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Quizzer Fri 11-Dec-20 17:00:57

I have just received one of those round robin Christmas news letters from acquaintances from way back when.
I am perfectly happy to hear about your family news but I really don't need to know about.....
The expensive restaurants that you have been to
The cruises you have missed out on this year
The holiday that you did manage to take, going to the best restaurant in that country.
I also don't need to know how much you DESPERATELY missed going to Wimbledon, summer events at your golf club, shopping trips to designer shops to art galleries in London.
Neither do I need to know how brilliantly your children are at their jobs, that they have written published technical articles or even which Michelin starred restaurant you will take be taking them to post Christmas.
Honestly I'm not jealous, just not interested.

Septimia Fri 11-Dec-20 18:46:21

I suppose there is some use in round robin letters, but I agree that they often include information which is of no interest.

With so many people now computer literate, they should be able to edit their letters to suit individual recipients. That they don't do that suggests that either they just want to show off or are too lazy to edit the information!

LovelyCuppa Fri 11-Dec-20 19:29:26

I wish we got some, they sound hilarious!

PamelaJ1 Fri 11-Dec-20 19:53:32

You mean they are not handwritten??
Actually I like getting them but as I only send and receive cards from my friends and relations they aren’t the boasty type.

Tangerine Fri 11-Dec-20 19:56:27

If they are boastful, I don't like them and I don't send them myself.

However, I find a short update can be quite interesting.

Jaxjacky Fri 11-Dec-20 20:04:40

I feel left out, never had one! The few good friends we have chat on the phone, if local we meet regularly, further away, as often as we can.

Callistemon Fri 11-Dec-20 20:07:25

We've had two so far, both newsy and interesting.

I didn't send any at all after reading such disparaging views on GN last year grin

OceanMama Fri 11-Dec-20 21:02:44

I just got one and I have no idea who two of the people they were sending updates on are. I don't mind getting them but I prefer them not to be several pages long.

kittylester Fri 11-Dec-20 21:24:06

Has anyone had a Round Robin email?

They seem to be the usual thing with DH's cohort at university. Tgey are started by someone who I call Miss Bossy Boots. The only people who reply seem to be the show offs. 'Sailing round the Med with my 3rd wife who recently won Miss World' type thing. DH wont let me reply along the lines of 'Just picking up cat sick while catching the rain that is pouring through the ceiling!'

Atqui Fri 11-Dec-20 21:35:00

kittylester That’s just the sort of thing I always fancied writing- husbands in growing toenail, daughter living in a squat, could go on but probably not PC!!

Newquay Fri 11-Dec-20 21:44:59

We have one every year -it runs to several pages; one for each adult and each adult child. In glorious technicolour-very slick!
When I was still working colleagues used to ask to see it too!

annsixty Fri 11-Dec-20 22:31:40

We used to get just one, from a former colleague of my H’s.
It was so boastful that like Newquay said ,family and friends used to ask what was in it that year.
It was a second marriage for him and a first for her so no news of children but they were both quite politically motivated and were on all sorts of committees and we heard of their triumphs.
They were also devoted to historical sites so would hear in boring detail about their travels to them.
Just once we were invited to a meal and what I don’t know about the pyramids and tombs in Egypt after a few hours of slides could be written on a postage stamp.
Not true of course, I couldn’t remember a thing after I left.

Grammaretto Fri 11-Dec-20 22:58:46

We used to always get a few. Some were so boasty I wanted to send them to each other. One couple, year after year, with all the additional children, partners, grandchildren even friends. I totally lost track of who was who. After their final magnificent world cruise they both sadly died within a year of each other and their children don't continue the tradition.

Quizzer Fri 11-Dec-20 22:59:58

The Christmas newsletter in question was positively nauseating. It boastfully described their perfect life and perfect family, even under Covid! It ran to two sides of small font A4 even my placid DH read it and threw it on the floor in disgust.

pensionpat Fri 11-Dec-20 23:03:37

We get one. We look forward to it for the pure amusement value.

Maggiemaybe Fri 11-Dec-20 23:40:34

I’ve never had anything like this. I do get annual letters in with Christmas cards, but they’re ones I look forward to, with welcome news of people I actually like. I guess I just don’t move in exalted circles where people have much to boast about.

I think there’ll be fewer and fewer of them as more and more people do their bragging on social media.

MawBe Fri 11-Dec-20 23:56:29

I’ve just had one - quite restrained by the normal standards of the writers and I felt obliged to reply and congratulate them on managing a Christmas letter in a year when to use a popular phrase, my bins went out more often than I did!
I wonder how they will take that.....

PollyDolly Sat 12-Dec-20 00:17:45

I have not had a "Christmas Newsletter", just short notes written in greeting cards as a catch-up on our well being. But what does get on my nerves is those b****y "chain" messages on social media with flashing images and freaky looking Santas wishing me "Merry Christmas " and informing me that if I don't send the message on to all of my friend (including the sender) the FB bogey man will impart serious consequences upon me for the rest of my existence! Guess who doesn't participate?

Chewbacca Sat 12-Dec-20 00:38:16

I get just the one now and that's always quite long winded because it's in sections for each of the 5 family members. I can cope with that bit but the "xxxxxxxx family" update is always a blow by blow account of whatever new extension/upgrade/overhaul/landscaping work they've had done on the house/garden in the last year and it always goes into microscopic detail.

twiglet77 Sat 12-Dec-20 01:20:12

I absolutely hate the smug, self-congratulatory boasting in these awful essays, happily I'm no longer in touch with any of the people who used to send them to me. Not interested, 'bye.

CanadianGran Sat 12-Dec-20 05:37:35

Years ago when the children were smaller, we used to send and receive these. Most were from friends we saw only occasionally, and some from relatives. Most were well received and interesting, but I do remember one of my husband's cousins seeming a bit too perfect to be real. Of course in those days we still paid our phone bill by long distance calls, so getting all the news in one letter was nice.

These days any family news is on facebook for all and sundry to see. You can see those that are a bit boastful, but most of the news is nice to see. Of course people are not going to let everyone else know little Johnny was caught shoplifting, but they will let you know he was picked as team captain on his sports team! grin

Calendargirl Sat 12-Dec-20 07:41:35

We get one from some older relatives. When the wife (my cousin) used to write an ordinary letter, it was interesting and newsy, but since her husband has taken over the Christmas epistle, it’s one long boast, and obviously the same one sent to his Rotary and golfing chums. Last year one of the perfect GC was getting married in 2020, wonder if that happened with COVID. No doubt will soon hear!

Dorsetcupcake61 Sat 12-Dec-20 07:59:19

Quizzed you must have read my mind! I receive one of these every year from friends I knew decades ago. They always are printed and contain photos. To be fair to them they are not really boastful. They are comfortably off and do lots of amazing things and it all looks pretty perfect! It did make me stop and think why I felt so irritated. Maybe that's not even the right word! I'm in a better position than many ,but it has been a struggle. I've been blessed with many opportunities in recent years but cant see me being able to retire until I'm 68 etc. So maybe I'm just a bit envious/wistful. Of course it's like anything shared you only get to see the good bits,even if there are a lot of them!
Like some posters my temptation is to do a more realistic one!

Dorsetcupcake61 Sat 12-Dec-20 07:59:55


harrigran Sat 12-Dec-20 09:16:56

We had one this week, they have lived in Spain for twenty years but have now returned to the UK, I think covid and Brexit had a lot to do with it.
They are lovely people but just inhabit a different planet to us.