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AIBU to hate Halloween and Bonfire night.

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Sago Tue 26-Oct-21 19:29:35

Just that really, when our three children were growing up Halloween never really figured.
There was no trick-or-treating in our village and people cert

Sago Tue 26-Oct-21 19:33:18

Whoops posted too early!
…. people certainly never decorated their homes, maybe the odd pumpkin.

Today our street is full of houses covered in plastic tat?.

The whole firework bonanza will kick off this weekend, all those poor pet owners.

I cannot believe families waste so much money on this rubbish.

Ilovecheese Tue 26-Oct-21 19:33:57

There do seem to be a lot less accidents on bonfire night now. There were so many heartbreaking tales when I was a child. I do think organised displays are best, although ours in Manchester have been cancelled because of covid.
I don't mind Halloween as most of the children who come calling are very small.

Kandinsky Tue 26-Oct-21 19:36:53

Halloween now = two words.
American & tacky.

Kandinsky Tue 26-Oct-21 19:37:42

Don’t mind a nice firework display though on bonfire night.

Kali2 Tue 26-Oct-21 19:43:07

No, I feel just the same.

Casdon Tue 26-Oct-21 19:52:39

Children absolutely love Halloween, so I’ve got no problem with it at all, it brightens up a few weeks of Autumn for them building up to it.
I like Bonfire Night, love fireworks, I just wish it was confined to the one evening rather than random fireworks being let off beforehand. My dog isn’t bothered, which does make it easier, I feel for dogs and other animals that are frightened.

Smileless2012 Tue 26-Oct-21 19:54:10

No, I don't like Halloween either and as for Bonfire night, I don't dislike it but I do dislike fire works being set off for days before and afterwards because I worry about pets whose owners haven't kept them in.

They must be terrified poor things.

Chewbacca Tue 26-Oct-21 20:03:19

Only the littlies come "trick or treating" around my neck of the woods and they're always accompanied by a parent. I love seeing them dressed up and so excited to be put in the dark! Sago you'd hate my house! grin I don't have any plastic tat but I do have pumpkins lined up on the path to illuminate the way (takes me ages to carve them out) and I make a ghost out of 2 bamboo sticks, stick a hat on it and throw an old white bed sheet over it and put some battery operated lights up the inside. Kids have had so little to look forward to this last 18 months; why wouldn't I want to make a little effort to make them smile? It's. Just. One. Night. smile

Sago Tue 26-Oct-21 20:16:38

Chewbacca Hand carved pumpkins are good, it’s the B&M rubbish I object to.

Elizabeth27 Tue 26-Oct-21 20:24:08

The children love it and it is safer than firework night was. Pubs and clubs have events that will bring in much needed income. Nobody is forced to take part so if its not for you then ignore it and put a notice in your window so that children do not call.

Maggiemaybe Tue 26-Oct-21 20:29:03

Of course you’re not BU, each to their own. But I agree with Chewbacca. Hallowe’en is just one night and I’m happy to put in a bit of an effort to make it a fun one for any children who come calling. I admit to having a bit of plastic tat that comes out every year - witches, bats, spiders and webs that decorate the windows along with a carved pumpkin or two (I’m just glad we’ve moved on from the stinky turnips). I’ve a banjo playing skeleton and a dancing pumpkin that always make the little ones giggle. I’m lucky in that none of the children who’ve called on us have been badly behaved - the younger ones are always with their adults anyway. I’m not sure how many will turn out this year, but I’ve bought plenty of spooky sweets just in case - I’m sure the DGC will be happy to relieve me of any leftovers.

I must say though that I’ve always been very wary of fireworks, and I’d like to see them used for organised displays only. “Bonfire Night” seems to go on for weeks now and they can be so dangerous in the wrong hands.

lemongrove Tue 26-Oct-21 20:37:16

I agree Elizabeth ( you aren’t the Queen are you?)?

