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Nannyme Fri 08-Jan-21 07:08:19

I am not ashamed to say I really do not like football and for the life of me I do not understand why professional footballers, male and female, are so above everyone that they do not have to stay at home, and can travel wherever. All I seem to hear is that their precious games are off because of covid. I really don’t get it. Stay home like the rest of us have to, they have already earned enough money not to have to work for the rest of their lives. Rant over ..

Pantglas2 Fri 08-Jan-21 07:12:56

Hope Marcus Rashford doesn’t stay at home counting his pots of money.....

Oldwoman70 Fri 08-Jan-21 07:31:02

I also dislike football, but if their games can be played safely then I don't see why not.

I do think those sportsmen who are openly flouting the covid rules by partying and thereby risking infecting their team mates, should be banned from their sport for at least 6 months - without pay, perhaps that would make them think twice.

Casdon Fri 08-Jan-21 07:40:00

Every possible measure is being used to keep it safe, regularly testIng of the players and staff, and no fans are allowed at games. I absolutely do ‘get it’ because for millions of people, children included, watching football (and other sport) is such an integral part of their lives and their mental health suffered badly in the last lockdown because they had lost such a big part of the structure their lives.

rafichagran Fri 08-Jan-21 07:46:34

Forget how much they are paid,football brings a great deal of joy to many people of all classes,if games are played and people watch them on the television it a break from all that is going on.
I am fed up with this snobbery about football, it's not only about premier league players, it's about clubs for children, its about enjoyment for alot of people. I remember clearly taking my son to football in freezing cold weather.

ginny Fri 08-Jan-21 08:13:29

Football may bring much joy to many just as plenty of other things do to others.
Personally, most of the activities that I love are banned because they involve being with other people.
So like Nannyme I don’t see why football should be a special case.

Kim19 Fri 08-Jan-21 08:25:01

If it's been formally assessed and considered safe, why not? I'm not a particular devotee either but nor do I do dog in the manger. Anything that gives anyone pleasure and is currently 'allowed' (heavens!) is fine by me.

25Avalon Fri 08-Jan-21 08:44:18

Nannyme you are talking so called professional elite football where players get enormous sums of money. Elite women’s football get millions of pounds from the FA. Grass roots amateur football get nothing and rely heavily on volunteers.

Elite football is still taking place with no spectators and expensive protocols. It is amateur and junior grass roots football that has been stopped completely thus taking exercise and enjoyment away from many who are now staying home like the rest of us. Being involved in grassroots football I think it is right that it has stopped as I believe it is a potential spreading ground. Grass roots can’t pay for enough Marshall’s to make sure the COVID regulations are followed, and certainly can’t pay for regular COVID tests.

A lot of people in this country do enjoy watching football games on TV and TV companies are the main driver. They pump huge sums of money into professional clubs that is contingent on those clubs actually playing. So monetary pressure is there. Top ranking footballers are paid a lot of money and should behave more responsibly than for example the Spurs players over Christmas. The Premier League and the FA are considering suspending players from games if they break COVID rules.

Cabbie21 Fri 08-Jan-21 08:56:21

I don’t get it either, but each to their own. What I do object to is seeing players hug each other after a goal. I think that is setting a bad example.

M0nica Fri 08-Jan-21 09:22:07

Players do not decide to play or not. It is the football club owners and a managers who do that. They need the cash. to run the stadiums and meet their contractual obligations to the various domestic and international leagues they are members of, and of course pay the players as agreed.

The players are also under contract and have to fulfill the conditions of their contracts. Then back to the first line and repeat.

monk08 Fri 08-Jan-21 09:28:32

I don't dislike football would watch my son play when he was younger many happy hours with other parents. But I agree with Oldwoman70 professional players who flout the laws should be banned with no pay for at least 6mths. They should be setting an example.

Shropshirelass Fri 08-Jan-21 09:29:49

I dislike football and think footballers are paid ridiculous amounts of money. Some of them use this money to benefit others, Marcus Rashford, Danny Batth to name just two. There are lots of grounds people and other workers employed at the stadiums so if it keeps them employed I say get on with it!

Nanof3 Fri 08-Jan-21 09:44:42

I am not a fan of football although 2 of my grandsons play and enjoy it. What I do object to is all the adverts pushing betting on tv, printed on kit and on the large screens behind players, managers etc when they are interviewed both before and after games.
Betting is a huge problem in society which ruins lives and the adverts portray it as a 'fun' activity.

annodomini Fri 08-Jan-21 09:56:08

None of my GC has taken up football, except, perhaps, GD2 who has been known to play for the Army Cadets on a few occasions. The boys seem to be keener on individual sports - GS(15) has abandoned football in favour of TaeKwonDoh (sp?)and his brother prefers tennis. Their cousin is turning out to be a good distance runner.

Grandmadougal Fri 08-Jan-21 10:10:13

I was flabbergasted today when I heard a premiership manager say that premier league he footballers should be first in line for the COVID jab!!! Apparently it will save the NHS money by not having to test them all 3 to 4 times a week. Seriously are we on the same planet.

They should be last on the list in my opinion.

Rant over.

EllanVannin Fri 08-Jan-21 10:19:30

Money talks anyway, no matter who it is or what sport's involved. It didn't stop the Beckham's from " private-jetting " to the States for New Years Eve. No mention of quarantine ?

David0205 Fri 08-Jan-21 10:41:09

On one hand it provides TV viewing for those that enjoy Fottball, Rugby, Snooker and the rest and keeps the sport ticking over without spectators.
Sponsors and advertisers also get some value for their investment, although this week more and more matches are being cancelled so there may have to be a shutdown.

25Avalon Fri 08-Jan-21 11:08:43

Grandmadougal the NHS won’t be saving money by giving footballers the covid jab. It is the football club who will be saving the money as they have to pay for the tests using the GMC recognised doctor they have to employ.

Football Covid regulations stipulate no hugs after goals or huddles. Clubs need to enforce this.

Nannyme Sun 10-Jan-21 10:12:56

Sorry but I still think professional football should take a break, watch replays if you have to, but seeing the players celebrating in Chorley on the tv is morally wrong when we are being told to behave as if we have the virus.

Missfoodlove Sun 10-Jan-21 10:48:54

I have never understood the salaries footballers earn.
Nor can I believe how many supporters in normal times afford to follow their teams around the country and world.
The season tickets are exorbitant.
It is a game that I have zero interest in.
The players and their wives with the odd exception are not good role models.

25Avalon Sun 10-Jan-21 10:55:54

Dh was watching some football games last night. I caught players going into huddles, shaking hands, no face masks, and a physio/medic not wearing any PPE!

This is strictly against FA and government regulations that we in grass roots football have tried to follow. To see Premier and Championship clubs behaving in this manner was disgraceful. They were on the telly for goodness sake! What a terrible example to everyone.

timetogo2016 Sun 10-Jan-21 11:06:19

A bunch of overpaid idiots who seem to think they are immune to anything thats going.
They can afford to go private so as to free upspace for the vulnerable.
And yes,football should not be played at this moment in time imo.

cornishpatsy Sun 10-Jan-21 11:47:30

There are many people employed in the football industry and if they can work safely then why shouldn't they.

25Avalon Sun 10-Jan-21 11:50:36

But Cornishpasty a lot are not working safely and are disregarding all the rules.