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My British Values. (You can't just hi-ack them Leavers)

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trisher Sun 02-Feb-20 14:57:52

Leavers seem to think they are the only people who represent Britain. They constantly talk about taking control and being British. But their British values are not mine. So I'm posting mine here. They don't match Brexit in fact some of them are directly opposed to it.
1.Democracy (which means we are permitted to challenge all you say and fight to rejoin)
2. Welcoming. (Britain has always taken in those who need help from the Hugenots to the Kindertransport and should continue to do so.)
3. Tolerance (No one in this country should be treated differently regardless of where they were born or their beliefs)
4. Support and care for the weakest (through government, through charities in this country and elsewhere)
There's 4 to start with.

Smileless2012 Sun 02-Feb-20 15:04:22

Well I'm a leaver trisher and your British values are exactly the same as mine but I do find your definition of democracy extremely narrow, applying it only to a right to challenge Brexit and fight to rejoin the EU.

lemongrove Sun 02-Feb-20 15:13:33

Same here, plus I do think it’s a belligerent OP trisher.

GrandmaMoira Sun 02-Feb-20 15:15:15

Trisher - I agree with you. (2) and (3) are the antithesis of Brexit.

midgey Sun 02-Feb-20 15:18:33

I think you might be talking about Extreme Leavers, they are just as bad as Extreme Remainers in my opinion!

Chestnut Sun 02-Feb-20 15:20:12

What makes you think your values are directly opposed to Brexit trisher? And when did leavers ever say they are the only people who represent Britain?

lemongrove Sun 02-Feb-20 15:20:19

Of course they aren’t GranMoira !
Welcoming to those in need, always and we are.
Tolerant, very, compared with many other EU countries, think of how many immigrants have settled in the UK over many many years.It’s only some racist types who have jumped on the Brexit bandwagon and that doesn’t mean those (2 and 3) are the antithesis of Brexit, not at all.

ananimous Sun 02-Feb-20 15:22:40

I think all healthy minded people would sign up to those Trisher
God help you when Mawb sees your thread title mistake tho'...

wicklowwinnie Sun 02-Feb-20 15:24:18

Exactly when did a trade agreement become a takeover of our judicial system ? Apart from that, leavers did not want to become part of the United States of Europe.

Smileless2012 Sun 02-Feb-20 15:25:00

Oh yes, I missed that ananimousgrin

trisher Sun 02-Feb-20 15:30:50

So Brexiteers are welcoming??? I assume none of them knew then that Brexit would stop refugee chldren being united with their families?

MerylStreep Sun 02-Feb-20 15:37:47

I assume you question was rhetorical 😉 Just in case 'some' posters don't know the answer, it was 1992 with the Maarstrict agreement.

ananimous Sun 02-Feb-20 15:38:11

(hi-ack) Hope that's helpful

Chestnut Sun 02-Feb-20 15:45:55

You are determined to trash Brexit as a terrible mistake aren't you trisher and it's pretty low to accuse Brexiteers of wanting to stop children refugees being united with their families.🙄
Do you not understand that there are many things that have yet to be decided? You cannot expect everything to happen overnight. The article makes it clear that the UK laws need tweaking, that's all. Let's just wait and see before you make wild accusations.

Smileless2012 Sun 02-Feb-20 15:54:05

Why this constant need to demonise all those who voted for Brexit?

Perhaps you'd like to give us some more examples of your 'British values' trisher or are you concerned that those might also be the values of those of us here on GN who voted leave?

ananimous Sun 02-Feb-20 15:55:55

That good old British sense of humour in times of struggle smile

Kalu Sun 02-Feb-20 16:03:02

I have read a few leavers saying, let’s wait and see.

Has me wondering if those who voted to leave did so thinking, I will vote leave and just wait and see how it goes?

So, we are all now in a position to, just wait and see. A huge gamble to my mind. 😕

Bridgeit Sun 02-Feb-20 16:03:16


DoraMarr Sun 02-Feb-20 16:06:14

wicklowinnie the EU did not take over our judicial system. Neither did it take over the judicial systems of the French, German, Belgian ...etc nations. The EU, of which we were an equal partner with equal voting and veto rights, has laws and directives which govern trade. Domestic and criminal law is a matter for each country, including Scotland and Wales, who have some judicial rights. We will, however, still be bound by international agreements if we want to trade. This explains it rather well:

Smileless2012 Sun 02-Feb-20 16:09:42

Well I didn't vote leave "thinking I will vote leave and just wait and see how it goes" Kalu but it's certainly too soon to start making judgements.

Had more than 3 years not been wasted due to those who were determined to over turn the referendum result, we'd have left a lot sooner and would now be better placed to judge the difference that leaving the EU had made.

Greymar Sun 02-Feb-20 16:10:21

I clearly inhabit a different land. Some may say, planet.

ladymuck Sun 02-Feb-20 16:15:04

What an offensive thread...intended to provoke nasty comments, no doubt.
Now that we have finally left the EU, in spite of the determination of those who wished to stop it happening, the Remainers have got so used to 'Leaver-bashing', that they have to resort to this sort of thing to keep the hostility going.

Chestnut Sun 02-Feb-20 16:27:20

Kalu: Has me wondering if those who voted to leave did so thinking, I will vote leave and just wait and see how it goes?
There are hundreds or maybe thousands of EU laws which now need amending so yes, we will have to wait until they come up for amending before making judgements. No-one knew everything about everything before voting, but now we (the UK) are the decision makers. If you don't like something you can do something about it, whereas before we had no say in EU regulations.

Kalu Sun 02-Feb-20 16:28:33

You did actually make your own judgement when you voted leave Smileless

I am simply trying to understand why we are all now having to hope that leaving the EU is worth the worry of an unknown outcome. A leap in the dark surely.

ananimous Sun 02-Feb-20 16:29:35

A leap in the dark, no - a leap of faith