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Bad service?

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Christable Sun 24-Nov-19 15:39:36

I ordered made to measure curtains and 2 blinds from John Lewis and have had terrible service. I had to pay for them beginning of October which I understand as they are making them.
Im still working so took half day holiday to have them fitted 5 weeks ago. 15 mins before they was due to arrive JL phoned me to say the fitter couldn’t make it so it was rebooked for last Tuesday. So I took another half days holiday and when the fitter arrived he had a rude manner about him which I didn’t like. He forgot to put the curtain pole on his van so couldn’t fit the curtains. I’ve arranged for them to be fitted tomorrow now. I have no holiday left from work so I’ve got to take time off unpaid.
I’m very disappointed with the service John Lewis provides. I’ve emailed them and told them so and they replied they will look into training their staff.
What do you think? Is this acceptable?

Septimia Sun 24-Nov-19 15:47:11

I don't see that it has anything to do with staff training (except, perhaps, the rudeness).

Late cancellation and forgetting the curtain pole are just bad service.

GagaJo Sun 24-Nov-19 15:55:33

I've had shocking service of late from John Lewis too. Not surprised.

wildswan16 Sun 24-Nov-19 16:57:52

I've just had wonderful service from John Lewis after ordering a new hob.

Just thought I'd give the other side !!

glammanana Sun 24-Nov-19 17:05:32

I would forget about the staff training excuse and post on twitter about the bad service and the money you lost having to take unpaid leave or go straight to the top and find out the name of the CEO and email him directly,I would certainly not let it rest as curtains are so expensive from JL.

Ellianne Sun 24-Nov-19 17:12:59

Excellent service recently here from John Lewis ..... although some of their furniture isn't as good quality as years ago. Deliveries on time and fitters helpful.
I have a new oven being delivered and fitted on Tuesday so will report back here if I notice any difference with their usually good service.
Hope they resolve your complaint Christable.

Christable Sun 24-Nov-19 21:01:23

glammanana Thank you for your advice. I’ve emailed the ceo. Hopefully It will work. I like the Twitter idea too ?

Sara65 Sun 24-Nov-19 21:05:37

I’ve never personally had bad service from JL, but your experience would make me very, very cross Christable, and I’d be making a very big fuss!

lemongrove Sun 24-Nov-19 21:07:30

It’s bad service from a store that prides itself on good service!
We should all complain about poor service/rude staff, it’s the only way they improve.

Summerlove Sun 24-Nov-19 21:33:16

I’m sorry Christable that’s horrifically bad service

Nortsat46 Mon 25-Nov-19 07:27:03

Gosh, this is shocking Christable.
There have been articles and tales of woe about JL’s poor customer service, in the Guardian’s Consumer section, for months now.

It would be worthwhile sharing your experience with them at [email protected] because companies seem to wake up a bit when the Guardian gets involved.

Good luck. Surely a sizeable refund should be on the cards ...

Jane10 Mon 25-Nov-19 07:46:46

I had such bad service there when ordering new carpets and curtains for our whole flat a few years ago that I just left the shop and went elsewhere. Staff training on attitudes to customers was obviously lacking. Their attitude directly led to the loss of a good sized order.

harrigran Mon 25-Nov-19 09:05:50

We bought a kitchen from JL and had it fitted, everything went wrong from day 1. Designer measured up incorrectly, nothing fitted, had to move a doorway several feet and the fitter's work was of a poor standard.
If they didn't make good I threatened to put my gripes all over FB, far more effective than talking to the manager. I didn't think I was unreasonable as the price of the kitchen was the cost of a small house.

Barmeyoldbat Mon 25-Nov-19 09:12:22

I would go straight to the CE with an email saying you do not accept their apologies for the bad service and give them a list of the time and money lost. Tell them you expect better from John Lewis.

Smileless2012 Mon 25-Nov-19 09:14:56

Maybe they could reimburse you for the time you're having to take off work unpaid, it's their fault after all.

Could be worth asking.

annodomini Mon 25-Nov-19 10:08:20

Sad to say, JL have out-sourced curtain making and fitting, a result of a massive 're-structuring' exercise which made many 'partners' redundant. The people who do the work are not 'partners' and therefore have less to lose by shoddy work. A good friend had a similar experience - one curtain was half an inch longer than the other. After much wrangling, she got her money back and got excellent quality and timely service from Dunelm.

Ellianne Tue 26-Nov-19 09:31:37

I said I would report back. John Lewis came at 7.30 am with my new AEG oven having texted last night with the 2 hour delivery slot. They removed the old one, fitted the new one, checked it worked and were gone before 8.30 am. Excellent service.
I think you're right annodomini that they are fine if it's John Lewis themselves but not if the job is outsourced.
They did tell me the lady before my slot had ordered a double height oven to go in a single oven gap, ooops! Apparently there's no hope of JL getting her sorted for Christmas as they are fully booked!