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Trying to report a faulty phone line

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silverlining48 Mon 06-Apr-20 16:41:17

Why cant i report a fault with my landline. It hasnt worked for nearly two weeks despite emails and phone calls to BT. We have been ignored. No one has responded and i am now furious, and furious is something i rarely,if ever, have been.
I just dont know what to do or where to go from here.
Phoning can be waits if an hour ir more and my mobile usxoay as you go, so £££ per minute.

PamelaJ1 Mon 06-Apr-20 16:46:54

Can’t help you but I can sympathise. O2 is dreadful, can’t even email them.
These are phone companies, you would think they could do better.
These are difficult times but if other companies can have people working from home why can’t they?
I’ve just written to them but am not sure how to post it?

rosenoir Mon 06-Apr-20 17:13:53

You may get a better response if you use their Facebook page or Twitter and message them direct.

silverlining48 Mon 06-Apr-20 18:18:46

Thanks Pam and Rose, I am not great online but daughters have tried fb and twitter, but though they spoke in an on,ine sort of way to 3 different people, they can do nothing other than refer us back to the main site which is where we started this quest and which makes no mention of how to report a fault. As Pam says, these are phone companies. They shoukd do better. We are paying customers for a service we are not getting. I am more than furious.
Sorry for the moan i know there's much worse going on but this is the straw and the camel situation, Think staying in is getting to me and i need to breathe. Cant get a delivery slot either ....

chocolatepudding Mon 06-Apr-20 20:00:10

I suggest a letter to the Chief Executive, Chairman or CEO of BT. Going through the call centre is a huge waste of time.
You should be allocated a person who will deal with your faulty line and will organise the engineers etc to get the job done.