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Foxgloveandroses Wed 23-Sep-20 10:35:18

I'm thinking about getting a whippet puppy, could anyone advise me on the pros and cons. I've had dogs before but I'm going a bit rose tinted glasses... Need a reality check to make sure I'm doing the right thing having been 4 years dog free. Thank you.

BlueSky Wed 23-Sep-20 10:40:42

This will be interesting, we are talking about our first dog. I’d rather an older dog than a puppy.

Witzend Wed 23-Sep-20 10:49:57

I love dogs, and we’ve had them before, but despite getting very broody for another now and then, we won’t be having any more.

Our reasons why not - may well not apply to everyone.

Too much of a tie. You can’t go out for the day, or most of it, unless you can take the dog, or someone can come in. A lot of our outings are to exhibitions etc. in central London.

Kennels around here are very expensive and often need to be booked well in advance, which means no impromptu breaks or holidays, unless you can take the dog. Before Covid and after retirement we would usually go away at least a few times during the year, sometimes fairly last minute bookings.

There’s also the question of vet’s bills, and the fact of a dog-free house needing rather less cleaning! But if it weren’t for the above reasons, these wouldn’t put me off.

millymouge Wed 23-Sep-20 10:53:13

Need quite a lot of exercise and brain stimulation. We have greyhounds, same type but bigger and require less exercise. Come when racing is finished so a little older and make lovely pets. Remember pups are hard work to begin with, toilet training, chewing and general behaviour training. They need to be purchased from a reliable home, you need to see the puppy SEVERAL times in the home environment, see both mum and dad. Try not to go for the pup that hides in the corner or dosn’t mingle with its siblings, because you feel sorry for it. Be prepared for some broken nights, big puddles, chewed furniture , and a lifetime of love, companionship and endless fun. I would just add talk to people who have the breed you are interested in, they will tell you of any problems that may arise. If you feel that a pup might be too much there are many, many older dogs looking for good homes. Good luck, whatever you choose you will love it to bits

FannyCornforth Wed 23-Sep-20 10:54:47

I cannot think of a single con!

Oopsminty Wed 23-Sep-20 10:58:59


I cannot think of a single con!

Totally agree!

Nonogran Wed 23-Sep-20 11:04:33

I'm broody for a dog too, probably a rescue adult dog. We dog sat a puppy summer 2019 & it was hell! The pup had so much energy, pulled like mad on the lead & was never at rest unless it had been walked, as best we could given our age and the lead pulling, for a long long walk (or two, or three!)
We've had dogs in the recent past & borrow my daughter's dog whenever we want doggy interaction but as Witzend says, they're an awful tie, kennels are really expensive & harsh for a dog & from experience, vets bills can be massive. I'm also a bit squeemish (sp?) about dog poo albeit I always pick up & dispose of it responsibly. Insurance only covers so much up to a certain age & is expensive anyway.
So, I look at the rescue sites but have to turn away when I get too broody.
Have you thought about volunteering with a rescue group? That might satisfy your yearning?

libra10 Wed 23-Sep-20 11:12:15

We decided we wouldn't have any more dogs until our little puppy was given to us.
It took a while toilet training him, he's walked twice every day, and in many ways has become a valued member of our family.
However, he barks loudly and races round the house every time someone calls, and refuses to behave. And he doesn't understand (or doesn't want to understand) recall when we call him.
He's 10 years old now, and we definitely wouldn't like to be without him, but when he goes - no more dogs ...........

Cotswoldslass Wed 23-Sep-20 11:22:12

Dear Foxglovesandroses Congratulations! Whippets are a wonderful breed to have so you made a great choice. As a family, we have had them for 28 years. I do agree with Millymouge however - puppies are quite a handful and whippets are one of the worst breeds (apparently) for chewing. Why not adopt an adult? Not only are you giving a dog a home you are also circumventing the puppy stage. The other consideration is that fact that whippets do live to a good old age on the whole - 15 or 16 is not uncommon. I know at my age (70) I would not get a puppy again as I would not be sure I would outlive it.....this applies to me of course, I am not suggesting this is the case with you!! If you are interested in going down this route you can Google whippet rescue, ( J R Whippet Rescue is probably one of the most well known, although there are others). Rescues also look for fosters - if you have not had a whippet before you may be able to foster one, and would be able to find out if this is the breed for you? Just a suggestion. Whatever you do good luck and enjoy your new best friend!!

BlueSky Wed 23-Sep-20 11:42:29

All your cons are what my DH warns me about. But I’m thinking companionships especially when you don’t have family nearby.

Grandmabatty Wed 23-Sep-20 11:46:29

I've been owned by dogs but after the last one had to be put down, I swore no more. I love dogs, they are such companiable beasts and are always pleased to see you. They can be good burglar deterrents as well. However I have to agree with others that they are tying. I live alone and don't fancy walking a dog in the dark in winter anymore.

