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vickymeldrew Tue 12-Nov-19 23:00:22

I read online today of a court case where a commuter was reprimanded by a fellow passenger for eating smelly boiled eggs . This reminded me of the many times I have been sitting near to women applying full makeup during their train journey. On the most recent occasion, the person was sitting opposite me with the table between us laden with cosmetics. AIBU to think this sort of behaviour shows really bad manners and it actually makes me feel squeamish and slightly embarrassed.

suziewoozie Tue 12-Nov-19 23:06:00

Boiled eggs, I mean boiled eggs WTAF.

Lilypops Tue 12-Nov-19 23:09:01

I think I would be to fascinated watching her apply her makeup to say anything , the thing that annoys me is 1/ talking loudly on the mobile ,I once sat opposite a man who talked almost the whole journey loudly on his phone, 2/People who blatantly put their feet on the seat opposite,
I would hate to sit next to someone eating a smelly egg or anything really,

Tedber Tue 12-Nov-19 23:20:35

I can imagine the smell of boiled eggs could make you feel sick - although didn’t think you could be prosecuted for it? But make-up?? How does that make you feel squeamish? Thoughtless if they take over the whole table maybe?

Maggiemaybe Tue 12-Nov-19 23:57:13

DH and I went for a train the other day which was cancelled at the last minute due to a disruptive passenger onboard. The train had only set off ten minutes earlier, passing through two very decorous villages, so I can only assume someone had been eating egg sandwiches..... smile

I did once travel in the quiet carriage with a woman who sucked her way through a bag of crisps.

Eloethan Wed 13-Nov-19 00:15:48

I think eating "smelly" food is rather anti-social but I'm not sure I'd ban it.

I don't care if women get made up on the train - I have great admiration for their skills, especially on the crowded underground. I'm sure I'd end up poking the mascara wand in my eye!

MawB Wed 13-Nov-19 06:20:32

Boiled eggs are not usually smelly unless like this one.
What a fuss about nothing.

YABU - not to say precious.

GagaJo Wed 13-Nov-19 06:55:22

It is really only noise on trains that gets on my nerves.

IMO, some of the worst offenders are middle class parents with overly indulged children, although there WAS an excessively loud American on the last train I was on that had a LOUD and self-important phone conversation. He managed to nearly clear a whole carriage. The rest of the train was packed but the one he was in was almost empty.

Pantglas2 Wed 13-Nov-19 07:04:12

DH and I use trains a lot and I quite like eavesdropping on conversations and wondering about other people’s lives, work and relationships. I can really make up a whole saga about a snippet I’ve overheard if I set my mind to it!

The one thing that has annoyed me though was a young man who sat opposite me wearing only a pair of trainers and football shorts! Who gets on a train dressed like that?

BradfordLass72 Wed 13-Nov-19 07:13:43

I'm just wondering what law was brought in for the UK which made eating boiled eggs on trains illegal?

Is it truly a criminal offence which lands you in court?

I was once reprimaned on the Paris Metro for singing along (in harmony) with a busker. I was told I was encouraging him.
As he sang there every single day, quite legally but usually ignored by everyone who sat stony-faced, I felt he needed encouraging grin

Next time I'm in the UK, I may well eat my smoked fish curry on the Underground.

It never ceases to amaze me what people will complain about.

Now if she'd been throwing boiled eggs at people......grin

Davidhs Wed 13-Nov-19 07:23:00

It was the woman who complained that got fined I guess she lost it big time and got very aggressive

Grammaretto Wed 13-Nov-19 07:25:02

I'm with you on this. Bring back restaurant cars! Keep the boozing and smelly food in one place.
As for makeup: my most unpleasant experience was being sprayed in the face by hairspray from the person in front of me as she finished her toilette! angry it was a bus not a train.

ninathenana Wed 13-Nov-19 07:32:43

I was sat in the window seat on a crowded train, with my 3 y.o. GS on my lap as there were people standing. The woman in the aisle seat flipped the mini table down and spread out the contents of her makeup bag and spent the next half hour applying it. When we were approaching our stop I warned her that we needed to get off. She huffed and tutted and swore under her breath. I loved it when my GS gave her a big grin and said thank you with out being prompted. At least he has manners.

