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Covid vaccination.

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MoaningTurtle Mon 22-Feb-21 00:25:10

What would your reaction be if your child told you that you can only see your grandchild if you have the vaccination.
I haven’t yet decided if I will have the vaccination yet but this makes me feel like I’m being blackmailed into it.

Nanabelle Mon 22-Feb-21 00:33:08

If my grandchildren were going to school, I wouldn't want to see them unless I had received the vaccination! (I've already had mine)

Buffybee Mon 22-Feb-21 00:33:47

My reaction would be that you have a very sensible daughter, who is looking after her child as she sees fit.
You are not being blackmailed into anything, the choice is yours.
Your daughter has made her decision about her family and you are free to make your decision about yourself.

MoaningTurtle Mon 22-Feb-21 00:36:26

The problem is that I have kidney disease and I know a couple of people who have said their kidneys have been playing up since they had the vaccination.
It’s a real worry.

Ro60 Mon 22-Feb-21 00:38:01

I would feel they were being kind and thoughtful to me not wishing me to catch it from a child who might unknowingly have C19.
When the schools do go back it's possible it could spread very easily.
Also my DD has a health condition and is pregnant which at present means she cannot have the vaccines so again if it was my family this is how I see it.
I was wondering what your concerns were about th we vaccine?

Ro60 Mon 22-Feb-21 00:38:48

Sorry crossed post.(slow typing)

MoaningTurtle Mon 22-Feb-21 00:41:51

No it’s not out of concern for me, they’re worried I might give it to my grandson. ?

MoaningTurtle Mon 22-Feb-21 00:43:03

He’s not at school, he’s only two.

Ro60 Mon 22-Feb-21 00:43:43

Ok see your concern. What does your doctor say?

In this weather friends health may be due to other factors like going out In the cold for the first time in ages, waiting around for the 'jab' etc.
Sorry just trying to think possitively.

grannyactivist Mon 22-Feb-21 00:48:43

MoaningTurtle I have kidney problems and couldn't wait to get the vaccine! People with kidney issues are in real danger from Covid-19, see below for the statement put out by health professionals for renal patients.

As for being 'blackmailed', I think what your daughter is doing is simply pointing out the consequences if you choose not to be vaccinated. We have a family member who is choosing not to have the vaccine, but the consequence of her choice is that no family member will visit her for fear of being the one to inadvertently pass the virus on and it being the death of her.

MoaningTurtle Mon 22-Feb-21 00:49:27

Thanks RO60
My GP is of the opinion that’s it’s just too early to comment on side effects yet as they just don’t know.
The thing is vaccinations only offer up to 80% protection anyway. It’s so hard to know what to do.

cornergran Mon 22-Feb-21 00:53:10

Why not speak to your GP/consultant about the advisability of vaccination? Some people can have unfounded concerns about vaccination. With medical advice you can decide from knowledge rather than assumption, share the advice in a dialogue with your daughter and come to an informed decision.

MoaningTurtle Mon 22-Feb-21 00:53:59

That’s your choice as to whether or not you wanted the vaccination, my urinary system is in a bad way and I am very anxious about potentially worsening it.
It’s my daughter in law, not my daughter who is pushing for me to have the vaccine and I understand her concern but feel it’s quite harsh to say I can’t see my grandson if I don’t.

cornergran Mon 22-Feb-21 00:55:20

Sorry. Crossed posts. Do you have a consultant you could ask? Yes, it’s early days but it’s reasonable to expect a medical practitioner to help you weigh up costs and benefits. Good luck with making a decision.

MoaningTurtle Mon 22-Feb-21 00:56:12


Thank you, I have spoken to my GP as I said in an earlier post.
No one knows how/if we will react to the vaccine, I wish I had a crystal ball! ?

Ro60 Mon 22-Feb-21 00:59:13

MT: So true the vaccine does only give limited protection but they reckon it lessens the severity of the virus. You've got yourself a dilemma. Hope other posters will help you decide what's best for yoy. Hope you are your GS soon.x

MoaningTurtle Mon 22-Feb-21 01:01:17

Thank you so much.

GrannyRose15 Mon 22-Feb-21 01:05:37

Oh that is awful, MoaningTurtle. Adult children can be so cruel sometimes. I'm afraid I am in a similar position, or at least I think I might be if I pressed the issue.

For myself I wouldn't bother with the vaccine but am keen to get it because I believe (I can't be sure) that my DiL will not let me help with her new baby if I am not vaccinated. We haven't really discussed it because I don't want to cause unnecessary trouble as she is finding life terribly hard just now.

Throughout this last year I have struggled to keep my temper with my own daughter who has been happy to accept my help with her children but has wanted to restrict me even more than government requirements.

I'm afraid there is no easy answer. If your GP advises you against vaccination then your daughter might change her mind.

There is fortunately very little real risk to your grandson but it is not reality you are dealing with, it is the fear that has been instilled in us all.

I do hope you find a way forward that doesn't blight your relationship with your grandson.

Witzend Mon 22-Feb-21 10:22:57

Perfectly reasonable, IMO.
It’s not just a case of possibly spreading the virus to the child (not that it’s properly understood yet how vaccination may affect transmission) - a young child would probably be asymptomatic anyway, but if the parent(s) who care for that child became very ill, that’s a different matter.

I do know of someone, a single-parent friend of a dd, who became very ill with Covid, though not seriously enough to need hospital - when she had a 3 year old to look after.
When she was feeling so rough, it really was no joke.

MiniMoon Mon 22-Feb-21 10:36:20

I know of a family (friends of friends), who have a 20 Yr old son with kidney failure who is on dialysis. They have all been for their vaccines, and have had no after effects.
This article might help you make up your mind.

Personally I would have the vaccine.