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AIBU to be astonished by how many people lie about speeding?

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sarahcyn Thu 20-Dec-18 12:55:52

I'm thinking of the Labour MP who has been caught lying repeatedly to avoid a few points on her licence. She was going at all of 41mph in a 30mph area - not exactly Speedy Gonzales - but it seems she may have been texting at the same her landscape gardener, no less.
I don't know why she didn't just fess up but the fact she lied so promptly AND is a solicitor suggests she knew, professionally, that she could get away with it.
Not long ago David Beckham was caught trying to wriggle out of a speeding ticket even though he can afford a chauffeur for a bit. And then of course there is the notorious Chris Huhne affair of a few years back.
That people in the public eye think they can get away with these lies suggest to me that LOTS of people do it and it's practically "a thing". Is this correct? Does anyone here have friends/relatives who've lied about who was behind the wheel - or even done it themselves?

Florabunda60 Sun 23-Dec-18 01:58:59

The MP in question should lose her job; anyone else agree?

VictoriaMeldrew Sun 23-Dec-18 08:13:59

In the past I used to flash other drivers to warn if speed cameras. I haven't done so for years .....

My friend's 6 year old son was run over on quiet road nearby. The driver apparently wasn't at fault as her son just ran out in front of him and he wasn't going over 30.

The van tyres went over his chest but he survived virtually unscathed thank goodness.

Since then my thought has been why would I try to help a driver keep his licence who could potentially run someone over.
So I don't.

Iam64 Sun 23-Dec-18 08:43:34

Florabunda, as they say on the dark side, RTFT. There is unity here that the MP should lose her job and go to prison.

Luckygirl Sun 23-Dec-18 09:05:21

grannyactivist - I agree. The sort of casual acceptance that speeding isn't a real offence (as demonstrated by your colleagues) makes my blood boil.

As for the lying - no way that is acceptable from anyone, let alone an MP. And as for invoking Jesus - what the actual!!??

Nelliemoser Sun 23-Dec-18 09:33:56

I do not knowingly go over the speed limit.

2 speeding fines one at 40 mph and one at about 37mph.
Both going downhill on a fairly open road.
Mostly that is due to not paying full attention. Which is not acceptable.
My husband generally complains I could go a bit faster on many non restricted roads.
No excuses.
I go up and down the A50 in Cheshire quite often, it is a fairly clear reasonably wide road (unless the adjacent M6 is blocked).
But there have been a number of serious accidents and on part of the road the locals have managed to get 50mph restrictions.
There are no excuses here.
People still ignore it and serious accidents have still happened.

annep Sun 23-Dec-18 09:36:13

Good point VMwldrew

annep Sun 23-Dec-18 09:36:34


VictoriaMeldrew Sun 23-Dec-18 16:13:32

Thank you annep!

I've driven most of the day to different shops and am now nervous wreck. I had a feeling I might have to come on here and eat my words.

It is so hard keeping to 20 or 30 mph going up or downhill.
My post is keeping me on

MadeInYorkshire Mon 24-Dec-18 12:30:10

There is a village next to mine that is virtually impossible to get your car up at 30mph as it is so steep, you need to drop down several gears, and going down the hill you are forever braking .... the other day and despite having this function for 2 years but never used it, I tried my "Speed Limiter" - what a weird experience! The car is sort of 'dead' under the accelerator, but it did work and didn't take me over 28mph!

MadeInYorkshire Mon 24-Dec-18 12:54:50

I do speed on Motorways I have to say, as the speed limit seems ridiculous nowadays, but try very hard in built up areas to remain within the limit - sometimes it does creep up a bit without you noticing - so will be using my new found speed limiter more in future!

I have only been 'caught' once - it was a planned manoeuvre as I knew the A697 between Scotland and England well in those days (the 1980's) I lived in Scotland and my Dad was dying in Yorkshire, so made the trip every fortnight .... as you get closer to the A1 at Morpeth, there was a long long hill that you could see the top of for miles once you got around the corner out of the last village, and there was a caravan approaching the bottom of the hill - this hill was the last overtaking place with a crawler lane before you got to Morpeth, so in my sporty black XR2, lights on, I sped up in order to be able to pass the caravan on the crawler lane before it got to the top. I had almost got to the caravan when a man in a peaked cap jumped out from behind a bush and zapped me with a radar gun! I pulled over and was expecting a Fixed Penalty Fine, but it appeared that because I lived in Scotland, I had to go to Court ... so at what is probably one of the smallest Courts in the UK? , Rothly in Northumberland, I was done for doing 79.62 mph on the A697 which cost me £60 rather than the Fixed Penalty which I think was £20 - grrrr!

abbey Thu 27-Dec-18 11:17:19

Oh, do I understand that one MadeinYourkshire. I was "done" once, about 25 years ago for speeding at 33 mph in a (so called) 30 mph zone. The thing was that the speed limit on that road had been changed just two days beforehand. It had been a 40 mph zone. Of course because it was a 30 mph, there were no speed limit signs telling you about the speed being 30 mph ( you are supposed to follow the lamp posts).

