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Wembley this evening, no more masks for me..

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Sago Tue 29-Jun-21 21:27:35

45,000 footballs fans in Wembley stadium this evening shouting, hugging and cheering.
Some shirtless, all maskless.

I have been dutifully wearing a mask, I’ve nearly frozen having windows and doors open whilst having work people in the home, buried my mother with only a handful of mourners present and my son and fiancé have postponed their wedding until next year.

No more mask for me, they are all going in the bin.

LinkyPinky Fri 02-Jul-21 13:39:07


Masks are not mandatory, but face coverings are. We are obliged to wear a face covering in shops, indoor areas and on public transport. Its okay to wear a visor or any other reusable face covering. I prefer a visor as this is comfortable, easy to use and hygienic. They can be sanitized after each time you use them.

A visor will not protect you from what is now known to be an airborne virus, unfortunately, , Downbutnotout, no matter how comfortable and convenient.

Jaibee007 Fri 02-Jul-21 18:39:25

We are all furious at our overlords breaking all the rules theyve imposed on us, and at sport getting away with crowds that music and theatre isn't allowed, but don't cut off your nose to spite your face - masks are not a huge imposition, don't be childish