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Hedgehog donation scam

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Skallagrigg Sat 30-Jan-21 16:00:47

Maybe the title a little misleading no one needs to donate an hedgehog. I went on local neighbourhood hub today and a lady who runs the Leics Hedgehog rescue and rehabilitation centre is warning people in area not to give to two ladies who are going door to door asking for donations. They even have a card machine. How do these people think these things up. Priceless.

EllanVannin Sat 30-Jan-21 16:05:15

Let's hope nobody falls for it. Scandalous isn't it ? All these money-making rackets cropping up.

lemongrove Sat 30-Jan-21 16:11:09

I never give anything to people who knock on the door with the exception of the local Rotary, who do a special Christmas
Father Christmas float with music.In other words, I know that it’s genuine.All other donations I do by post. I also avoid anyone outside supermarkets too, it’s not always possible to check if it’s genuine, again with the exception of red poppies in Autumn.
Good to highlight this scam on GN Skalla as many will be taken in by this so called charity.

grandmajet Sat 30-Jan-21 18:44:28

Thank you for the warning Skallagrigg. Some people have no conscience do they?