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I’m fuming at the ageist comment on Classic fm

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NanKate Sun 13-Dec-20 11:19:55

Today for a change I thought I would listen to Classic fm. The host of the programme read out a request from a husband to his wife on her 75th birthday and then said ‘Congratulations and what an achievement’ !!

If he had said that to Dolly Parton or Dame Joan Collins or Dame Judi Dench I think he would have received a mouthful.

I’m sure the late Betty Davis would have come up with a cracking reply.

Callistemon Sun 13-Dec-20 11:24:49

Who was the host? Cheeky young buck

However, I thought they were all quite aged on Classic FM

lemongrove Sun 13-Dec-20 11:25:32

Yes, ridiculous comment isn’t it? As if the mere act of staying alive was down to one’s own willpower or talent.In any case,
75 may have been a staggering old age in 1620, but not the case in 2020.?

Callistemon Sun 13-Dec-20 11:28:00

It wasn't their 75th wedding anniversary, was it?

Now, that is an achievement!

NanKate Sun 13-Dec-20 11:36:42

Thanks all.

No definitely her birthday. Don’t know who the host was.

Do you think he would have said it it it was the husband’s birthday ?

Tweedle24 Sun 13-Dec-20 11:46:08

I missed that one but heard the same for a 90 year old. As Lemongrove says. It is a ridiculous comment.

nanaK54 Sun 13-Dec-20 11:48:10

Ridiculous comment

FannyCornforth Sun 13-Dec-20 11:48:41

If it was today as Kate says, it was either Alan Titchmarsh or Bill Turnbull.
I can't imagine either of them saying it. They can't be far off 75 themselves.

FannyCornforth Sun 13-Dec-20 11:50:44

Alan is 71 and Bill is 64.

Tweedle24 Sun 13-Dec-20 11:57:53

It could have been Aled Jones. He is 48. Somehow, though, I can’t imagine him saying something like that

Baggs Sun 13-Dec-20 12:01:37

Could have been just one of those daft things that people say sometimes and then wish they hadn't.

Who was the host? Someone experienced, or not?

Cutting a bit of slack over these trivia doesn't seem like a bad idea to me.

Baggs Sun 13-Dec-20 12:03:26

I might ( might ) have rolled my eyes but I wouldn't waste energy on fuming.

Madgran77 Sun 13-Dec-20 13:00:27

"Fuming" just seems a waste of energy really. More "oh for goodness sake" and switch it off in my view

Esspee Sun 13-Dec-20 13:07:15

A younger neighbour on being told I was in my 70’s was gobsmacked and asked me “What? How can you be in your 70s?” I just said it’s easy, just don’t die.

eazybee Sun 13-Dec-20 13:08:51

I think you must be looking for something to get indignant about.

Calendargirl Sun 13-Dec-20 13:12:19

It was probably Aled. Perhaps he meant it was an achievement that her husband had written in having remembered her birthday!


Esspee Sun 13-Dec-20 13:20:41

Calendergirl ???

nadateturbei Sun 13-Dec-20 13:22:11

I agree Baggs

Daisend1 Sun 13-Dec-20 14:00:14

A comment that really annoys me is when a person on knowing my age says 'you don't look it.'How should I 'look it '? Yet to receive an answer.

pollyperkins Sun 13-Dec-20 14:34:17

Well I take it as a compliment! Find it mildly amusing when said by a younger person. No point in being cross.
Now it they said I looked older (as a young man with Aspergers did to me once I would find it a bit annoying !

pollyperkins Sun 13-Dec-20 14:41:24

I remember Prince Philip’s retort when he was congratulated on reaching 90 - similar to lemongrove’s.
Something like what a bloody silly question it was and he’d done nothing special, just stayed alive.

Poppyred Sun 13-Dec-20 14:47:05

Getting to be 75 is indeed something to be very grateful for. What a waste of energy to get het up about somebody pointing it out!

BlueBelle Sun 13-Dec-20 14:52:45

I too can’t see any point in being ‘fuming’ afraid it would have passed over my head and it did when I read your post
Lots of other things get me worked up but not that

Situpstraight2 Sun 13-Dec-20 15:21:10

I’m with Bluebell I wouldn’t have noticed it and if someone says that I look younger than I am, then I’m pleased about it.
Worse things happening at the moment to get angry about, in my view.

AGAA4 Sun 13-Dec-20 15:23:56

It was probably kindly meant if a bit thoughtless. If I had heard it I would have just found it amusing 'achieving' 75 years old. I am not far off that achievement.