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Angry at a major supermarket AIBU?

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Juno56 Wed 11-Nov-20 12:24:37

The number two supermarket (the one beginning with S) has an event each November where loyalty points can be redeemed for twice their usual value on a huge variety of items but crucially not food. The promotion is not available online customers have to go into the stores. You would think that during lockdown when people are only supposed to go out for essential food and medicine that the event would be cancelled or at least postponed but no? it starts today and runs until 17 Nov. I am so angry that a supposedly responsible national company feels it is ok to encourage people to go to their stores to browse for inessential items. I know that many people save their points all year to help with Christmas, I have myself in previous years, but this year it should not be happening.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 11-Nov-20 12:37:55

Martin Lewis has been on about this, I think Sainsbury’s may have changed the conditions.

Marydoll Wed 11-Nov-20 12:59:12

Oh thanks for alerting me.

I have points to convert, but I am back to shielding and can't go!

Colleen10 Wed 11-Nov-20 13:02:45

Happened to me as well, For some reason this time (every other time it's available to use online as I only shop this way), this time you have to go instore. Not impressed really.x

Juno56 Wed 11-Nov-20 13:02:50

Thank you*Granny Gravy13* I'll have a look on the MSE site.

Elusivebutterfly Wed 11-Nov-20 13:10:24

I don't think the conditions have changed. It looks as if it is still in store only. My local Sainsburys is small and in normal times I would get the train or bus to my nearest large Sainsburys to make use of this offer. I don't drive and we are not supposed to be using public transport so won't make use of it.

Marydoll Wed 11-Nov-20 13:12:15

I have just done it on the App. However, you still need to spend the vouchers in store.

NotSpaghetti Wed 11-Nov-20 13:18:58

I have M&S Sparks vouchers to spend which just arrived. They have done the same thing - they only work actually in store.

Again, this made me cross, Juno. It's obviously a way to make you want to go in... I won't do it - but others might.

Maggiemaybe Wed 11-Nov-20 13:21:32

Hmm, it does seem irresponsible. We usually have a look at the clothes and Christmas bits during the double points offer period, and our local store is very busy then with others doing the same. There’s always a queue at Customer Services as well of people who need to collect their vouchers in store and others who’ve fallen foul of the confusing t & c.

We won’t be tempted this year.

DanniRae Wed 11-Nov-20 13:54:29

Just to say I too have M&S Sparks vouchers and they say "Redeem in store or online" - ?

overthehill Wed 11-Nov-20 21:49:38

If you are very vulnerable shielding you can get your double up and save it for another time when you can get to the store by contacting customer service's. You have to prove this apparently.
The stores are supposed to only be selling essential items but our local large one, all aisles are open.
I will be going probably Friday to spend mine. I intend looking round first and seeing what I want, then get on the app and just change up what I need. Last year I changed them all up and then ended up buying stuff I wasn't altogether happy with, just to spend the vouchers. As you probably know, if you don't use them, you lose them.

NotSpaghetti Thu 12-Nov-20 06:27:43


Just to say I too have M&S Sparks vouchers and they say "Redeem in store or online" - ?

That's interesting! Now I shall have to go and check them!

Hetty58 Thu 12-Nov-20 06:57:28

It's not worth risking your life just to redeem some vouchers, surely!

NotSpaghetti Thu 12-Nov-20 08:00:42

No! That's the whole issue Hetty

Juno56 Thu 12-Nov-20 10:32:55

I contacted Nectar and Sa****urys yesterday and it is as overthehill says, if you are clinically extremely vulnerable and can prove it you can have your points doubled to spend later but for everyone else the points can only be spent in store. The people I spoke to didn't seem to understand why I had a problem with it! Well I certainly will not be risking it but I expect many people will ?

womblekelly Thu 12-Nov-20 10:39:07

M&S sparks vouchers can definitely be used online ....

NotSpaghetti Thu 12-Nov-20 11:22:27

Ok. So have fished my vouchers out of the recycling and checked them now and they say they are valid
"on presentation of this voucher at the till. Offer cannot be redeemed online"
So mine are obviously different.
Annoying but true.

Gwenisgreat1 Thu 12-Nov-20 11:27:10

Will have to have a look at their website - was not aware of this offer - but like so many, it just wouldn't be worth my life to go!!

FindingNemo15 Thu 12-Nov-20 11:28:18

Just found out that S Supermarket do not give Nectar points on spirits and liqueurs unlike the other supermarkets. When I asked about this they said they did not encourage drinking alcohol. Surely wine and beer is alcohol!!!

dragonfly46 Thu 12-Nov-20 11:31:27

Very strange about the M&S vouchers as all mine have an online code.

overthehill Thu 12-Nov-20 12:14:19

I believe if you have got vouchers but don't want to go in store, they will credit them back to you, but only the original amount, unlike the very vulnerable who will get double.

Lilmags Fri 13-Nov-20 21:05:25

Not everywhere in the U.K. is on lockdown. I suspect that if they allowed the scheme in selected areas of the U.K. they would have more complaints.