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niece's birthday

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CathTheWise Tue 17-Mar-20 06:51:36

My niece turns 10 in a week and her parents are throwing a party for her and her friends. There will be about 10 children and 7 adults and I find it VERY unreasonable because of corona situation. I'm trying to isolate myself as I have a little cough so I told her parents (my sister and her DH) that I won't come. I also added that it may be better for them to postpone the party and that led to a huge quarrel. My sister told me that I was jealous of her and unreasonable and that my niece loves me and will be upset about me not coming. So idk, AIBU about not wanting to risk anyone's health?
As far as I got it, the party will take place whatsoever so maybe you could recommend what could I give as a present to my niece if I'm not coming? I thought about some online present like a girls' magazine subscription. But the main question is still AIBU?

sodapop Wed 18-Mar-20 17:46:59

I do seem to be harping on about this but its annoying to hear of unnecessary risk taking when medical staff are working flat out to care for all the people who have contracted the virus.. Have some thought for others please.

suziewoozie Wed 18-Mar-20 17:50:47

Sir Patrick Vallance just making it quite clear that those who say the advice isn’t for them, then they are causing people to die.

suziewoozie Wed 18-Mar-20 17:52:54

Exactly soda selfish, selfish bastards with potentially blood on their hands. And no I’m NOT panicking

ValerieF Wed 18-Mar-20 18:14:42

Now are just making me want to go out to the pub tonight ha ha ha

suziewoozie Wed 18-Mar-20 18:18:44

Oh grow up Val

ValerieF Wed 18-Mar-20 18:31:01

Please stop taking anything I say as personal. I am not asking YOU to do anything but you equally have no right to tell me what I should or shouldn't do! or judge me in my decisions either come to that. I find your posts offensive.

suziewoozie Wed 18-Mar-20 18:39:59

I have EVERY right to pass judgement on your decisions - just as I would if you were drinking and driving and tell you what you should be doing or not doing. In the current situation, our decisions impact on others - if you can’t see that, then there’s no hope is there? So I’ll carry on.

ValerieF Wed 18-Mar-20 18:47:42

Put don't! You have absolutely no knowledge about me, where I live or what I do for a living!

Sussexborn Wed 18-Mar-20 18:50:16

Went to b&q today to buy paint to keep us busy during self isolation and shocked to find school age children racing about the store and their mother telling staff she had kept them out of school because of the virus. The assistant was furious as most customers in the middle of the day were mainly middle aged and elderly.

We were supposed to be going to London this weekend for my granddaughter’s first birthday and to meet our son’s partner’s parents but having talked it through decided it would be stupid to take the risk. We don’t want to pass on corona virus to others and don’t want to risk catching it ourselves.

I could cry with disappointment but I want to be around to see this little girl grow up.

suziewoozie Wed 18-Mar-20 18:54:14

Val all that’s irrelevant unless of course you know for a fact it is impossible for you to be infected or infect others. And you can’t. And you’ll forgive me for not rating your opinions much when you seemed not to know the basic fact that children can be infected and infect others.

ValerieF Wed 18-Mar-20 19:08:03

Oh give it a rest Suzie. When did I give my opinions or advice? I just said what I was doing which you seem to take exception to! Not your decision love.

suziewoozie Wed 18-Mar-20 19:11:13

Yawn yawn

ValerieF Wed 18-Mar-20 19:15:05

Ahh and there we have it, I guess Suzie you are just showing yourself up now. You can't even be gracious enough to admit you you were ott in your comments to me ha ha ha. Will leave it there.

suziewoozie Wed 18-Mar-20 19:36:34

Yawn yawn and yawn again

MawB Wed 18-Mar-20 19:38:11

No Val I’m afraid suziewoozie’s comments were spot on and I am sure reflect the vast majority of GN members.
Thoughtless, uncaring, selfish and sadly mind- numbingly ignorant of the potential effect of the population ignoring current advice on minimising the impact of this deadly virus.
Do you remember when Italy gave 48 hours notice of the lockdown on N Italy? The stampede out of the area spreading the virus across the whole country ? The flights out of Italy and yes- releasing the virus on the rest of Europe like opening a jam jar in which you gave trapped a load of wasps.
There is no legislation against stupidity alas, but your attitude is precisely why we may need a compulsory lockdown on this country too, enforced by the army as in other parts of Europe.

GrannyLaine Wed 18-Mar-20 19:50:20

Absolutely agree MawB. ValerieF you need to have a long look at the very good advice that has been given. This is far more serious than you realise

Iam64 Wed 18-Mar-20 20:16:33

We haven't seen our adult children, adult grandchildren or our four under five year old grandchildren for about 10 days now. Our planned meet up this week would have included child care for the four youngsters. Their parents cancelled that on Sunday, in view of the advice for people over 70, especially those with existing health conditions.
We will miss many happy events that have long been in our diaries. Just like so many other people. We hope though, to live through this crisis and return to enjoying a happy family life.

Feelingmyage55 Wed 18-Mar-20 20:32:07

We all need to play the long game. Instant gratification needs to go out the window. One bad apple spoils the lot. A strict home in time saves nine. I could go on and on.

Jaycee5 Thu 19-Mar-20 15:29:29

* Valerie* Have you actually checked that there are no children affected in your area. You can check online about local schools and the number of reported cases. There aren't many areas which don't have at least one - and remember that most people aren't being tested so no reported cases does not mean no cases.
Remember how easily infection is passed. This illustrates it

WOODMOUSE49 Thu 19-Mar-20 16:28:00

Cancelled my daughter's 50th. Were celebrating it weekend after next.

I fail to understand your sister. So sorry.

Present - your idea is excellent.

AGAA4 Thu 19-Mar-20 16:44:29

Not going to a children's party is the sensible thing to do. I am sure your niece will forgive you if you send her a nice card and present and explain why you can't be there.

I am so fed up with those who are "just carrying on as normal"
It is a very selfish irresponsible attitude

ginny Thu 19-Mar-20 16:56:19

I wonder how VAL knows nobody at the party is infected ? Whole heartedly agree her opinion selfish and badly thought out.
Everyone of us will be missing family , friends, holidays and celebrations but hopefully most of us think of others as well as ourselves.