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To think John Denver's music stands the test of time?

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Dragonella Thu 11-Mar-21 01:06:38

Just sitting here listening to Leaving on a Jet Plane.

Loving it!

nanna8 Thu 11-Mar-21 01:47:15

He had a lovely voice. Sometimes we play and sing ‘Take me home country roads’ in our ukulele group. I like Annie’s song, too.

FlexibleFriend Thu 11-Mar-21 09:54:58

Each to their own, I never liked him.

BigBertha1 Thu 11-Mar-21 10:02:05

I loved the sentiments expressed in 'Some days are diamonds, some days are stones'. It's my self comforting song.

simtib Thu 11-Mar-21 10:37:39

There were some great songs back in the 60's and I often sit on YouTube trying to think of and find all the songs I have almost forgotten.

Daisymae Thu 11-Mar-21 10:41:08

I think that he did have a great voice. Can't believe that he divorced his wife, he wrote Annie's Song for her. All that emotion! He wasn't actually a country boy either. His dad was in the military and he spent his childhood going from base to base. It's okay, I watched a documentary, I'm not obsessed with himgrin

Ilovecheese Thu 11-Mar-21 10:43:40

I think all music stands the test of time for the people that enjoyed it when they first heard it.
Greensleeves is a pretty good tune.
I like John Denver too, this is not a criticism of his music.

Calendargirl Thu 11-Mar-21 11:07:35

‘Perhaps Love’ is a beautiful song.

Also the one with the lines ‘and the moon and the stars are the same ones we see, it’s the same old sun up in the sky’.

Always makes me think of DD in Australia, the words are so true.

timetogo2016 Thu 11-Mar-21 12:23:56

I wouldn`t go out of my way to put Jd`s songs on, but i don`t turn them off either.

nadateturbe Thu 11-Mar-21 13:14:13

I have his albums Poems Prayers and Promises and Rhymes and Reasons. I love listening to them. They still sound good.

Grandmabatty Fri 12-Mar-21 12:26:11

I liked his music but not so keen on the man.

EMMF1948 Fri 12-Mar-21 12:30:02

A few years ago we were driving through the Shenendoah NP and Take Me Home Country Roads , made me sniff a lot, it seemed so appropriate.

pandapatch Fri 12-Mar-21 12:59:14

Not really, unless you liked them first time around, which I did and still do

silverlining48 Fri 12-Mar-21 13:29:52

When i started guitar lessons at night school years ago we learned Country road, and Annies Song, and i learned that playing the guitar was not as easy as I thought it would be.

PippaZ Fri 12-Mar-21 13:47:23

I don't think it's reasonable or unreasonable as for you they do stand the test of time - they do for me too. Good Country music talks about life so it often catches you and he had a lovely voice. I was lucky enough to go to see him and I admired the fact that he was and activisist so the Peace Poem and songs such as Last Night I had the Strangest Dream were not just songs of their time but things he wanted for the world.

Helen657 Fri 12-Mar-21 13:54:18

I have always loved (most of) his music. Saw him perform live once, just him and about 5 different guitars on stands behind which he switched between depending on the song. He had the audience totally captivated - his voice was superb.
My Dad & sister had seen him a couple of times previously but I’d not been able to go, so glad I had the chance as he died 2 or 3 years later

GreyKnitter Fri 12-Mar-21 13:59:43

Love John Denver songs! A couple of years ago my second cousin - very much a country man who grew up on a farm, had Country roads played at the end of his funeral as people left. I started humming gently - I was sitting at the back. The lady next to me joined in and then gradually everyone joined in and sang quietly as they left the crematorium. It was a very special memory and his wife and family thought it was wonderful and completely unplanned. They said he would have loved it.

BlueSapphire Fri 12-Mar-21 14:57:07

Love his song Calypso. Had it played at DH's funeral as its about Jacques Cousteau's diving boat, and Cousteau was DH's hero.

LadyGracie Fri 12-Mar-21 14:57:12

I think his songs are as good today as when he first sung them, I went through a phase in the 70's of buying every LP of his that I could find and still have them.

Krispii Fri 12-Mar-21 23:05:30

Sunshine on my Shoulders is the one for me.

Corryanna Sat 13-Mar-21 17:06:44

Krispii, you took the words right out of my mouth (there’s a song in there too but not JD’s !) that has such happy memories of my summer job in 1977. The words are magical and the tune so simple and stunning, as are the words. Have you seen the film of the same name? (Or maybe that’s a white lie my boyfriend at the time told me as he didn’t like JD at all)

PamelaJ1 Sat 13-Mar-21 17:40:40

We listen to his albums, I also love Calypso BlueSapphire.
We had a quiz last night, my sister’s birthday so it was all about her. I hardly knew any of her ‘playlist’, she is 10years younger than me.
I said that it would be interesting to see that if we did my favourites if she would recognise mine. It was decided (there are 4 of us) that my era was the music era that everyone knew. Weren’t we lucky?

MiniMoon Sat 13-Mar-21 17:59:50

I love Cool an' Green an' Shady, it's one of my favourites, as is Matthew.
John Denver died too young.

heath480 Sat 13-Mar-21 18:08:05

Love John Denver,he was a troubled man and had a lot of problems.

My first son is named after one of his songs.

He died shortly before my husband in 1997 and we had his music played at the funeral.

EllanVannin Sat 13-Mar-21 18:28:21

He was my H's favourite singer along with Neil Diamond.