I wasn't the only one, almost everyone in the area got caught on that. They put a camera van in behind a bush just as you entered the zone.

I do not generally speed and have always been a careful driver. However, I will say this, ever since that day I have hated the police with a vengeance. I felt their move was uncalled for and devious to say the least. There was no warning they had changed the speed limit and no way of knowing as a result. I was used as a cash cow, nothing more.

Now, I will never lift a finger to help them for anything. 25 years later and I am still angry. Sometimes the police would be better employed keeping the goodwill of the generally law abiding populus.

I make no apologies for saying the above - and you can condemn me as you wish. Feelings are feelings.

Maggiemaybe Thu 27-Dec-18 11:38:40

Ah well, the young members of my family who’ve been attacked by knife-wielding thugs and had acid thrown in their face don’t care what you think and still put their lives on the line for people who hate them.

GN guidelines prevent me from saying what my feelings are about someone who wouldn’t help them do their job.

annep Sat 19-Jan-19 15:11:14

I think the police who booked you behaved very badly Abbey. I'm sure there are others who feel as you do. Its understandable but best to let it go after all this time. They do need our help though.

Sussexborn Sat 19-Jan-19 15:47:29

The mother of one of DD1’s class mates apparently kept up a tirade about “the pigs” as she referred to them even deliberately blocking them at times. Then squawked like a banshee when she disturbed a burglar in her own house and wanted the police there instantaneously. Poetic justice?

Lazigirl Sat 19-Jan-19 17:46:40

The problem is that many do not consider traffic offences, such as speeding or using mobile phones whilst driving antisocial. It is common for people to complain about speed cameras and they are often referred to as cash cows for the council. Last recorded year there were 1,710 deaths on the road, and the number of serious injuries is much higher. Even parking in the wrong place can be hazardous and I saw a really good sign near a school saying by parking here you are endangering a child's life. MPs should set an example as we really need to change the culture around traffic offences.

notanan2 Sat 19-Jan-19 17:59:18

To be honest I think sometimes challenging a speeding fine (even when you were speeding) is appropriate, but most of us cant afford to so I dont begrudge celebs doing so

E.g. a friend of mine was caught speeding. Didnt challenge it, went to court andvthe JUDGE said that although he was obliged to penalise my friend, the sheer number of speeding charges on that stretch of road indicated that something was amis with the signage (true, the change of speed sign is too near a busy junction where drivers are looking out for other things) and the judge said that he would have been right to challenge it had he wanted to, and someone charged on that stretch should


Iam64 Sat 19-Jan-19 18:34:24

abbey - are you for real? You get 'done' for speeding once, 25 years ago, as a result of which you hate the police and would never help them.
Phew. It's always worth remembering 'the Police" could be our sons, daughters, family members. They're also the one's running towards disaster as the rest of us run away.
I've been 'done' for speeding more than once. I do a lot of miles. I did a speed awareness course, it was helpful. Then I got 'done' on a dual carriageway where the speed limit had been lowered by 10 miles recently and I failed to know/see the signs. I was 7 miles over the speed limit and genuinely believed I was driving below the speed limit. Hah, wrong again. That's life. Speeding kills, simple message we all need to remember, especially serial offenders like myself.

Lazigirl Sat 19-Jan-19 20:09:00

Too true Iam You never know when you may depend on the police one day. They are not "pigs" whose main aim is to trap "law abiding populous" they are understaffed, overworked human beings, like many other public servants.

Bathsheba Sat 19-Jan-19 20:24:04

abbey what would you do if you found yourself or your loved ones in danger? A knife-wielding maniac is trying to break into your house, say, or someone has snatched your grandchild from outside their school and driven off with them? Obviously you wouldn't call the police, would you? Because you hate them.
So, what would you do? Genuine question, by the way.

Katyj Sun 20-Jan-19 08:02:41

I've been on a speed awareness course this week.I was doing 36 in a 30.It never occurred to me it would have been 30 it had 4 roads coming together, just before a motorway, I was zapped b a handheld device from a bridge.The course was informative, there was quite a few things I didn't know.They did drill home that you shouldn't believe your sat navigation speed, as their always out of date even if upgraded every year.It's made me very aware of speed and a bit of a nervous,driver which is probably not a good thing .