MissAdventure Wed 23-Sep-20 11:48:12

2 words: Anal Glands.

Anniebach Wed 23-Sep-20 11:53:44

I have been helping my granddaughter find a puppy, was successful but it’s left me longing for another one, I have two !

Floradora9 Wed 23-Sep-20 11:55:00

Think of your neighbours how close are they to your garden ? We have been driven mad by the dog in the next garden to us out all day barking at everything . I eventually hammered on the fence and told them to keep it quiet. They admitted tying it up made it bark more but never thought about the neighbours.

Greeneyedgirl Wed 23-Sep-20 11:58:08

I would love a greyhound rescue dog. When I see them out they are never pulling on the lead, look so placid, and they don’t require much exercise, and can even be kept in a flat. It is very true however that a dog is definitely for life, and is a big commitment. Unlike with children they don’t grow up and leave home!

My husband hasn’t been used to dogs and doesn’t want the commitment, and with my sensible head I agree with him, but.....the yearning’s still there. I think the worst thing would be to have a dog, and then have to return it because you under estimated the total commitment and training required.

FannyCornforth Wed 23-Sep-20 12:03:09

I too love greyhounds.
I used to know one who was a regular in my local pub.
He was so lovely to stroke. He looked straight into your eyes. So calm and lovely. I could have easily taken him home.

FannyCornforth Wed 23-Sep-20 12:05:55

Greeneyedgirl, I think that you should jump straight in.
You've obviously thought it through and are realistic.
If you are at home a lot and don't travel abroad much (fat chance!) you should be fine.

Oopsminty Wed 23-Sep-20 12:07:43


I too love greyhounds.
I used to know one who was a regular in my local pub.
He was so lovely to stroke. He looked straight into your eyes. So calm and lovely. I could have easily taken him home.

So true!

Greyhounds are perfect dogs. Especially for people who aren't too keen on walking for miles

I miss mine still, 5 years after he decided he'd had enough. He was 15 ... a great age for a greyhound

This is our last photo of him.

FannyCornforth Wed 23-Sep-20 12:09:38

Aah, Minty, that is so beautiful flowers

MawB2 Wed 23-Sep-20 12:26:22

Another member of the greyhound fan club.
Yes they are big but that has the advantage that you are unlikely to trip over them (a real hazard with some small dogs)
They are gentle, affectionate, unaggressive, need remarkably little exercise - 2x 20 minute walks a day, although the tail wags if another is suggested, and as they can be retired a young as 3, you are not necessarily taking on the health issues of an “old” dog - although they need loving homes too.
Whippets are sweet dogs but can be a bit hyper, I suppose it depends if you have a particular puppy in mind or are just looking at the breed in general.
Hattie is my fourth greyhound in 25 years and all 4 came house trained - a definite bonus
Here are my lovely Hattie and the late sweet Gracie .

MawB2 Wed 23-Sep-20 12:26:59

Oopsminty 💕💕

MawB2 Wed 23-Sep-20 12:28:48

PS Greeneyedgirl you don’t need to worry about training a greyhound grin

lovingit Wed 23-Sep-20 13:00:17

I can't imagine life without a dog.
I live alone and without my dog life would be so different.I have made so many good friends walking him and the morning walk in the country is so good for the soul.Bad weather is so depressing when looking out of the window but with the right clothes even a walk in the rain can lift the spirits.
Yes,muddy paws,hair all over,picking up poo and sorting out sitters as well as the dreaded vet bills are to be considered but so worth it.

sodapop Wed 23-Sep-20 13:26:51

Witzend is right, there is a big downside to dog ownership, if you don't go away a lot or can take the dog with you then expenses are lower. Vets bills can be expensive if your dog has a problem. Two of our dogs are old now, one has a tumour and the other is incontinent at times. They are too old and infirm to go into kennels. This has restricted our lives considerably.
The upside is the love and pleasure we have had from our dogs over the years, friends we have made through dog walking etc. We have kept fairly fit and active in part due to walking three times a day in all weathers. We love our dogs and wouldn't have had our lives any other way. A puppy is hard work Foxglove have you considered a rescue dog, there are so many looking for forever hones.

Oopsminty Wed 23-Sep-20 13:33:29

Thank you, FannyCornforth and MawB2

I am so pleased we have that photo. My youngest daughter took it without my knowledge and I'm very grateful she did!

And what lovely photos of your dogs, Maw. They are gorgeous.

We would have got another greyhound but we ended up with a JRX. Couldn't be more different.

I can never imagine living without a dog in my life. I have had them all my life. My parents always had at least 2 or 3 at once and they were such great friends.

Good luck Foxgloveandroses