09:24

IMO IF he becomes leader of the Conservativ Party, I beleive the future for the Conservative party will become ever more difficult. Although he at times speaks some sense I don’t think he appeals much to the General Public.
That said ,I don’t think that Jeremy Corbyn is doing the Labour Party much good either.
Looks like TM is the only one with the B- - -s at the moment!

Anniebach Fri 16-Nov-18 13:53:19

I don’t think JRM would be elected leader, 315 MP’s and party members are not stupid . Labour MP’s certaintly didn’t want Corbyn , Momentum and the Unions did.
JFM doesn’t have the support of the likes of momentum or the power of unions

Anja Fri 16-Nov-18 14:14:45

Time will tell

maryeliza54 Fri 16-Nov-18 14:38:53

Sadly JRM wouldn’t need all the votes - he would need enough to be one of the last two on the list presented to the members to choose the next leader. In the last contest,May had 199 votes and AL had 84 but withdrew so it didn’t go to the membership of course. But I think he’s showing signs of being a busted flush now and actually I wonder if he’d really be interested - a bit too much responsibility and accountability and not enough posturing.

travelsafar Fri 16-Nov-18 14:48:46

He reminds me of someone from the 1940's the way he speaks and dresses, he smacks of the old boys network and doesnt really have much charm, i dont think he would appeal to the younger age bracket.

suzied Fri 16-Nov-18 15:07:42

I think he played his hand too quickly this time around and people now see him as backstabber. I think more people support May's compromise than support the extremists ( hopefully).

M0nica Fri 16-Nov-18 15:16:32

Don't be too sure too soon. Look at Corbyn, a complete outsider whose nomination papers some right/centre Labour members signed in order to make sure every wing of the party was represented in the ballot. Never in a thousand years did they intend to vote for him, nor did they think there was any chance of him winning.

Well, look what happened there.

Mycatisahacker Fri 16-Nov-18 15:16:37

I agree with the point he’s played his hand too soon. By now there should have been gove, ledsome etc joining in the no confidence vote but I don’t think they want to be seen as a back stabber.

I don’t think The Mogg wants the top job anyway. He’s just a rabid brexiteer.

Gove can afford to wait until the deal is defeated in the commons and she will have to resign.

Keep your eye on Grant Shapps! He’s a class act and new skin.

Oh Corbyn is a disaster for labour. Utterly dire. The only reason labour did well at the snap election was the public punishing TM for calling one.

Hopefully another election will see him dead in the water and give yvette a chance to lead.

Jalima1108 Fri 16-Nov-18 15:36:45

Corbyn or McDonnell -v- Rees-Mogg
If so, this could create a central vacuum!

Many of us live in hope.

Anniebach Fri 16-Nov-18 15:37:34

I didn’t know in the Tory party if Mrs May has a no confidence result and has to resign she isn’t allowed to stand again. Different to the Labour Party , Corbyn was allowed to stand again, pity

suzied Fri 16-Nov-18 15:43:12

Grant Shapps?? Wasn't he the hideous one who had a pseudonym for some dodgy business deals? One of his colleagues said he wouldn't buy a used car from him. But maybe this is the perfect qualification for a Tory leader.

Jalima1108 Fri 16-Nov-18 15:48:31

Michael Green, suzied - any relation to Philip?

Jane10 Fri 16-Nov-18 16:04:18

JRM is a sort of cartoon politician from the 1920s. Completely unelectable as PM. Would irreparably damage the Tories.

GillT57 Fri 16-Nov-18 16:25:39

JRM is some kind of caricature, Gove is a self serving back stabbing bastard who showed his hand too soon as is Boris. None of them will stand, they are leaving TM to carry this disaster on to its sorry conclusion and carry the blame for taking this country back 40 years. I did not vote for her, but I do feel for her, I just wish she would face the fact that she will never, ever, stop the Brexiteers and staunch anti-Eu loonies extremists in her party, and just stand up and say well, as I am never going to please all of you, I will do what my conscience decides is best.....we shall cancel the whole sorry thing, it was all done, badly, by Cameron to sort out the divisions in the Tory party, and it didn't work, so I am going to call it all off And as for Corbyn, well......

Nonnie Fri 16-Nov-18 16:37:24

GillT I think she is half way there, she knows she won't please them all and she is following her conscience. I just hope that she is only saying there won't be another vote because if she said there would it would weaken her negotiating position.

sodapop Fri 16-Nov-18 16:43:59

Think Gove & Fox are backing TM now, I agree Bridgeit she is the only one with any
cojones at the moment.

EllanVannin Fri 16-Nov-18 16:47:04

What an unholy mess.

GillT57 Fri 16-Nov-18 16:48:17

Actually Nonnie, I think it would show she has strength if she did call the second referendum and settle this business for once and for all. It must be really difficult to fight for something that you personally do not believe in. TM is going to be hung out to dry by the weak men around her, all good at saying what should be done but not volunteering to do it, Gove, JRM, Boris to name the most obvious ones.

Nonnie Fri 16-Nov-18 16:59:58

I agree Gill and think she may well do that, just doesn't feel able to while negotiating because it would weaken her position. I don't understand why everyone can't see what those men have done, they jumped ship because they knew they couldn't get the deal they had promised us so left in order to blame TM.

Mycatisahacker Fri 16-Nov-18 17:21:20


It was a kind of ‘insider trading’but not stocks and shares but to do with his select committee work but he went quietly. He is able. But slippery like all of them.

We need a new centre party. Lib Dem’s are far too flaky. Labour hard left and the Tories hard right.

I wished a few years ago that Yvette, Hillary Ben etc could break away and start a new one but again I am so angry that yet again labour has been taken over by extremists. Momentum now and militant tendency in the 80s. Very sad.

Mycatisahacker Fri 16-Nov-18 17:22:44

What reallypisses me off is where is any other plan?? Labour havnt got one. Lib Dem’s havnt got one! And the brexiteers havnt got one.

Anniebach Fri 16-Nov-18 17:39:26

Mycatisacker the majority of labour backbenchers are not supporters of Corbyn, but they would be taking on Momentum and the Unions , it was tried in the eighties, Shirley Williams, David Owen , they left labour because of the far left ,the Social Democrat Party, they ended up joining with the liberals.

travelsafar Fri 16-Nov-18 18:25:01

I wonder what it is that the back stabbers would do differently if they were in TM shoes in terms of getting a different deal. I don't think i have heard anyone say, only that what she has got in the deal is not right for them.

Mycatisahacker Fri 16-Nov-18 19:08:01


Agree and well remember the old gang of 4. In those days though at least the labour leader under kinnock managed to kick the extremists out where here the leader is one of them! Terrible times.

I think Amber Rudd is looking as if she is backing may and I think both women feel they are acting in the best interests of the country.

I guess we have to wait and see what the MPs hear off their constituents this weekend.

Jalima1108 Fri 16-Nov-18 19:47:02

I think she is steering a middle road.

The only problem is that everyone will carry on grumbling and her political opponents will carry on back-stabbing because of that old adage about pleasing some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time etc etc.

Whatever happens with Brexit, there will always be a lot of disgruntled people and this will trundle on for years and years.