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Complimentary hotel toiletries... love them or hate them?

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Sago Mon 12-Apr-21 18:08:32

AIBU? I hate the little bottles and tubes left in hotel/ self catering accommodation.
It’s just landfill!
Apart from a hotel in Dubai that gave generous Hermes trios I have never had quality items nor have I ever relied on them.
A small bar of hand soap fine but spare me the wasteful plastic bottles.
One of our favourite hotels has vintage decanters filled with bath oil, far nicer.
Is it just me?

Winniewit Tue 27-Apr-21 11:43:56

On a some cruises we have been on there have been large boxes of 'White Room ' toiletries,,Good large sizes too.

Ladyleftfieldlover Thu 22-Apr-21 21:39:14

I always take any freebies home and use them if I am away just for a night or two.

nanna8 Thu 22-Apr-21 07:44:51

Those were the days ... we are off on a trip in August but all within Australia, too scared to go overseas just now.Not even sure about New Zealand.

Sallywally1 Thu 22-Apr-21 07:39:19

Generally I prefer to use my own, but a long time ago we were lucky enough to go on a very expensive luxury cruise. In the shower area they had Loccitane verbena shampoo and soaps etc. They were so lovely that I am still a fan now. Occasionally, as it is very expensive, I treat myself to some of the shampoo. My hair is terrible at the moment due to lockdown and no hairdresser I bought some recently. The smell alone is worth it!

Grandma11 Mon 19-Apr-21 10:54:04

I had noticed in more recent years pre-Covid that Hotels were swapping the little bottles of toiletries for the washroom type hand basin dispensers for two-in-one Shampoo Shower gel type stuff of a good quality popular Brand. Likewise with the sanitizer type hand wash on the washbasin.
My Daughters as Teenagers loved to collect the little toiletries bottles, it became a bit of a cult with them to see who could collect the most different brands from various hotels they stayed at.

BlueSky Sat 17-Apr-21 19:50:54

Used to collect them as a souvenir of that particular place. Now travelling and hotels are just a distant memory!

Saetana Thu 15-Apr-21 01:26:57

We stay in 4 star hotels most of the time, who generally have good quality branded toiletries (such as Molton Brown or the White Company). I always take them home with me - after all I have paid for them and my mother-in-law loves the packages I send to her with toiletries, handcreams and other goodies. However, I always take my own good quality travel toiletries (Molton Brown is a favourite), just in case the free ones are not of satisfactory quality.

HillyN Wed 14-Apr-21 18:38:21

I'm always glad to use whatever is provided, especially on overnight stops. I don't want to drag a large toilet bag up to the room every time. I think the wall mounted dispensers make a lot of sense and avoid unwanted plastic. I would only take the little bottles away if I had started using them. I usually refill the little bottles with stuff from home to take to the pool. They are also useful to store seeds/beads/sequins etc when empty.

grannymags Tue 13-Apr-21 22:03:09

I used to collect them and any other miniature toiletries I could find , my small granddaughters loved to play at a chemist shop they had hours of fun with them

Grandmadinosaur Tue 13-Apr-21 18:26:50

I love them and always bring them home if they are good quality. When I used to go to the gym I used to put them in my bag for the shower to save taking the big versions. I’ve had Ren, Espa and Molton Brown. At our hotel in Majorca it was Molton Brown. One day they hadn’t been to service the room. I was going to the spa for a massage so mentioned it to reception. When we got back to the room they had been and also left about 6 lots of toiletries. That nice stash definitely came home with me!

Amberone Tue 13-Apr-21 18:19:57

Only use sulphate free products so wouldn't use them. Years ago I did used to take them for using while travelling or at the gym.

Might bring home some nice smelly soaps if there were any for putting in a drawer.

Geeb Tue 13-Apr-21 17:07:56

I agree the Hermes toiletries are lovely as are Bulgari. They are the only ones I would take home & i pop them in my guest bathroom for anyone to use when they stay over.

crazyH Tue 13-Apr-21 17:02:10

“Hoover them all up” - great expression !!,

4allweknow Tue 13-Apr-21 16:56:37

I stayed in a hotel in Yorkshire last year when there was a Covid window and travel was allowed. All the toiletries were in refillable bottles; shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, moisturiser and hand soap. Other than the soap the bottles were in a rack on the shower/bath wall.

FlexibleFriend Tue 13-Apr-21 16:34:43

I always take my own so ignore whatever they leave out.

AGAA4 Tue 13-Apr-21 16:30:44

The best miniature toiletries I ever had were The White Company. I have been hooked on their fragrances ever since.

Thisismyname1953 Tue 13-Apr-21 16:20:13

Before I retired as a nurse I , and the rest of my colleagues used to save them for patients that had no families to bring toiletries in for them .
Some was provided by the hospital but not nearly enough.

Rowsie Tue 13-Apr-21 15:56:51

I love the little toiletries. I always bring them home and they are perfect for taking to the swimming baths with me.

GrammaH Tue 13-Apr-21 15:43:58

I like them especially if they're really good quality. We like staying in the various Hotel du Vins around the country when we're allowed to & their toiletries always smell lovely. We once stayed in a hotel with a shower over the bath but the shampoo & liquid soap were in large bottles attached to the wall. They had rather stupidly been fixed at the ideal height if you were showering but no good at all if you were bathing as they were far too high to reach!

Qwerty Tue 13-Apr-21 15:28:11

Food banks usually take toiletries too and say they're especially useful for people who are homeless or living in temporary accommodation. Hair conditioner is especially useful, as it is often included in complementary items in hotels, and, as it's regarded as a luxury, people don't tend to buy it for food banks.

Polly4t42 Tue 13-Apr-21 15:25:10

I love the plastic shower caps as I use them to cover my embroidery hoop to keep it clean and safe whilst travelling. Otherwise only use them if recognise the brand and have used it at home.

knspol Tue 13-Apr-21 14:57:17

Always take my own but use theirs if good quality. Never use large refillable bottles as who knows what's in them, too easy to tamper with.

Paperbackwriter Tue 13-Apr-21 14:27:23


I love the ones in Malmaison in Oxford ?

I think they are Molton Brown, aren't they? Always a delight. On the other hand did you actually like the Oxford Malmaison? I stayed one night there and could almost feel the awfulness of when it was a prison. Hated it and felt incredibly depressed! (Sorry, a bit of a tangent there)

I'm not always mad about the toiletries but I do love to find there's a shower cap or two.

Kim19 Tue 13-Apr-21 14:26:56

I take away anything I haven't used if I remember/fancy them

Patticake123 Tue 13-Apr-21 14:24:39

I collect them, put them into small bags and give them to the local refuge for women. I love to think that this is little bit of luxury will help them when their world must feel as if it’s falling apart.