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Leaving engine running outside Vets

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helgawills Wed 14-Oct-20 11:38:41

We went to Vets to pick up our dog, who had had dental surgery. As we are in a newly created High Risk area, everybody had to wait outside and phone in for attention in a numbered parking bay.

In the bay next to ours was a big 4x4 with engine running. I know cars parked on a road should not leave engines running for more than 2 minutes, but this was a private car park.

Having said that, poorly pets were taken past that vehicle by vets and nurses, the last thing they need is breathing in some irresponsible idiots diesel fumes. Several times I said to my husband that I'll go and ask them to turn off their engine, but he did not want me to do it, so I didn't.

I feel furious with myself for not saying anything, though, and I told him, I would never again stay silent and enable wrong-doing, as that is as bad as doing it ourselves.

By the time we left that engine had been running for over 35 minutes. Please advise, what would you do? I am quite shy, but this made me really mad.

Oldbat1 Wed 14-Oct-20 11:43:05

I would definitely have said something. Totally unnecessary pollution. Hope your dog is ok.

Grandmabatty Wed 14-Oct-20 11:47:22

I thought it was illegal too to sit with an engine running. I would have been raging but not brave enough to go and say to them directly. Mention to the vet maybe to remind people?

Dottynan Wed 14-Oct-20 11:51:00

Whats the point of Blue Motion if people are going to do that.
The me me me brigade at their best

Davidhs Wed 14-Oct-20 12:00:05

I would just have said “ did you realize you left your engine running” and left it at that, hoping they had a conscience.

helgawills Wed 14-Oct-20 12:21:52

Thank you, Oldbat1, dog is fine, there were others as well, being taken past, have check up appointment next Monday, will ask Vets then to mention on their signs to ask clients to turn off their engines.

Teetime Wed 14-Oct-20 12:24:41

A police van was left outside my house last week engine running, keys in the ignition while both officers ran down the road after a 4year old on a scooter!! DH stood by the vehicle to make sure someone didnt jump in an drive it off.

helgawills Wed 14-Oct-20 12:25:04

Davidhs, I don't think I would have the nerve to say that, definitely worth thinking about. Thank you all. thanks

MaggieTulliver Wed 14-Oct-20 12:30:07

It infuriated me when people leave their engines running for 2 minutes let alone 35! I would have definitely said something, it’s unbelievably selfish and inconsiderate.

MamaCaz Wed 14-Oct-20 12:32:43

Perhaps the person in the car was very cold and needed the heating on?

Sparklefizz Wed 14-Oct-20 13:11:48

Teetime Well done your DH.

OceanMama Wed 14-Oct-20 13:38:19

I had someone next to me doing that today. I closed my window and moved my car away to another spot.

helgawills Wed 14-Oct-20 14:07:23

MamaCaz, they were a middle aged couple, much younger than us, they had window open. Their Springer Spaniel had been taking inside, and someone came out to the car to talk to them, I guess estimate of time for dog to be investigated.

alchemilla Wed 14-Oct-20 18:48:19

Agree here. It does take some courage to tell a stranger to switch off. I've done it .. and found it's mostly in summer with people keeping the air con on to keep cool. Providing you're polite (I'm sorry, but do you need to keep your car running? It's just making the air smell) if there's a genuine need (can't think of one) they can explain.

Washerwoman Wed 14-Oct-20 20:57:03

I had exactly the same experience outside our vets a few weeks ago.As I waited outside a can was parked a few feet away from the marquee entrance where staff were greeting customers. I was actually asked inside to see the vet.20 minutes later when I came out it was still churning out fumes.I commented to a member of staff how inconsiderate it was but the left wishing I had tapped on the window and said something.

Washerwoman Wed 14-Oct-20 21:02:11

Van not can !Also when I walk to collect DGD from school I have noticed a number of large cars parked up waiting with engines ticking over weĺl before the children come out.Makes me furious.The children then have to walk through all that pollution.
And also I've noticed increasing numbers of cars parked fully on pavements lately.Some very inconsiderate people out there.

helgawills Wed 14-Oct-20 23:05:23

Agree with all of you. I would really have thought the impact of exhaust fumes had penetrated even the thickest skulls by now

Luckylegs Thu 15-Oct-20 00:19:24

There’s a chap who waits outside the school right where the children come out and small children and babies wait with their mums and he is there for at least half an hour every day with his engine running. This is any time of year, whether it’s cold or not.

It drives me insane, I give him the blackest looks I can manage and point him out to others (no one else seems to be bothered) but I haven’t the nerve to walk up to his window and tell him! There’s a teacher present a lot of the time and it’s been mentioned on newsletters but no one says anything. Why do they do it, don’t they think? Grrrr!

welbeck Thu 15-Oct-20 01:06:55

just read the title of a health article stating that air pollution increases Covid mortality rates.

Hetty58 Thu 15-Oct-20 05:33:54

I would definitely say something. I'm a retired teacher so not shy and always still trying to educate/direct people - it's just automatic!

123kitty Thu 15-Oct-20 09:42:03

Don't beat yourself up. I imagine most of us have thought to ourselves after an incident, I should have ... or why didn't I...

Aepgirl Thu 15-Oct-20 09:44:25

I was walking my dog a couple of weeks ago and noticed a small pickup van with a young driver apparently asleep inside and the engine running. An hour later I walked past again, the engine was still running and the driver was slumped in the seat. I telephoned 101 to report it to the police, was ‘interrogated’ for about 10 minutes, why hadn’t I banged on the window, etc? (I was worried the driver might be ‘angry’ with me). Eventually it was agreed it seemed a bit odd and they would check.

claresc0tt Thu 15-Oct-20 09:45:37

I may have switched off the police car engine ?

11unicorn Thu 15-Oct-20 09:51:36

Taking my daughter to her swimming lesson a woman parked next to me - her child went to lesson too and she sat in the car leaving her engine on. I went over and asked her very politely if she could switch off her car as I care about pollution and our earth. She just looked at me and said "I don't care" and left her car running for 1 hour till lesson was over. Got quite rude as well.
So don't be hard on yourself as the person might have given you abuse. I felt really shaken up after my encounter and you don't need that.

Dibbydod Thu 15-Oct-20 09:53:37

No doubt if you had said anything they would have given you a mouthful back , so not really worth it , people will do exactly as they want to do regardless of others around , unfortunately. Best to move to another parking spot instead , shut the windows and listen to some music to relax .