Hetty58 Wed 13-Nov-19 07:52:41

vickymeldrew (apt name) YABU! Maybe, instead of being so aware of the 'bad manners' displayed by others - you could read a good book and mind your own business?

Grammaretto Wed 13-Nov-19 08:00:40

I'm a vegetarian and thought I was tolerant but a man brought in and ate his meaty burger in our art class yesterday. It stank! I said nothing but if you're reading this, you know who you are!

BlueBelle Wed 13-Nov-19 08:02:37

I think we all need to get on with our lives and stop complaining about everything everyone else does Be glad you’re not sitting next to someone who has BO or not changed their clothes for a week
For heavens sake where’s the old adage Live and let live perhaps the boiled egg lady had just got four kids off to school and had to run to get the train to work
Yes Very Unreasonable

MawB Wed 13-Nov-19 08:29:34

Bluebelle gringrin
I wonder how OP would have reacted to my 3 year old grandson who, after chatting to his mummy and me non- stop for over 2 hours on our (delayed) journey south from Manchester the other week, proceeded to chat equally non-stop to the children of the family who sat opposite him and DD from MK to Euston. grin

SirChenjin Wed 13-Nov-19 08:50:32

Smelly food on trains is utterly grim - antisocial and inconsiderate in the extreme. I used to commute by train and it never ceased to amaze me how selfish and ill mannered people were. One woman used to eat a pot of yogurt and then drop it and her spoon on the floor every single day (I had a word with her at one point) and another used to do a full face of make up using brushes - flick flick flick with powder foundation. A good way of ensuring an empty seat next to you I guess! Another man used to get on and immediately open the window in mid winter on the 6.50am train that was already freezing. No-one wants to challenge people who behave that for fear of getting a mouthful of abuse.

DoraMarr Wed 13-Nov-19 08:51:52

Maw he sounds like an entertaining little chap!
Yes, I think we need to live and let live. Two incidents: the only time I have ever complained about behaviour was when a group of football supporters got on at Wembley and started to sing “you’re going home in a f*** ambulance” and talk very loudly, with a lot of swearing, about the opposition. The second was when a young man was listening to music on his earphones and the sound was leaking. A lot of us in the carriage, me included I’m ashamed to say, rolled our eyes and tutted, but one man got up and asked him to turn the music down. The music playing young man apologised to the whole carriage and said he hadn’t realised we could hear. So, by all means complain when someone is being deliberately antisocial, but give people the benefit of the doubt.

Maggiemaybe Wed 13-Nov-19 08:58:48

Pick your area well, BradfordLass. Anyone eating a smoked fish curry on a train round here would end up wearing it.

Maggiemaybe Wed 13-Nov-19 09:00:27

Perhaps that’s what had happened on my cancelled train.

Tigertooth Wed 13-Nov-19 09:51:39

The make up wouldn’t bother me - I wouldn’t do it but it wouldn’t bother me if anyone else did. People are busy and the essential train journey can be time well used for busy folk.

Larsonsmum Wed 13-Nov-19 09:52:22

Live and let live! I live rurally in north-east Scotland so have never had to make lengthy commutes by train or tube, but so many people spend half their lives commuting. If they leave home at 5.30am/6.30am for a 2-2 1/2 hour commute cut them a bit of slack if they use the lengthy commute time to apply make-up or whatever.

Esspee Wed 13-Nov-19 09:53:40

As for makeup OP, definite no from me

jaylucy Wed 13-Nov-19 09:58:01

I have been on train journeys where people have unpacked what looked like a 3 course meal!
Sitting across the aisle from a group of people that had a picnic and why is it that it seems to be de rigeur to catch a train in the morning clutching a cup of coffee and a bacon roll?
The make up is not a problem - I'd probably start making comments!
Just seems that people are so insular these days that they don't care what other people think anyway!