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Editing posts and deleting posts

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Fecklar Sat 26-Dec-20 08:22:22

Maybe I’ve missed something here but there appears to be no facility for deleting posts or editing them. I’m also concerned that some of these threads are posted on the internet in searches which makes me worry they may be seen by family members.

Spinnaker Sat 26-Dec-20 08:26:02

Fecklar you need to report your own post to GN admin - explain why and they will delete it. You can do this by pressing the little "report" button that shows in the box where you quote. Hope this helps .

Marydoll Sat 26-Dec-20 08:36:09

Fecklar, there is no edit facility on GN, once written, a post can be seen by anyone who searches on Google.

My advice is, that if you don't want to be recognised, think very carefully about what you post. Once it's out there only GNHQ can delete.

lemsip Sat 26-Dec-20 08:49:06

delete your own post by clicking on 'report' along where your 'name' is. ask hq to delete your own post! may well be out there still but at least if a person thinks twice they can get it removed!

Marydoll Sat 26-Dec-20 09:24:17

The post may be deleted, but the user name, thread title and comment on reason for deletion will still appear online, so best not to start a thread without careful consideration.

petra Sat 26-Dec-20 09:36:26

Are you worried about the post you put up this morning?

Galaxy Sat 26-Dec-20 09:45:04

You need to be careful about the information you post if you are concerned about people recognising.

Ellianne Sat 26-Dec-20 09:50:38

I think maybe twice I have asked gransnet to delete my posts because they contained personal information. On both occasions admin was prompt to remove my comments. Thank you.

lemsip Sat 26-Dec-20 10:26:09

Marydoll, That's what I meant by 'it may well be out there still' confirming what you wrote!

LilyGransnet (GNHQ) Sun 27-Dec-20 10:19:25


If you need to request a deletion, you can report the thread to us using the report button. We'll do our very best to help. flowers

FannyCornforth Sun 27-Dec-20 10:30:15

I think that ship may have sailed already Lily