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AIBU to do things my way?

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scarfgran Wed 21-Nov-18 22:20:09

My grandsons (4 and 8) are going to be spending Christmas with us for the first time. Up till now for various reasons - distance, illness, house moves, they've spent it with my DIL's parents. They seem to have so many traditions built up with them - Christmas Eve pyjamas, the same Christmas book, a karaoke singalong, a treasure hunt etc. We tend to do things quite simply in our house and I'm worried how I can live up to the Christmasses they've had at the other grandma's? Should I just try and do the same things to keep them happy? Or will that just make it more noticeable that it's different - and probably not better sad I desperately want them to have an amazing time so that they'll want to come again. As it is we don't see them nearly as often as the other grandparents who are more local. My husband says I'm worrying unnecessarily. Am I? What kind of things would you suggest we do that would make their visit our own kind of special and give them memories?

nearlyagran Thu 13-Dec-18 07:24:36

madgran77 That's great idea...I'm pinching that for the grandkids once they are old enough