Anyway, this year we are having the grandchildren and their parents here for a Halloween Party, nice party food a few drinks and some Halloween music ( Ghostbusters/ Monster Mash/The Time Warp etc). I hate carving pumpkins but John Lewis provided me with large light up pumpkins, and M&S
With spooky tableware and banners.
Each child will have some chocolate and a present to take
home. A very few small children may call at the door, and no doubt will look very cute.
I realise this is an ideal sort of Halloween ( a bit Waltons!) but I really dislike all the gruesome stuff that’s sold, so I only do pumpkins and witches brooms, and orange and black balloons.
I had some good tips from GNers about suitable party food which helped.

Lucca Tue 26-Oct-21 20:42:14

I agree with Elizabeth. You don’t have to join in but kids like it,
All the usual anti American prejudice on here ! You don’t have to be “American” about it.

GrannyGravy13 Tue 26-Oct-21 20:45:10

I just enjoy any excuse for a party with AC and GC, I love fireworks (I am also an animal lover), this year we shall be buying silent fireworks.
Halloween fun for children after the last 20 months who could begrudge them?

Blondiescot Tue 26-Oct-21 20:55:44

I'm a bit 'meh' when it comes to Hallowe'en. Never really made much of a fuss about it when my kids were young anyway. Hate Bonfire Night though - our old dog was petrified of the fireworks, but this will be the first year with our new pup, so I hope he will be ok with them. They cause untold misery year after year, not just to animals, but also to many sufferers of PTSD, and I know some people on the autistic spectrum don't like them either.

GG65 Tue 26-Oct-21 21:00:21

I love Halloween. We have an annual fancy dress party. I’m currently carving pumpkins in preparation. My grandson has requested a Batman pumpkin. I hope I don’t disappoint!

I dislike bonfire night immensely. I hate the noise and it absolutely terrifies my dogs. I can’t believe that just anyone can buy fireworks! I wish they’d only be permitted at organised displays.

Calmlocket Tue 26-Oct-21 21:03:17

Before I moved I always has loads of kids on halloween trick and treat, one time when they were at the front door I crept out the back door with a white sheet over me and scared them half to death.
Im fed up of fireworks already as theyve been going on for a week around here at all hours.

Galaxy Tue 26-Oct-21 21:04:40

My house is full of tat on Halloween grin.I particularly enjoy my bowl with a severed hand which makes a grab for you when you reach for a sweet.

PaperMonster Tue 26-Oct-21 21:56:35

Love Halloween in our village! Lots of people participate, lots of families go round together, lots of houses decorate and leave treats out - such a great atmosphere!

I used to love a bonfire although I’m not a huge fan of fireworks. We don’t go to one as my daughter is terrified.

Scones Tue 26-Oct-21 22:01:43

We love Halloween!! Lots of fun, pumpkins we've grown in the garden, dressing up, fairy lights, witches brooms parked in the porch, games, candles and halloweeny food.

MaizieD Tue 26-Oct-21 22:15:17

I don't mind the pumpkins and the halloween goodies, at least they're reasonably environmentally friendly.

But the plastic tat, for heaven's sake. shock

It's a very recent development and it's appalling to see; wasteful and planet polluting. What are we thinking of?

Grandmagrim Tue 26-Oct-21 22:17:39

I don’t think not liking Halloween hoohah is unreasonable. My grandchildren love it though and got their decorations out weeks ago. Thankfully they have decamped to their other grandparents for half term and the decorations went with them.
As a child we occasionally got a turnip for a lantern. Occasionally dressed up (once iirc) but we did do Apple bobbing and sticky bread on strings. It’s not Halloween I dislike so much as the commercialisation and plastic tat that goes with it now. But tbh I feel the same about that other major midwinter festival I won’t name.

GagaJo Tue 26-Oct-21 22:18:39

I've got a wall of flippin' black paper bats flapping away anytime the door is opened. DD cut them out and stuck them up with white tack.

I don't mind Halloween but DGS loves it, so I tolerate it. I DO like bonfire night. I'm indifferent to fireworks but love a bonfire.

Nonogran Tue 26-Oct-21 22:29:16

I’m not a fan of either so I agree you are not being unreasonable.