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To think " belly" is a horrid, ugly word!

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phoenix Sun 31-May-20 20:44:39

Just seen the new advertisement for Pampers nappies, used the word "belly"!

Yuk, yuk, yuk!

What's wrong with (in the context of babies nappies) "tummy" or stomach?

The only time I would use the word "belly" would be when referring to a cut of pork, as tummy of pork is just silly!

Hearing someone say to a grizzling child "have you got a belly ache?" Just makes me cringe!

wonder if it's just me?

grannyrebel7 Sun 31-May-20 21:55:38

Sure would smile

Riverwalk Sun 31-May-20 21:57:16

Sorry Phoenix but tummy button is just too twee for words!

For ADULTS who think belly button is too 'earthy' just say navel or umbilicus!

Tummies are for children.

phoenix Sun 31-May-20 22:00:01

nanaK54 totally with you on that, I knew someone who would say she was going to change her dd's "bum" and I always had to stifle the urge to either say "I think you mean nappy" or to ask "what in to?"

GrannyLaine Sun 31-May-20 22:00:17

Don't have a problem with belly or tummy for that matter. Not heard 'fairy' used in that context, ours tend to use the term 'front bottom' which seems inoffensive and to the point.

gillybob Sun 31-May-20 22:05:09

My late mum thought belly was a very rude word, along with any body part below the neck . We were never taught (or allowed to say) the name of a body part or even bodily function . Women were never “pregnant” they were having a baby and periods were “monthly’s” . There wasn’t a name for men’s bits and women’s bits were simply “down there...front or back” confused

Furret Sun 31-May-20 22:15:38

Belly belly belly belly belly!

Lovely word.

Belly dancing. Belly pork. Belly laugh. Beer belly. Belly buster. Belly ache. Delhi belly. Belly fat. Going belly up. Fire in my belly. Belly flop.

Callistemon Sun 31-May-20 22:19:29

It's not that I think it's inappropriate or rude.

There are other words I dislike too. Button is one.
I cringed as I typed it, my teeth are on edge now.

Anniebach Sun 31-May-20 22:27:15

Yes phoenix the b word rhymes with jelly, have never used the word so not going to type it

MissAdventure Sun 31-May-20 22:32:57

I don't mind it.
Tummy does seem rather twee.

gillybob Sun 31-May-20 22:33:38

I agree with you Furret can’t see a problem with the word “belly” at all.

gillybob Sun 31-May-20 22:35:28

I would tickle my baby granddaughters tummy . It’s a baby word . When she lifts her little dress or tee shirt up I always say “I can see your tummy tumkins” grin

MissAdventure Sun 31-May-20 22:36:39

Ah.. a tummy tumkins.
How cute! smile

EllanVannin Sun 31-May-20 22:38:55

Tum for the benefit of the older ones, tummy for the little ones.
Bot, again for the older ones and bottom for the little ones.

Sussexborn Sun 31-May-20 23:00:31

That’s how my stepmother ended up pregnant by a Canadian soldier (who turned out to be married). She knew it was wrong because it involved bottoms but had no idea that it would lead to pregnancy. Her sister gave birth thinking the baby would come out of her navel - she had twins!

Our son was a toddler when OH was getting him ready for bed. His dummy was called his ding (as in give me that thing) and he called hi willy his dink. He was a bit sniffly so I suggested putting some Vick on the back of his dummy. No prizes for guessing where he put it!

Katek Sun 31-May-20 23:01:48

Can’t stand the ‘b’ word......wasn’t ever used when I was growing up and I’ve never used it. It’s tummy, tum, stomach, insides (if talking about discomfort) even innards, but never b....! I’m currently cringing at a tv ad which is using the word. Think it’s the one for Buscopan

Callistemon Sun 31-May-20 23:06:10

Perhaps it's a regional thing.

ElaineI Sun 31-May-20 23:23:28

I think it is regional too Callistemon and a stupid thing to argue about. As for the other bits it's personal to each family and no one should be mocking what terms other people use. As long as children learn correct terminology by the time they are school age there is nothing to worry about (unless abuse is suspected).

Maggiemaybe Sun 31-May-20 23:24:05

I don’t mind tummy, or belly, or willy (with six grandsons I hear that one a lot more than I need to grin).

My yogalates dvds are fronted by a very chirpy Australian, who always talks about bally breathing and blowing out your bally. Maybe that’s a bit more acceptable?

FoghornLeghorn Sun 31-May-20 23:32:09

Well, stomach is inaccurate when used in place of belly/tummy. The stomach is an organ, not a generalised area of the body as it’s sometimes misused.

Mamardoit Mon 01-Jun-20 06:38:39

All together now....

Ma's out Pa's out let's talk rude Pee, po, belly, bum, drawers.

Not considered a PC duo now days but Flanders and Swann still make me laugh.

I use the words tummy and bottom mostly. I have been known to tell DH to shift his arse on occasions.

Words like that don't bother me really. Grarss, barth and parth bother me more especially when the person saying those words correct my pronunciation.

Whitewavemark2 Mon 01-Jun-20 06:46:40

Isn’t it weird.

A word itself says what it says, and nothing else. It is the connotations we lay onto it from other cultural aspects of our lives, that make us react as we do.

I hate the word kids for children. Kids are young goats as far as I am concerned. I love kids, so it isn’t that. I suspect it is snobbery initially but cannot remember.

gilly never heard of foo foo?? My mother used fanny to describe her rude bits.

Gingster Mon 01-Jun-20 06:51:53

Hate hate hate the word. Bum is another. Never used it with my children and I squirm if I hear the grandchildren use them .

Urmstongran Mon 01-Jun-20 06:52:40

Reading ‘The Mirror and the Light’ by Hilary Mantel at present and she has Thomas Cromwell describing the more portly (since a leg accident after a severe fall from his horse curtailing exercise) as sway-bellied. Very descriptive!

Urmstongran Mon 01-Jun-20 06:53:20

‘more portly Henry VIII’

TerriBull Mon 01-Jun-20 07:05:37

I'm not too keen on it, I don't like adults using the word tummy though either, fine when children say it, it's a word I associate with the very young somehow sounds ridiculously childish when adults utter it.