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Picking wild daffodils - AIBU

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PinkCosmos Thu 10-Mar-22 15:33:57

Close to where I live there is a B road with no pavements but natural grass verges at either side. It is about a mile long.

Before I was working from home I used to drive along this road every day.

When they re-did the road about ten years ago, they planted daffodils all along both grass verges. Over the years the daffodils have multiplied and look quite spectacular at the moment.

I have just driven along the road and seen a car pulled into a passing place and a lady very obviously picking the daffodils. I was quite dumb struck.

I know that there are a lot of daffodils along this particular road but I don't agree that anyone and everyone should go and pick them.

If they did this there would be none left. They are only £1 a bunch in the supermarket


GrandmaTrisha Thu 10-Mar-22 15:36:53

I read recently that it is actually illegal to pick wild daffodils and bluebells punished by at max, a prison sentence. Sounds extreme but it was there in black and white.

Wheniwasyourage Thu 10-Mar-22 15:38:02

Quite agree, PinkCosmos. Flowers in public places, whether wild or cultivated, are for everyone (not to mention for the insects we need for our very survival) and it really makes me furious to see people picking them, or worse, kicking them out of the ground for no reason. angry

Shinamae Thu 10-Mar-22 15:38:54

Yes, as you say if everybody did it there would be none. My daughter has a beautiful bluebell wood behind her house but would not dream of picking any of the flowers. And yes I think it is actually illegal

Whitewavemark2 Thu 10-Mar-22 15:39:14

Against the law. Has been for years.

Esspee Thu 10-Mar-22 15:45:20

I have seen this happen and stopped my car and blasted the horn until they retreated and drove away.

I have also had a stand up argument with three ladies who justified what they were doing by saying the flowers were going to be sold and the proceeds would go to Marie Curie.

Flowers in public places should be for the joy of everyone.

sodapop Thu 10-Mar-22 15:49:53

I agree Esspee flowers in public areas are for everyone to enjoy.

AGAA4 Thu 10-Mar-22 15:50:03

Unfortunately it's not uncommon for people to pick wildflowers. I have seen a bank of daffodils disappear overnight.

Grayling Thu 10-Mar-22 15:57:46

Totally agree with everybody. They have been planted there for everyone to enjoy. I like a jug of spring flowers on my kitchen window and rather than pick ones from my own garden I lash out and spend 85p in Aldi's for a bunch - last of the big spenders here!!!!

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 10-Mar-22 16:21:23

The daffodils obviously aren’t wild but they were planted for everyone to enjoy, not for people to pick. Very selfish.

Blossoming Thu 10-Mar-22 16:33:20

No, people shouldn’t be picking them.

Blondiescot Thu 10-Mar-22 16:39:40

We have a beautiful verge of daffodils on the hill near us, and you quite often see where people have been picking them - or even worse, just pulling them up and scattering them! It's very selfish.

BBbevan Thu 10-Mar-22 16:53:12

I used often to pass a local secondary school. Opposite it and leading all the way down hill into town was a bank of daffodils. Really heart lifting when they were all out.
The children coming out of school spent some time smashing their heads off with sticks., and left a total mess. I rang the school and spoke to the head. He just passed it of as”Kids today”. !!!!!

TerriBull Thu 10-Mar-22 16:57:02

Bunches of daffodils cost £1 a bunch in many stores. If everybody picked daffodils that have been planted out for everyone to appreciate, what a shame that would be sad

Yammy Thu 10-Mar-22 17:07:23

My county has lots of daffodils at this time of year lots have been planted to make it more special. I am cross when I see people picking them or any other wildflowers.

Luckygirl3 Thu 10-Mar-22 17:23:39

There was a huge patch of snowdrops on a bank near where \I lived. I saw one lady do just this .... stop and pick some. I was furious!

LauraNorderr Thu 10-Mar-22 17:31:50

Worse still the selfish pillocks who dig up the snowdrop clumps for their own garden. My new neighbour has just done this. I don’t want to fall out with her so I just said that had I known she was so short of funds I’d have bought her some bulbs. She looked suitably ashamed.

Sago Thu 10-Mar-22 17:34:17

We lived by a public footpath in a remote part of Shropshire.
We had people in white vans come at the dead of night and pick thousands.

Kim19 Thu 10-Mar-22 17:34:40

Didn't know it was illegal. Great.

MiniMoon Thu 10-Mar-22 17:37:33

Here is what the law says about picking flowers and other wild fruit etc.

Under the1968 Theft Actand the1981 Wildlife and Countryside Act, it’s illegal in the UK to:
pick, uproot or destroy any wild plant without permission from the landowner or occupier. This includes wildflowers growing in council parks and council-maintained displays on protected land, verges, roundabouts and nature reserves. It would also include flowers growing on National Trust properties. Pick flowers, fruit, foliage or mushrooms growing wild on any land for the purpose of selling them. Pick rare or endangered flowers.

Sarnia Thu 10-Mar-22 17:39:06

No, you are not being unreasonable. It's just another example on an ever growing list of those who don't give a stuff.

sodapop Thu 10-Mar-22 19:02:23


Worse still the selfish pillocks who dig up the snowdrop clumps for their own garden. My new neighbour has just done this. I don’t want to fall out with her so I just said that had I known she was so short of funds I’d have bought her some bulbs. She looked suitably ashamed.

Good comment LauraNorderr A red face there I suspect.

DaisyL Fri 11-Mar-22 11:26:53

This is the legislation under the Theft Act.

1. You should only pick one flower for every 20 in the patch. If there are fewer than 20, leave them alone.

2. Don't disturb wildlife in the area.

3. Pick flowers which are not privately owned or critically endangered.

4. Don't ever pick flowers in public parks, community gardens, or on National Trust property or nature reserves.

5. Never pull the wildflowers by their roots, as this will mean they will no longer return the following year. If you do pick the flowers, ensure you leave a substantial amount of the plant to allow it to continue to grow.

glammanana Fri 11-Mar-22 11:33:20

Disgraceful picking these flowers !! some people are so full of their own entitlement

NotSpaghetti Fri 11-Mar-22 11:37:30

As Daisy says, it is not illegal to pick a few flowers on the whole.

They must be of a non-endangered species and not for a non-monetory purpose.

Picking a few for granny or picking parts of a plant (leaves, flower stems, fruit and seed) to cook with is therefore OK.
You mustn't remove or uproot the whole plant or leave so little that it's unlikely to survive.

I think it's the same legislation for mushrooms.