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granniechrissie Thu 19-Mar-20 22:06:02

Hoaders are rubbish people with nothing to contribute to society and lets shame then right now

WOODMOUSE49 Thu 19-Mar-20 22:11:56

I assume you mean those clearing the shelves and buying all the flour, bread etc they can fit in their baskets. Then go back for more.

How granniechrissie ?

These people are ignorant, selfish, thoughtless, insensitive, unconcerned and heartless. I can think of more words but my comment would be deleted by admin.

How to you shame people that have no respect for other health, comfort and safety .

Missfoodlove Thu 19-Mar-20 22:44:35

I walked on to our local high street today where butchers, greengrocers etc had plenty of stock.
Sadly everyone flocks to the supermarkets!

A butchers chicken has done us two main meals with some left, I made stock then soup with the carcass using the veg that was past its best.
It’s really not difficult.

I will not buy anything until we have finished all the fresh produce.

Washerwoman Thu 19-Mar-20 23:31:05

I'm still upset by a local news article this evening.A critical care nurse sobbing in her car because after after a gruelling long shift she tried to do some shopping and could hardly get anything,She was so tired and distraught.She summed it up.What's wrong with you ?Why are you behaving like this ?To all those idiots who most likely already have mountains of stuff clearing out the shelves. I wish they could be named and shamed.

rosecarmel Fri 20-Mar-20 06:32:54

I wish stores would impose limits-

Patsy70 Fri 20-Mar-20 06:38:47

I understand that in certain supermarkets you can now only buy a maximum of 3 of anything. However, some of the retail staff are being abused by the selfish lowlife, who feel their need is greater than anyone else's. There is also the situation when someone maybe shopping for a family member or neighbour and would require more items. I wouldn't be surprised if official rationing is introduced at some stage.

craftyone Fri 20-Mar-20 06:52:02

Plenty on all shelves in my area. Depends where you live and the local mindset. Many of us were brought up to be patient and to queue quietly.

mumofmadboys Fri 20-Mar-20 07:04:15

Ghandi said There is plenty for everyone's need but not for everyone's greed.

Greymar Fri 20-Mar-20 07:36:10

What about preppers? Now they are scary.

Lucca Fri 20-Mar-20 07:58:49

Missfoodlove. Agreed, my local butcher has plenty of meat and also sells veg. It’s a tad more expensive but much better quality. Go back to the local shops!

Gemini17892 Fri 20-Mar-20 08:08:42

Preppers ?
Please explain Greymar.

eazybee Fri 20-Mar-20 08:23:06

My neighbour commented on my purchase of one pack of 9 toilet rolls; when I asked if she needed any she admitted that they were still using up their brexit supplies!
No wonder they have alarm systems and padlocks on every gate.

vampirequeen Fri 20-Mar-20 08:25:15

Preppers are preparing for the break down of civilisation.

We were in Aldi the other day. They have a rule more than 4 of any item. A married couple had a trolley each and were pretending that they weren't together. What's annoying me most is that we eat a lot of pulses and fresh food which are usually plentiful but now have virtually disappeared. What's the point of over buying fruit and veg. It will go off before they can eat it all. And most will have no idea how to use pulses. I foresee a lot of pulses ending up in the bin or foodbanks in a few weeks.

sodapop Fri 20-Mar-20 08:26:58

I think Tesco are opening their stores for an hour for NHS staff only so they can buy what they need. I suppose this will only work if the shelves are stocked.

gillybob Fri 20-Mar-20 08:39:12

Marks and Spencer’s are actively encouraging hoarding with their advertising entitled

“Can you freeze it”? Telling everyone to buy more and put it in the freezer.

Brendawymms Fri 20-Mar-20 08:46:02

24 items for today’s Sainsbury’s order are not available. I’m in my 70’s my husband in his 80’s and I also have moderately severe asthma.
Can’t get another delivery slot for next three weeks. Can’t get hold of Sainsbury’s to get onto the extra slots for high risk groups.
I am being forced out to the shops to buy food due to the selfish people out there.

