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AIBU to complain about flickering adverts on forum pages?

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rowyn Sat 06-Jun-20 15:59:45

I accept that adverts are a necessary way to fund a website and have no problem with that.
However, I find the continuous quick flick from one ad to another just to the right of the forums reading panel really distracting and annoying.
If anyone is epileptic I would have thought that they might be even more of an annoyance. Or is it me that's just being grumpy?
If there has to be a quick turnover of different adverts I think scrolling would be less irritating and distracting. Does anyone agree?

rubysong Sat 06-Jun-20 16:04:24

Yes, I agree. It's the same garment in different colours. If we were interested we would go to their website and look. Wouldn't buy from them on principal.

ayse Sat 06-Jun-20 16:06:50

The flashing drives me nuts.

oldgimmer1 Sat 06-Jun-20 16:37:58

I agree. Ads are ok and necessary but the ones that jump around drive me nuts and are off-putting.

Namsnanny Sat 06-Jun-20 16:40:40

Me too. I'm not bothering to come on so much because of them.
They give me a headache!!

Luckygirl Sat 06-Jun-20 16:54:00

I am with you all the way. I suffer with vestibular migraine and it is triggered by such things. I have to keep the screen contrast low, have to wear sunglasses in the cinema, and cannot deal with moving subtitles.

A few days ago, playing chess with my grandson on the phone triggered one of these attacks and my balance was all over the place. I fell outside and luckily was able to grab a thick hedge to stop me landing on the ground. I am still not right - it takes about a week to recover - so I am having to be very careful.

I find these on screen ads really annoying and hold my hand over them so I cannot see them.

rosenoir Sat 06-Jun-20 17:01:53

I report the ad as being repetitive but within 30 seconds it is back again.

annep1 Sat 06-Jun-20 17:02:25

I hate the way the screen jumps a few times before settling down.

MerylStreep Sat 06-Jun-20 17:22:40

If you expand the page you get rid of the adds.

Calendargirl Sat 06-Jun-20 18:26:18

I must be odd, because I really don’t notice the ads, they won’t get much business from me.

rowyn Sat 06-Jun-20 18:26:45

Interesting Meryl S. Not abolutely certain what you mean - am on a desk top, but will give it a try. OOPs just jumped as lightning flashes and thunder rumbles - in Berkshire. Been drizzly and dull all day but now it's really pouring! >Good for the garden. WOW.

Blossoming Wed 10-Jun-20 11:12:58

I agree, I’m visually impaired and it’s painful!

Granny23 Wed 10-Jun-20 11:16:58

I don't know why but I don't get any adverts on Gransnet so there must be some way of suppressing them.

Charleygirl5 Wed 10-Jun-20 12:00:23

Granny23 mine are suppressed- I remember being asked once, please do not ask me where and I said yes but yesterday I had small flickering ads which were so bad I left GN and today on return there is zilch.

Sallywally1 Thu 18-Jun-20 14:51:55

I use an I pad,. If I go to the top of the screen where it shows what site you are on there is a littleA next to a bigA. Click on this to give a read only view which helps. It doesn’t work on all pages though.

Nanderin Sat 20-Jun-20 07:56:56

Me too hate it.

Bellanonna Sat 20-Jun-20 08:18:42

Can’t stand the things. As soon as they start I press the x in the corner and they disappear. If they come back I repeat. They really drive me potty.

Oopsadaisy3 Sat 20-Jun-20 08:24:18

I’m on an iPad and I’ve blocked the ads, (In the settings) so I don’t get any at all

Bellanonna Sat 20-Jun-20 09:46:59

Oopsadaisy, I’ve just been through settings on my iPad and couldn’t see anywhere to block ads. Could you tell me which heading it’s under please?

libra10 Sat 20-Jun-20 09:57:57

Gransnet needs the revenue from their advertisers, otherwise it's possible that they may have to charge subscriptions (like Mumsnet are having to do).

The ads are a little intrusive, especially if you have eye problems, but otherwise they're only a small distraction. And I enjoy reading the forums, so a small price to pay!

I've turned off my ad-blocker, and let the ads run.

Oopsadaisy3 Sat 20-Jun-20 14:04:49

Content blockers

I think that’s where it was, mine is in the off position , if I turn it on I get the ads on here, the only thing is that on some websites you won’t get the pictures.
If that doesn’t work , let me know and I’ll go back into settings and double check, my ipad is charging at the moment.

Oopsadaisy3 Sat 20-Jun-20 14:05:53

Oh first
go into settings click the Safari icon then scroll down

quizqueen Sat 20-Jun-20 14:11:51

I don't have any ads on this page and no ad blocker installed on my computer!

Bellanonna Sat 20-Jun-20 14:21:37

Yes, I did all that. Thanks. The only heading that sounds vaguely right is “block pop ups”, but that was on anyway. Think ill just have to keep deleting them when they arrive. Nothing would induce me to buy whatever is being advertised as I can’t get rid of those ads quickly enough.

Oopsadaisy3 Sat 20-Jun-20 16:04:04

It’s definitely under content blockers
Keep scrolling down in the Safari settings until it says Settings for Websites
Then scroll down for Content Blockers.near bottom of page.