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Bel Mooney

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ExD Tue 15-Sep-20 11:15:07

I always considered this lady to be sensible and level headed.
But I found this article from Saturday's Daily Mail to be selfish and petulant and I'm surprised that such sentiments should be published.
Does she really want to kill her granny?
Is she really urging others to emulate this [email protected]

You can say it serves me right for reading such a rag - but I'm appalled all the same!

suziewoozie Wed 16-Sep-20 13:05:47

trisher you still seem to be missing the point that hands, face, space cannot and will not be enforced in general and that those ignoring it know exactly what they are doing. I wish it weren’t like this, but it is.

maddyone Wed 16-Sep-20 13:09:16

Jane, what I would expect shops to do is employ security just like airports, clubs, and many other places do. We’re constantly told that Coronavirus will result in high unemployed. Well that’s how we could employ more people. The government should have put provision for this in the bill. It would have resulted in much higher compliance.

maddyone Wed 16-Sep-20 13:11:10

Avalon, who's she?’

suziewoozie Wed 16-Sep-20 13:14:21

But this isn’t going to happen is it? We are not going to give staff security officers any meaningful powers. What exactly would they do with someone not wearing a mask in store who refused to comply?

25Avalon Wed 16-Sep-20 13:15:55

Maddyone talking about Bel Mooney the subject of the op

maddyone Wed 16-Sep-20 13:17:51

Thanks MayBee for the warning, I’ll take my brolly, the weather forecast is pretty good for Kefalonia although one day is forecast rain. We have been there once before and it was wall to wall sunshine but that was in June. Never mind, what will be will be, it’s a break and change of scene, and some very pretty views. Our son and his wife are going too (not arranged, coincidental) but we overlap a few days, so we can meet up with them and hopefully have a barbecue together.

maddyone Wed 16-Sep-20 13:19:44

No suzie, it’s not going to happen. I have to resign myself to the fact that my ideas are never used by government, however good I may think they are.

maddyone Wed 16-Sep-20 13:20:13

Thanks Avalon.

Greeneyedgirl Wed 16-Sep-20 13:30:36

Haven’t heard of Bel Mooney since the 60s so don’t suppose she’s on most people’s radar as an opinion maker. This article is typical of the thinking among some groups that the government is curbing freedom and human rights.

There’s nothing like the Grim Reaper to curb freedom!

suziewoozie Wed 16-Sep-20 15:02:06

BM writes in the DM every week I believe and the DM (print and online) has a huge readership

Tangerine Wed 16-Sep-20 16:28:21

I didn't think much of Bel Mooney's remarks either but, to be honest, I don't always agree with the advice she gives people.

trisher Wed 16-Sep-20 16:52:23

My local charity shop the other day had a woman at the door dishing out hand sanitiser and restricting numbers in store to 8. No-one questioned her, no-one challenged her. I think people would comply if the message was made loudly and clearly and shops provided the staff to supervise. After all shops have always ejected people who were drunk or causing trouble.

allium Wed 16-Sep-20 16:55:37

Bit of a clickbait Mail article, another three months down the line things may well have changed anyway.

maddyone Wed 16-Sep-20 18:46:25

Well there you have it Trisher, the vast majority of people would comply if there was someone standing at the door of a shop reminding them. Problem solved.

I’ve been checking up on requirements for Greece before we go tomorrow. Masks must be worn in all public buildings, obviously that includes shops. No exceptions. So no one is allowed to say, oh dear me, I can’t possibly breathe if I wear a mask. The rule is no exceptions. If Greeks can do it, why not the British?

Callistemon Wed 16-Sep-20 20:03:10

As DH said, the police know where to go now on Christmas Day.
It's what my MIL would have called 'showing off''.

trisher Wed 16-Sep-20 20:03:31

maddyone If it is anything like Portugal it will be much better than here. My friend says they were all wearing masks there. She went to the theatre, book a seat and all the ones around you are blacked out so they can't be sold. The loos had 2 assistants sanitising after one was used and locking it off for some time after, She said people seemed to be concerned for each other.
Enjoy Greece lovely time to go.

maddyone Wed 16-Sep-20 23:02:25

Thanks Trisher. It’s only eight nights, but I need a break and a change of scene, ready for what might be to come. I hope not, but I’m not optimistic.

maddyone Wed 16-Sep-20 23:06:59

Anyway, it’s good to hear rules are complied with abroad, hopefully the same in Greece.

Iam64 Thu 17-Sep-20 11:57:33

Have a good break maddyone. Rates in the whole of Greece are lower than in some of the towns under extra measures here.
Why Crete is on the 'banned' list is beyond me. One death in six month and under 500 cases. Those cases largely in one area.

Jaxjacky Thu 17-Sep-20 12:53:42

maddyone France the same in most shops, no mask, no entry.

Lucca Thu 17-Sep-20 12:56:31


As DH said, the police know where to go now on Christmas Day.
It's what my MIL would have called 'showing off''.

I’m just going to say it. Having chatted to my wonderful DS in Sydney this morning hearing him say how much he misses me I feel if I hear one more person saying “Oh but what about Christmas “ I may say unladylike words very audibly.

Callistemon Thu 17-Sep-20 14:31:34

Me too Lucca
DH made the mistake of telling one DD how much he missed her the other day on the phone and there was silence for ages. She was sobbing very quietly.

janeainsworth Thu 17-Sep-20 16:09:07

Callistemon I think our DC are just as aware as we are, that our time is slipping by while all this is going on, and that we are more vulnerable if we do contract the virus.
I know we would have been very worried & sad if this had all happened while my DM & DMiL were still alive.

Lucca Thu 17-Sep-20 19:11:17


Me too Lucca
DH made the mistake of telling one DD how much he missed her the other day on the phone and there was silence for ages. She was sobbing very quietly.

That made me cry
My DGS aged 6 apparently got upset and said he was very angry at the virus stopping him from visiting Granny lucca and kissing her cool soft cheeks.

suziewoozie Thu 17-Sep-20 19:16:43

My best and dearest friend of 63 years has terminal cancer. She lives 4 hours away and I haven’t seen her since October - our March visit had to be cancelled. I may never see her again and it breaks my heart - BM can just shut up.