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jenpax Sat 14-Aug-21 16:28:22

My youngest daughter has been out and about uniform shopping for one starting secondary school and one going into reception. So far the bill for kit for both boys is nearly £800! DD3 is a uni student and a lone parent so this would have been impossible without my financial imput! There is no help with uniform costs in our part of the south and so parents are expected to pull rabbits out of hats! I am especially incensed by the cost of secondary uniform with fancy logo blazers, logo sports kit and very exacting rules about school shoes (basically meaning only Clarkes is acceptable!)
I know the Government spoke about tackling this issue but I have seem no evidence of its effects here!

JaneJudge Mon 16-Aug-21 18:53:26

i know and boys grow so much, very quickly in secondary school

MissAdventure Mon 16-Aug-21 18:57:06

There are no adverts for uniform on shpock or nextdoor in my area (aside from the fact that he is too big for stuff that others have outgrown)
I don't use facebook, but have asked someone to keep an eye out on there.
Mum friends?
Not really, I'm a bit of an outsider.

MissAdventure Mon 16-Aug-21 18:59:32

I'm not complaining, just pointing out the reality for some people.

Caro57 Mon 16-Aug-21 19:19:41

For those who have talked about not having a 2nd hand uniform shop how about starting one? They flourished when I was at school also DCs time at school. Near DD there is an op shop drop off where grown out of uniforms can be donated for those in need to pick up

MissAdventure Mon 16-Aug-21 19:33:11

I've barely the energy to do the stuff I have to, these days.
It's an almighty effort.

It's a great idea for someone else to take up, though.
I suppose it could be set up on 'nextdoor'. Hmmm

Callistemon Mon 16-Aug-21 19:57:08


For those who have talked about not having a 2nd hand uniform shop how about starting one? They flourished when I was at school also DCs time at school. Near DD there is an op shop drop off where grown out of uniforms can be donated for those in need to pick up

That's what PTAs are for!!

Oh, for the days of school jumble sales!
Actually, at the DGC's primary school summer or Christmas fair there was always a rack of good, clean, secondhand clothing, donated or from lost property but not many parents seemed interested in it.

Callistemon Mon 16-Aug-21 19:59:17


I've just bought new football boots, the same as his too small ones (he is now size 11) £95.

Bind his feet!

I do remember those days but DS's feet stopped growing at size 11.

MissAdventure Mon 16-Aug-21 20:05:26

They can't get much bigger, can they?
He'll look like a right angle!

Chewbacca Mon 16-Aug-21 20:09:59

There's a boat yard near me Callistemon, just let me know when you need me to order a couple of canal barges wink

Granmarderby10 Mon 16-Aug-21 20:16:56

With regard to second hand school clothing perhaps there is unnecessary stigma attached.

cc Mon 16-Aug-21 20:48:45

My youngest DD went to quite a smart private girls' day school and they had a second hand clothes shop, they ran an afternoon sale for new girls before they started. The uniform she needed was relatively simple and inexpensive anyway.
I think it is mad that so many state secondary schools don't seem to sell second hand kit. And why is the uniform so fancy anyway? My boys went to a comprehensive and never had to wear the expensive blazer that we'd been told to buy - fortunately we'd been tipped off that we didn't really need one.

MissAdventure Mon 16-Aug-21 20:57:05

Years ago here, a new comprehensive opened, with a uniform that included kilts for the girls.
It only lasted a couple of terms before it was changed, due to the parents and teachers objecting to the cost.

sazz1 Mon 16-Aug-21 21:06:49

I bought my DGDs Primary school uniform online. There were 2 companies to choose from for items with logo. One charged £14 for the cardigan, the other £7.50
Identical cardigans with identical school logos. Worth looking online. Summer check dresses on EB 3 for £8 including postage second hand and in excellent condition as only worn 2/3 times due to lockdown closing schools

kyalami Mon 16-Aug-21 21:06:51

I'm totally in agreement that it's a high financial burden for the required school uniforms & something should be done about it. However this is only if the said same children are not also kitted out in the latest expensive designer clothes & trainers at other times instead of the money going towards the uniforms.

MissAdventure Mon 16-Aug-21 21:09:01

Do you think they should be wearing primark jogging bottoms with patches on the knees at other times?

FionaT Mon 16-Aug-21 21:24:28

A government press release published 29th April this year states that 'A new law will require schools to follow Government statutory guidance on school uniform costs'.
The law is currently at the stage of being an Act, with statutory guidance due for publication this Autumn.
I don't suggest this will stop some/many schools and/or their uniform suppliers from trying to 'gouge' prices, but it does give us the ammunition for a salvo about costs, at the very least.

Jillybird Tue 17-Aug-21 08:36:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SuzieHi Tue 17-Aug-21 09:05:41

Uniforms have always been expensive. Worn for up to 40 weeks of the year - saving costs of other clothes and fashion rivalry. Many teenagers would not accept second hand clothes/parents know this and want to avoid conflict or making their child stand out. There used to be hardship funds in schools to help( not publicised). Agree that schools should help by choosing items that can be bought from chains not designated suppliers. Daughter has just spent £950 kitting out her 7 year old for private school start. She said the state primary costs were £500 2 years ago. Yes we’re in the south

Elizabeth1 Tue 17-Aug-21 09:08:14

My youngest grandson happily FaceTimed me this morning to show off his school uniform, new shoes too and I dread to think how much they cost and a water bottle he happily kicked about luckily his school jumper was a hand me down from his big brother I feel so sorry for the cost these items are for the less fortunate what’s to be done about that?

Katie59 Tue 17-Aug-21 10:22:46

With 4 children it was hand me downs or S/H shop very often, these days, sports and activity kit that adds to the cost.
It’s a perennial issue I well remember mum complaining about the cost

winterwhite Tue 17-Aug-21 10:45:18

Interesting that school children are now wearing ties again. I noticed the the endless TV reports about school always showed girls wearing ties. Is this a step forward or back? But it occurs to me that ties can't be very expensive and a school tie and blazer badge, with chain store everything else ought to be doable.
I agree with whoever asked earlier what sort of profit these uniform suppliers are making,

Elvis58 Tue 17-Aug-21 10:53:13

I remember moving house and having to kit 3 school age children all 11 and above out cost a fortune.
This logo malarky is a money maker for the school.
Tell her to look on facebook they usually have a school uniform swap shop in the area.

Witzend Tue 17-Aug-21 11:04:49

Our dds attended an independent senior school, with a massive list of uniform kit from just one supplier.

It was very expensive initially, and although there was a flourishing 2nd hand shop, I did want them to start with everything new, since when starting senior school absolutely everything I had - including shoes - was a hand me down from my elder sister. And virtually everyone else had all new, so I really felt it. This was a state grammar, not an independent.

However after the first year both dds had almost everything needed from the 2nd had shop, as did many others.

GDCs attend a state primary, and 2nd hand things are passed around all the time. Only the other day dd had a lot of school stuff from a neighbour with older dcs. But dd and her friends pass everything around anyway. Not long ago a pair of dungarees I bought for Gdd1 nearly 6 years ago, came back, still in good condition, for Gdd2!

There seems to be no stigma to it at all any more - if there ever was - at least in her wide circle of friends.