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Life after Lockdown

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brompton123 Tue 30-Jun-20 16:24:50

So, now you can enter a bubble with people from another family. I live two hours from my son, his wife and my two grandchildren. I haven’t seem them since last December. My son and I are close and speak everyday. I asked him today if he could come down with the family to see me, or If I could go up there. There is always an excuse for them not to see me.
He said maybe we could all meet halfway. Is that all I am worth, an hour in a lay-by?

AGAA4 Tue 30-Jun-20 16:33:32

You say you are close to your son so maybe he is worried still about you being infected and has suggested to meet outside.

Perhaps he was thinking of a picnic in the park or something that would save you travelling for two hours.

midgey Tue 30-Jun-20 16:43:12

We tend to forget that life is very different when children are young. Two hours for a child in a car is for ever! I can understand both points of view, but I do see where the family is coming from! Sorry!

silverlining48 Tue 30-Jun-20 16:45:48

Its sad you feel he puts you off, though he obviously cares if you speak every day. Two hours is manageable especially if you havnt seen them for so long. Think i would be a bit disappointed too.

Have a look to see if there are gardens or somewhere nice midway and suggest meeting there fir a picnic. Check weather forecast and choose a decent day. We did this last week and met friends, it was lovely to see them.

merlotgran Tue 30-Jun-20 16:54:19

I would jump at the half way option. It's better than not seeing them at all and if you can find somewhere nice it could be an enjoyable day out.

We're all going to have to test the water as Lockdown eases. Baby steps and all that.

Sunlover Tue 30-Jun-20 17:39:59

We met up with our son halfway between homes about 45 mins driving for both of us. We met in a lovely woodland area where our 18 month old grandson could run around and social distancing was easy. We took a picnic and spent 2/3 hrs together. Was a wonderful time.

ValerieF Tue 30-Jun-20 18:22:43

Not sure what you mean by your son and you are close but there is always an excuse not to see you? Do you mean prior to lockdowns there was always an excuse not to see you? Confused on that bit. others have said meeting half way in a nice area (doesn't have to be a lay-by does it? ) sounds good to me.

Septimia Tue 30-Jun-20 20:38:26

We often meet DS, DiL and DGD halfway. It's too far to do the whole journey without staying overnight. We choose a National Trust or English Heritage property that is about halfway and easy to get to, and all have a day out.

Now that such properties are opening their grounds, at least, maybe you could meet at one and have a picnic.