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How much sleep do you need or have

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TrendyNannie6 Sun 06-Dec-20 23:07:37

I suppose I’m quite lucky really, I’m asleep within minutes of getting under the covers, I would say I have 7 hrs sleep every night, and don’t have to get up in the night to visit the bathroom, if I stop my last drink couple of hours before I go up to bed, I do have health probs too,

Grannynannywanny Sun 06-Dec-20 23:25:27

On good nights an average of 4-5 hours but rarely unbroken.

LadyBella Sun 06-Dec-20 23:35:25

I'm like you TrendyNannie6. My head hits the pillow and I'm asleep. Never get up in the night but struggle to get up in the morning. So I get about 9 hours sleep but I think it's probably too much. I do have vivid dreams though - very realistic ones which I often remember.

Maggiemaybe Mon 07-Dec-20 00:04:32

About 7 hours. I'm off as soon as my head hits the pillow, usually get up to go to the loo once, but get straight back off. I've recently spent 6 long weeks sleeping upright in a chair downstairs (broken humerus) and now know that I can survive on two spells of two to three hours each with an hour wide awake in the middle catching up with Corrie or IACGMOOH. Though I'd really rather not. smile

WOODMOUSE49 Mon 07-Dec-20 00:20:34

I never get to sleep straight away. Usually because my mind works overtime. On average I get 8 hours and I need that.
If I have a troubled night's sleep e.g.4 hours in total, I feel terrible the next day. My days are usually busy and I find it really difficult to concentrate through lack of sleep. Sometimes feeling dizzy.

Watching or reading something is no good for me. Fills the sleepless hours or even lengthens them. Tried it and had to stop as because of the above.

What helps a little is a note book. I write down what is keeping me awake and how I can resolve what is on my mind.

Baggs Mon 07-Dec-20 07:15:29


Sometimes I take an afternoon nap which usually lasts about an hour and a half. Then I'll go to bed at between nine and ten and wake up at or before five a.m. (which is fine for my work schedule).

Days when I don't have a nap I'm falling asleep by eight or soon after in the evening.

Actually, adding that up it isn't all that much after all! ?

Calendargirl Mon 07-Dec-20 07:20:31

Do you take statins LadyBella as I’ve heard they can make you have vivid dreams?

9 hours sounds a lot, especially if you are still tired at getting up time.

I average 6-7 hours, I think, always get up at least once for the loo. But last night woke at 3.30, don’t think I went back to sleep, just wide awake. Will hopefully sleep well tonight.

tanith Mon 07-Dec-20 07:27:37

I get 7/8 hrs I used to wake at 3 for a trip to the bathroom but I’ve managed to stop that so sleep through from 10ish to 6. Takes me 10 mins or so to drop off and I have the occasional wakeful night but that’s ok as I’ll read for a while then drop off again. I never nap by the way.

PollyDolly Mon 07-Dec-20 07:29:01

I often dwell on things when I go to bed; if I'm not asleep within 45 minutes I get up again and read in the lounge ( not wanting to disturb OH who can sleep on a washing line in a force 9 gale ).

Although we do like to be in bed by 10pm and we are generally up by 7 so that gives us 8 to 9 hours as we both read before turning out the light.

Jaxjacky Mon 07-Dec-20 07:38:14

Last night bed at just gone 10, read for a while, went off about 10:50, woke up at 6:20 for the loo, up at 6:45 with DH who’s gone to work. So about 7.5 hours.

dogsmother Mon 07-Dec-20 07:45:00

9/10 hours at least 3 visits to loo.
I have over the last few months moved to caffeine free coffee and this has made the difference as before I was restless and slept a lot less, consequently always tired.
Now to solve the loo visits ....

glammanana Mon 07-Dec-20 07:45:27

I go to bed around 9pm and watch TV for a while whilst drinking my hot chocolate turning off the light about 10ish.
Dropping off as soon as my head hits the pillow I will wake in the night for a visit to the loo.
I am wide awake about 7.30 so average a good 8hrs every night.
Sometimes I will have a nanny nap during the afternoon for an hour usually about 3pm if I am feeling weary.

Gingster Mon 07-Dec-20 08:42:58

Go to bed at 11. Go straight to sleep. Up an hour later for the loo ??. Usually back to sleep. Wake at 5ish and doze for an hour or so until dog barks. Up about 6.45. Often have a power nap about 3 in the afternoon. Only for 15 mins.

M0nica Mon 07-Dec-20 08:44:33

7 hours, sometimes with a wakeful period sometime between 3 and 4 am.

I usually get my 7 hours sleep

Greyduster Mon 07-Dec-20 08:52:58

10-10.30 and read for half an hour or so. I almost always have to go to the bathroom around three and then often can’t get back to sleep until about five and wake up again between seven and eight. I find those sleepless hours in the night a real trial, but I can’t sleep during the day no matter how tired I am.

Puzzler61 Mon 07-Dec-20 08:53:42

In winter 7-8 hours, 6-7 in the summer probably because of the light early mornings.
I go to bed around 10.30 p.m. and read for an hour.
Often 1 visit to the loo around 4 a.m. but usually get back to sleep easily afterwards. Occasionally I stay awake from 4 am and only drop off about 6 but tell myself well at least I’m physically resting.

Elusivebutterfly Mon 07-Dec-20 09:07:20

I'm envious of all of you who go straight off to sleep, which I have never done. I'm definitely not an early bird but my sleep pattern varies.

sodapop Mon 07-Dec-20 09:18:08

I'm envious as well. I go to bed around 11pm read for an hour or so ( book not screen) at least two loo visits during the night. Awake at 4am read for a while sometimes I can go back to sleep not always. It's a long time since I fell asleep immediately I got into bed.

Chewbacca Mon 07-Dec-20 09:27:37

I have sleep envy. For years now my sleep pattern has been to fall asleep quite quickly, only to suddenly wake 90 minutes later; get up and go to the bathroom, back to bed, sleep for 90 minutes, rinse and repeat for the rest of the night......

It's like surviving on a series of cat naps.

Bellasnana Mon 07-Dec-20 10:16:58

During menopause I suffered from terrible insomnia for two years. It was my only symptom so I suppose I was lucky.
Now I am asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow at around 10pm and I’m comatose until around 6am. ?

CarlyD7 Mon 07-Dec-20 10:38:17

In the summer, 7 hours is fine for me. In the winter I can sleep up to 9 hours and still feel okay - definitely need more in the colder months. If I go to bed with worries and can't sleep, I do a mental exercise and imagine myself gathering up all my worries in a big sack and then sling them into a cupboard and lock the door "until morning". Then I start thinking about a lovely holiday - warm weather, beach, etc and am soon off to sleep. I usually sleep right through. If I start having problems, I take some melatonin and that always works.

Lin663 Mon 07-Dec-20 10:43:56

I have rarely had a decent nights sleep since menopause.....I sometimes take melatonin, but the downside is that it keeps working for about 8 hours and if you don’t have the time to stay sleeping in bed until it wears off, it makes you feel groggy all the next day!

Shortlegs Mon 07-Dec-20 10:44:11

Not as much as I would like.

Craftycat Mon 07-Dec-20 10:45:19

About 7-8. I sleep very well luckily.

Esspee Mon 07-Dec-20 10:52:43

My OH says I sleep 8 hours a day.......and as much as I can get at night.
Of course that is gross exaggeration. I sleep from 11 until 7 usually. My big problem is that if I have an afternoon nap it lasts for 2 hours every single time so I try not to fall asleep during the day.? ? ?