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Climate change protesters anyone else think they are hypocritical? AIBU

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sazz1 Mon 15-Jul-19 11:43:47

Ok so part of the town is shut off due to protesters causing diversions and more traffic fumes. Also the majority probably don't use public transport or ride a bike to work. When the kids did it it was on a school day not a weekend. And you can bet they drive with parents to school, clubs, visit friends etc to say nothing about gap years later when they fly around the world. Also I'll bet a lot go on foriegn holidays and certainly not biking in the countryside. Also the mess left behind shows they don't care about the environment much either. Why protest in busy streets etc when we have a huge green outside our council buildings? Anyone else feel like this or am I just a miserable OAP

WadesNan Sat 20-Jul-19 17:39:58

No GN has actually stated they are a member of XR, if any are I would be very pleased to hear there views. Xrgran has said she was there so I would be interested to hear her viewpoint

Gonegirl Sat 20-Jul-19 17:45:12

Xrgran has stated she is a member of her local group.

WadesNan Sat 20-Jul-19 18:01:18

Which means she could be in a position to give her views if she chooses to

Gonegirl Sat 20-Jul-19 18:03:42

Not if you frighten her off. hmm

WadesNan Sat 20-Jul-19 18:39:22

How does asking for views "frighten" someone off? I would think she would be happy to share her convictions.

I am genuinely interested in hearing her views and reasons - isn't that was XR is all about?

I am off until tomorrow - I hope Xrgran feels able to post her views