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Constant Banging From Upstairs

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AmeliaAshton Fri 08-Mar-19 18:11:11

I think the answer will be sucks to be me but here goes.

My new neighbours who moved in upstairs at Christmas have a child who "likes to bang" their words when asked if the banging could stop.

It is like a child kicking the back of your airplane seat but starts about 7 in the morning and stops about 10 at night with a break between 9 and 3 which makes me think it is a school age child doing it.

It is so loud my downstairs neighbour has complained to me twice about it and I've explained it isnt me.

They removed the carpets which doesn't help.

Google searches indicate a child is entitled to make as much noise in their own home as they like. Playing, shouting and running around wouldntt be so bad.
Karaoke is quite tough tho.

I have lived here 10 years and most tenants dont stay long and some are very quiet. Soundproofing is good enough we can't hear conversations or TV but this tenant we can hear on her phone she is so loud but the banging is driving me mad. It vibrates through my sofa and makes me feel sick. I can't even imagine how a child can be so loud or how he is doing it. It is very fast banging makes me think it is feet.

Parents say he likes doing it so won't stop him. What can I do apart from move which is very drastic and I can't afford it
Amelia x

MamaCaz Thu 18-Apr-19 12:16:26

In your position, I would speak to the landlord again. As it stands, he might think that he has solved the problem by having a word with the occupants.

I would have thought that as it is a rented property, and if you follow the proper channels of complaint (vie environmental health), the landlord might be obliged to at least fit carpets to minimise the noise.

Worth a try, maybe?

HyacinthDaisyRose Sun 26-Apr-20 20:20:26

Sorry I'm just seeing this a year late. I'm going through exactly the same thing. My neighbour's are not very approachable, so I complained to their Landlord. This very loud banging resonates throughout my flat so there is no escaping it.
I also don't know what the banging is, sounds like the child is climbing up and jumping to the floor. I can feel the thud as it vibrates through my furniture. Sometimes I think someone will come through the ceiling.
Since I wrote to their Landlord, the noise has gotten much worse. At a loss as what to do.

Alishka Wed 29-Apr-20 13:29:30

I read "constant banging from upstairs" and wondered if, after this enforced lockdown, we need to expect a baby boom nine months hence?
And then I read the thread...hmmgrin

Wibby Wed 29-Apr-20 13:59:56

Four years ago the neighbour from hell moved in above me, he drinks and takes anti deppresents. He has a jekyl and hyde character, he has broken his tenancy agreement no end of times. I have involved the council and the enviromental health dept. I did everything by the book, I kept a diary, police have been called out on a few occasions. Its always during the night. When Ive complained he says he wasnt making any noise ( he gets so drunk he wouldnt remember) I was told its my word against his, Ive got no where!! no one will do anything because the neighbour has mental health problems! I have been trying to move but have been told I cant be rehoused as I have no 'housing needs'. I can't afford private renting so Im stuck here. Now I just ignore him, I don't complain about the noise and when the noise starts in the middle of the night I put my radio on to drown his shouting and crashing about out.