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Queue jumping dilemma!

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ananimous Thu 23-Jan-20 22:42:22

Full disclosure: I dislike queue jumpers/line cutters.

Whilst queuing for some time today, the lady behind me gestured for her friend to join her bypassing 6 people.
I quietly ushered each of the 6 to join me in front of her.
To our credit not one of us laughed (aloud).


Unreasonable of me?

Spangles1963 Tue 25-Feb-20 23:53:11

I admire your bravery! This annoys me,but there's another form of queue jumping that infuriates me even more. It's when someone asks the person in front of me (or the person next-but-one in front of me) if they can push in (although they never actually call it that!) because they've only got one item. It's all very well the person saying 'Yes,go in front of me',but they seem to forget all the people in the queue behind them,who may not be so happy about it! Especially if like me,you've got painful knees and hips due to osteo and rheumatoid arthritis,and standing in a queue,even for just 10 minutes is exhausting.

Nansnet Wed 26-Feb-20 03:06:57

I can't stand queue hovering. I always ask which queue people are in, and if they say they are waiting to see which is the quickest, I tell them which queue I'm in, and my trolly and I swiftly push past them to whichever queue I would like to stand in! 2 tills, 2 queues, unless there's a proper system of one queue for all tills, and you go to the first available till.

However, my biggest queue bug-bear (which I'm surprised no one has already mentioned), is at the airport, when you're at the gate, ready to board your flight ... It's a free for all! The odd airline has it right, with a system of different lanes based on your seat number/class of fare. But those airlines that simply announce over the tannoy that certain seat numbers are now ready for boarding, or for those passengers travelling with young children ... and suddenly three or four hundred passengers rush forward, regardless of their seat numbers! Irritates the hell out of me. It's not as though they don't have an allocated seat, or the flight is going to go without them! I have noticed that some ground staff will check their boarding pass and send them back if their seat numbers haven't been called, but sadly, when a flight has a small window of time to depart, that isn't always realistically possible.

It's logical that those who are seated in economy class, at the rear of the plane, should board BEFORE those seated in the middle of the plane, in order that people aren't waiting in the aisles to get passed whilst people are messing around putting their cabin baggage in the overhead compartments, or messing around deciding who's sitting by the window! Arrgh!

ananimous Tue 24-Mar-20 21:00:39

No queue jumping these days, eh.