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Vaccination issue for home carers

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Pammie1 Thu 21-Jan-21 11:04:31

I am my 90 year old mum’s carer - she lives with myself and my partner and has recently been diagnosed with vascular dementia. Myself and my partner both have serious underlying health conditions. We’ve been shielding for months.

The issue is this. Mum has recently had her Covid vaccination but I have been advised that it will probably be spring before myself and my partner will get ours - if all goes according to plan. I have already had to cancel two hospital appointments and a routine medical procedure for mum, as I am the only one who can take her and there are a couple coming up in the next few weeks for which I imagine I will have to do the same.

Mum is protected, but if I take her to these appointments as normal I am putting myself and my partner at risk. My GP informs me that I am registered as a carer with them but they are unable to help until they are authorised to vaccinate the appropriate categories, and the advice from the clinics involved is to cancel until we’re vaccinated. There must be thousands of others in the same situation so am I being unreasonable to think that the government has completely failed to consider home carers in the same way as front line care workers ?

Pammie1 Fri 22-Jan-21 16:40:40

Thank you so much to everyone who has responded and to those kind people who messaged me with suggestions - I feel much better having shared.

To answer some of your suggestions, we have a wonderful, supportive GP with whom I had a discussion about NHS responders taking mum to appointments, but since the onset of the dementia mum is extremely difficult to deal with if she is stressed. She panics and gets herself into a state if I go out of her sight when outside the ‘safety’ of the house and this has triggered seizures in the past. GP agreed that it was probably better to postpone appointments rather than risk more seizures.

One contributor suggested getting in touch with the Community Matron - I hadn’t thought of this and having made enquiries today, I’m advised that they can involve the district nurse service to do things like routine blood tests and health checks at home, rather than our local clinic, which will help.

I am registered with the GP as a carer, but am advised this won’t get me vaccinated any sooner. We are slightly behind other areas in the roll out of the vaccine according to the doctor - still dealing with the first priority group, so I imagine it will be a while before they get around to the CEV category.

We haven’t missed anything critical - just monitoring appointments so far which could be done by telephone, but the osteoporosis infusion would have been a big risk as it required admission onto a ward for several hours and our local hospital has high levels of Covid inpatients. Mum has the infusions every two years, so again not critical if delayed by a couple of months.

I was offered home care services just after the pandemic began, but have refused for the time being as, understandably, the care agencies can’t guarantee whether carers coming into our home have not had previous contact with Covid patients - too big a risk.

My biggest fear is myself or my partner contracting Covid as if anything were to happen to us, mum would end up in full time care, which is something I’ve devoted myself to avoiding for as long as we can. I was born with a disability (spina bifida) and at the time it was common for parents to put children with this condition into care. My parents didn’t and thanks to them I’ve had a good life and one that’s been as ‘normal’ as possible. It’s my turn to look after mum now, and full time care isn’t part of the plan !!

Thanks to all, and as always, stay safe.

win Fri 22-Jan-21 21:41:27

"Quote" "Are you your mum's registered carer? If so you are classed as a frontline worker, and should be able to get a vaccination but you need to bang on everybody's door, including your MP's. "
Sorry but this is totally incorrect information to give.
It is only care workers in care homes and domiciliary carers who qualify for the vaccine now. The rest of the unpaid carers whether they receive carers allowance, a budget or any other form of payment including PA's do not qualify until group 6 and has been explained again and again on the TV and also why. Unpaid carers have been forgotten again I totally agree and yes by all means get your voice heard by joining WeCare, Age UK or other partitions going on, but that is sadly how it stands at the moment. It is wrong to comment like that unless you are sure of your facts.

Sparkling Tue 26-Jan-21 16:43:52

Other have given excellent advice. It must be so difficult for you and others in your position.