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Another new fad

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pensionpat Sat 17-Nov-18 08:02:08

One which I really hate is the fashion for a “cake smash” at a very young child’s birthday party. A real cake, large and beautiful, is put on the floor, and the birthday child literally smashes it with their hands until it it completely demolished, inedible and they are covered in it. The child would have to be encouraged by adults and the whole thing is probably filmed as an amusing video on Facebook or YouTube.

Even worse, I have seen adverts for cake smash clothing.

Words fail me. Wrong on every level.

annodomini Sat 17-Nov-18 17:22:57

This gives children all the wrong messages.

Newmom101 Sat 17-Nov-18 18:10:46

I hate this! I've got a 1 year old and had so many people questioning why I wasn't doing a cake smash. I think it's such a waste. I made DD a cake for her 1st and she obviously made a mess eating her slice but I wouldn't have let her smash it all up! I wanted to eat it.

I cant stand huge first birthday parties, gender reveal and baby showers though. I think they're all more about the parents wanting to show off than anything else. I didn't do any and have been accused of being unsociable, by my family and by other moms at baby groups. I just think all the money spent on all those things is such a waste.

Foxyloxy Sat 17-Nov-18 18:47:54

What a dreadful waste of food/money/time/effort. Who are these weird people.

Foxyloxy Sat 17-Nov-18 18:54:18

You are absolutely right. The fad will pass, you are doing the right thing. I would rather take the cake to a child who would enjoy it. I make cakes (simple ones) for children who are not likely to be given a birthday cake. I think it would make me cry, to see a child demolish a cake, when I know about the delight a child not privileged gets when they receive s simple birthday cake.

nanny2507 Sat 17-Nov-18 18:57:44

what a waste of perfectly good cake!

BBbevan Sat 17-Nov-18 19:46:34

What ever will they think of next.?

MissAdventure Sat 17-Nov-18 19:49:56

Well, I did read of a new fad a couple of weeks ago which defies belief; well to me, anyway.
Its not very nice, so I won't post about it on this thread.
Maybe another? grin

BlueBelle Sat 17-Nov-18 20:26:12

I ve never heard of this or ever seen any photos on fb I don’t think it’s hit my area thankfully never heard anything about it got quite a wide circle with small children but they still have ordinary parties with cake and candles
Very stupid

jenpax Sat 17-Nov-18 20:56:30

I have heard of this🙄 but none of my DD’s have had one for DGC I am pleased to say! but I notice the trendy photographers all advertise these here in the South. I don’t know if it’s a regional thing, but I have a daughter who had baby photos done in Sussex and two who had some done in Dorset and all their photographers offered this option!
I have never heard of trash😲 the dress but it’s another wasteful hideous idea!!

monkeebeat Sun 18-Nov-18 08:56:02

SO glad you are against cake smashes as well! Locally photographers advertise this and comments are all positive.
I find it awful that children are encouraged to destroy food for fun in a world eherr people die of starvation

harrysgran Sun 18-Nov-18 08:58:48

Never heard of this what a waste of cake and encouraging children to be destructive crazy idea no doubt filmed by parents to put on Facebook like the rest of their lives

labazs1964 Sun 18-Nov-18 09:10:50

whether cake smashes or dress trashing it is a wicked wicked waste of an item disgusting and so morally wrong

kazziecookie Sun 18-Nov-18 09:11:48

Isn’t this a sad reflection of the world we live in. With the haves and have nots. Even parties for older children seem to be who can out do others with how much they spend on them. Someone I know lent the money so that they could hire a bouncing castle for the child’s party.

adaunas Sun 18-Nov-18 09:11:59

Never heard of it until now.
Of course some would like to be “in with the latest fad” so they can post how wonderful they are on social media.
Wouldn’t do it even if I was still responsible for the parties.
Opportunity seized upon by local photographers to make money and publicise the chance to be ridiculous and pay for it by the sound of it.
Wrong message about food waste, teaching bad manners, sheer stupidity . . .

mabon1 Sun 18-Nov-18 09:12:18

The parents are irresponsible encouraging children to take part in wastefulness.

angie95 Sun 18-Nov-18 09:12:39

I agree, what a complete waste of cake and money, wirds fail me and the mind boggles!

GabriellaG Sun 18-Nov-18 09:17:29

What has having two GC ages 8 and 4, got to do with having 'at least 2 birthday parties a month'?
In your family? Invites for your GCs to attend other parties? The mind boggles.

GabriellaG Sun 18-Nov-18 09:18:36

OK if the cake was made using palm oil. grin

Rosina Sun 18-Nov-18 09:20:02

Is she actually pushing that poor child's face into a cake? If that is a first birthday 'experience' then it is disgusting - poor baby, vile so called mother.

Purplepoppies Sun 18-Nov-18 09:23:13

As the person who makes the birthday cakes in my little family I'd be horrified if my dgc were encouraged to do this!! It's self indulgent and disgusting!!
All for a few likes on social media??
Social media has alot to answer for.....

moonbeames Sun 18-Nov-18 09:34:49

Sounds wrong to me, people are hungry around the world. What a disgrace. I have heard of trashing the wedding dress. After the wedding has happened I have seen video's of brides wading into the sea and trashing the dress. Such a waste. I hope the bride's parents didn't pay for it.

BlueBelle Sun 18-Nov-18 09:37:04

Well obviously MaryEliza grandkids go to lots of parties so therefore she would have expected to hear about this silly strange practice GabriellaG

valeriej43 Sun 18-Nov-18 09:41:41

Never heard of this, but nothing surprises me or even shocks me too much anymore,

grandMattie Sun 18-Nov-18 09:43:27

What??? this is disgraceful. What a waste of food - proves my point about all the fads of excess viz. dairy-free, gluten free etc., when not medically required.

Apricity Sun 18-Nov-18 09:46:51

Have never heard of "cake smashing" before this post. Totally agree it is an appalling example of gratuitous waste. Cannot imagine why any sane person would think this was a fun, sensible, amusing or good thing for their child and their friends to do at a child's birthday party. Crass stupidity writ very large.