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Justwidowed Tue 27-Jul-21 21:03:04

Today it is 100 years since Banting and Best isolated insulin for human use. Without it I and many thousands of diabetic worldwide would not be alive. What discoveries have improved your life .

Gelisajams Tue 27-Jul-21 21:05:16

My asthma inhaler.

TillyTrotter Tue 27-Jul-21 21:16:54

I was just thinking the same Gelisajams.

Mattsmum2 Tue 27-Jul-21 21:19:07

I had a heart bypass in 2018, without a bypass machine this wouldn’t have been possible.

Coolgran65 Tue 27-Jul-21 21:26:04

Copd inhaler.
Diabetes medication.
Opioids which help with my 24/7 Restless Legs Syndrome that is more debilitating than everything else put together.

Blossoming Tue 27-Jul-21 21:31:49

MRI scanners..

crazyH Tue 27-Jul-21 21:36:26

Asthma inhaler

tanith Tue 27-Jul-21 21:39:06

Hip implants have saved me and millions from a wheelchair

MissChateline Tue 27-Jul-21 21:39:55

Bluetooth ear buds for listening to the radio when out walking.

Calendargirl Tue 27-Jul-21 22:06:16

I was a Rhesus baby, had blood transfusions at a few days old. This nearly 70 years ago. I suppose previous babies born with this just died?

Have donated over 100 pints of blood myself, as a small thank you to my anonymous donors, all those years ago.

Lincslass Tue 27-Jul-21 22:14:19


Kateykrunch Tue 27-Jul-21 22:27:28

Oncotype DX Genomic Tests. Without this, I would have had to have chemotherapy. (The tumour is tested and given a score of between 1 and 100. Where I was treated a score of 25 or more = chemotherapy. I was extremely lucky to have a score of 4 so avoided chemo (mastectomy and radiotherapy required though). My tumour sample was sent to the US for testing at a cost to the NHS of around £4,000 but a cost benefit overall as chemo would have been much more expensive. I am grateful.

Kate1949 Tue 27-Jul-21 22:32:10

Radiotherapy. Thanks to it, my husband is 7 years in remission from prostate cancer.

Juliet27 Tue 27-Jul-21 22:37:41

Being able to see at the 20 week scan that my grandson would need a heart operation at birth to repair transposition of the great arteries.

welbeck Wed 28-Jul-21 00:46:21

the internet, and an old hand-me-down lap-top that helps me to research any topic and reach out to people and not be so isolated.
i think it must help many people to simply cope, or to keep on trying.

Aldom Wed 28-Jul-21 07:58:15

Streptomycin It saved my husband's life in 1953 when he would otherwise have died of TB.

Lucca Wed 28-Jul-21 08:00:23


the internet, and an old hand-me-down lap-top that helps me to research any topic and reach out to people and not be so isolated.
i think it must help many people to simply cope, or to keep on trying.

Agree, and it means I can see my son and family on FaceTime in Australia.

Santana Wed 28-Jul-21 08:03:52

Mammography machine saved my life.

Granmarderby10 Wed 28-Jul-21 08:04:09

Mattsmum2 me too ?

harrigran Wed 28-Jul-21 08:06:21

Antibiotics, without them I probably would not have survived infections.

Granmarderby10 Wed 28-Jul-21 08:07:02

Calendargirl and me too ?

Esspee Wed 28-Jul-21 08:12:20

Oestrogen replacement. Without my twice yearly implant I would have hit the menopause 32 years ago. Judging by the difference between my life/health/appearance and that of my peers it has improved my life immensely and I will be on it until I die.

Granmarderby10 Wed 28-Jul-21 08:16:56

welbeck ? it’s been revolutionary.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Wed 28-Jul-21 08:16:59

Chemotherapy. Without that course six years I would no longer be here.

mokryna Wed 28-Jul-21 08:17:17

Asthma inhaler. I suffered from asthma when I was small, there was no medicine for me, my foster parents put it down to nerves. When I was older I was given little tablets to be taken when things got bad. It was only when I came to France it was taken seriously with tests and given treatment. However, that being said, the treatment that saved my life must that which was given while I was a baby in hospital for a month, with pneumonia, being intravenously fed.