Greymar Fri 20-Mar-20 08:48:39

Preppers are people who fear the zombie invasion/wrath of God or whatever and store large quantities of supplies at home. We're not talking a tin of beans or a packet of frozen veg stuck to the bottom of the chest freezer here.

Think gas lamps, wind up torches, dehydration kits, saurkraut and firearms. A sort of cross between Deliverance and Hyacinth Bucket on steroids.

gillybob Fri 20-Mar-20 08:52:23

If anyone has read Tara Westover’s biography “Educated” they will know about “preppers” . I can highly recommend the book by the way. She tells of growing up in a Mormon family where they are preparing for the end of the world .

EllanVannin Fri 20-Mar-20 09:12:30

Who are these people whose spending habits far exceed anyone's here in the North West ?

Oopsadaisy3 Fri 20-Mar-20 09:22:47

The tills could be set to stop anything over 2 items in the trolley, they can do it with Paracetomol, so that’s easy, it should also stop the staff from being blamed.
If the same credit card is used in one day I’m sure that can be set up on the till so that it too can be refused.
Problem is that some of the people who are buying extra could be buying for elderly relatives, my DD is buying fresh food on our behalf as we can’t get out at the moment.
Essential workers are also buying extra as most stores are closing at 10 and the shifts that they are on mean that they can’t shop.
And people who are due to be indoors for 12 weeks need food.
Mormons are encouraged to have 12 months supply of food.
I’m now using my winter supply of tinned food that I get each Autumn.

chris8888 Fri 20-Mar-20 09:40:39

My neice works on till at A@@i, they have a 4 items per person rule. She says she has been threatened repeatedly while trying to enforce this. Told to just bl@@@y scan it, told `I know what time you finish work` etc. Management very supportive but why would anyone threaten a young woman over a pkts of rice or bottles of water.
Horrible people out there.

annep1 Fri 20-Mar-20 09:47:45

I don't think limits will work. People will just go every day. We need rationing although I haven't a clue how we would organise that quickly.

NanTheWiser Fri 20-Mar-20 09:56:02

I went to my local Waitrose this morning, as they are now prioritising over 70s between 8 and 9 am. I arrived at 8.30, and my heart sank to see a very long queue waiting outside. But they were all the under 70s! We oldies were in a much shorter queue, just a handful of us. They were restricting how many were entering to allow a bit more social distancing, and allowing a handful of us in as others came out.
The shelves were still pretty sparse (they will never get back to full shelves anytime soon, I'm sure), but I did manage to get some eggs from the few boxes left, and a few other items.
I was out in 17 minutes, and was slightly amused to see two coppers in the car park - obviously to avoid riots! (I gave them the thumbs-up as I left!)
I'm now pretty well stocked up, and hopefully, in time all this panic buying will die down (not holding my breath though!)

Mimidl Fri 20-Mar-20 10:20:27

My son went to Lido this morning just to get a few essentials.
He arrived at 7.15 and was approximately 6th in a queue waiting for the store to open at 8. He called me at ten to 8 and the queue was out of the car park and along the main road, approximately 100 people long.
He has 3 children aged 5, 3 and 3 weeks and is an emergency worker so needs to shop regularly but he said it was an awful experience just trying to get fruit & veg, eggs, baby wipes etc.
I spoke to him not long ago and he was trying to park in Sainsbury's to get eggs as he couldn't even get down the aisle in Lidl.
Security should be letting a certain amount of people in and doing a one out, one in policy to stop this ridiculousness.

These people are rude, aggressive & selfish.

Luckily I have my loo rolls delivered from Who Gives A Crap, so we won't run out anytime soon!

Greymar Fri 20-Mar-20 10:56:56

gilly, what a coincidence, I am reading it at the moment. It jumps off the page at me. Love it.