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Unnecessary TV programmes

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trisher Mon 06-Apr-20 10:08:37

AIBU to think that Phil and Holly should just go home and stay home now. This Morning is a programme we could do without. And perhaps them staying home would send a clear message to the general public. There are probably a few other programmes as well that could go.

Noreen3 Wed 08-Apr-20 16:30:28

I'm looking forward to Britain's got Talent too,we do need some light relief.What I don't want to watch is Harry Hill or perhaps another showing of some old film

Chestnut Wed 08-Apr-20 17:37:25

I would like to keep the schedules as near normal as possible otherwise it only adds to the surreal situation we are in. I applaud any attempt to do this, and agree that HIGNFY did very well pulling them all together from their various homes.
The soaps are doing their best too, reducing the number of episodes. There will be some big slots missing with the loss of sport and they need to fill them. Top-notch matches from the past (football, tennis etc.) could be helpful there.
They need to think creatively as time goes by because we will need something to watch.