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House selling and time wasters

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Vintagejazz Thu 11-Aug-22 21:39:33

We're selling a house at the moment and we spent ages getting it ready today for a viewing at lunchtime tomorrow (specifically requested as they would be travelling down the country on Fri evening and would miss the open viewing on Saturday)
We were informed at about 6.30 that they've now decided to travel tomorrow morning and will just come along to the open viewing next week.
I told a friend who sold recently and she rolled her eyes said she had a few people waste her time like this when she'd bent over backwards to accommodate them.

Do people not realise the work that goes into getting a house viewer ready, especially when b there's people living in it?

CanadianGran Sun 14-Aug-22 00:06:13

The owners are not present for viewings here. The listing agent will have the details for the house, and do the viewing.

Biglouis, I think that was very rude of you to not allow access. Owners have to sell for a variety of reasons and making it more difficult is very mean-spirited. Legally, 24 hours notice must be given, even if it is a note on the front door, and the tenant must allow access. I do understand it is inconvenient, but why make the process harder?

Franbern Sun 14-Aug-22 11:17:24

One of my daughter's & Hubbie recently put their house on the market. The first lot of photos done by EA were dreadful (Daughter had bene away at Conference and Hubbie's idea of tidying for pictures was slovenly to say the least. So, second lot of pictures had to be done.

House on market. The blurb that went with it somehow managed to miss out all the really good things about the house (eg: solar panels on roof, car charger on driver, new boiler, closeness to train station, bus station, beach, etc. etc.)

She has now re-written that description and has turned it in to a property that would definitely catch the interest of people. Surely, EA's have some sort of training as to the best ways of describing a property.

When I was selling my house, I had EA do all the viewings and I would go out. However, one young couple asked to come back that evening for second viewing with parents - and I (Stupidly) agreed to this. I was by myself and they arrived with both sets of parents and proceeded to take over my house, separating up and being in different rooms at the same time. One Mother stayed at my side telling me that the price was too high and kept on mentioning a much lower price over and over again, insisting that I agreed to that. She was totally in my face the whole time. It was quite horrific, and I am not normally somebody who is easily scared.

The following morning I phoned the EA and said that I did not care what sort of offer they put in I wanted it refused as there is no way I could inflict these people onto my lovely neighbours.

Another lady arrived,with EA, but I had not gone out, she seemed to love the house. Then told me she was buying it for her son. I could not imagine a more unsuitable house for a young bachelor, it was very much a family home. Insisted on doing another viewing with him and his horrified reaction confirmed this. But she still could not see that and kept trying to negotiate with me.

With regards to looking into cupboards, etc. Yes, I might do this, and expect viewers to do this with fitted cupboards, (ie in kitchen or bathroom or even bedrooms), but definitely NOT those that are not fitted. I did look at a new build which appeared at first glance to have a goodly number of kitchen cupboards, until I opened them, and one for leccie meter, others for integrated goods, etc. leaving just one small single base cupboard and two wall cupboards actually to be available.

Onajane Mon 22-Aug-22 00:18:30

We're in the middle of selling our bouse, accepted an offer.

Despite EA vetting prospective viewers first,to ensure they had sold and had sufficient funds, we still had over 30 viewers in 4 weeks.

Many gave feed back that house was wrong size / wrong area / too expensive got them, not what they were looking for etc.

Due to lack of houses on market people are looking at anything vaguely suitable out of desperation.

We're buying totally out of area and it's been a nightmare as something will come up, we'll book to see it a couple of days hence (as it's an overnight stay realistically), only for viewing to be cancelled as house has sold.

Razzamatazz Mon 22-Aug-22 08:30:40

Would you consider going into a rental in your new area Onajane? I had to as I sold at auction, and was very lucky to get this bungalow. I'm sure the vendor chose me out of the four offers because I was a cash buyer.

Grammaretto Mon 22-Aug-22 09:22:37

I agree with your suggestion to Onajane Razza
A friend who moved here (Scottish Borders) from Cornwall a few years ago to babysit her then only DGC, rented for a year until she found the right house for her. (on the level, good views, decent garden etc) She paid top dollar for it but no regrets.
She now has 3 DGC and is still babysitting.

PollyDolly Mon 22-Aug-22 10:31:00


The owners are not present for viewings here. The listing agent will have the details for the house, and do the viewing.

Biglouis, I think that was very rude of you to not allow access. Owners have to sell for a variety of reasons and making it more difficult is very mean-spirited. Legally, 24 hours notice must be given, even if it is a note on the front door, and the tenant must allow access. I do understand it is inconvenient, but why make the process harder?

Well said CG.
Tenants should also consider that they might need to approach a land lord or estate agent for a reference when applying to rent a further property, why would anyone put themselves in such a bad situation ?
Do as you wish to be done by.

Onajane Mon 22-Aug-22 14:53:34

Rentals as too expensive. We don't have a mortgage and so we don't currently pay out anything on our house, so finding an extra £1000-£1500 per month for rent just isn't viable.

M0nica Mon 22-Aug-22 15:35:21

But OnaJane, surely, if you rent while looking for a house, probably for only a few months, the proceeds from your house, will be in the bank on a short term savings scheme and earning you interest, which, even though interest rates are not high, should go a long way to paying the rent and would taking a couple of thousand pounds out of your capital to rent a flat to ensur you get the house you want, really make the difference between buying and not buying a house?

We did this quite some years ago when interest rates were higher and actually made a profit on the whole process.

PinkCosmos Mon 22-Aug-22 15:56:14

Unfortunately, not everyone can see past other people's 'junk'.

I think it makes sense to declutter and have the house shown off to its best. You can probably get away with not doing this if buyers are wanted a house in a specific area as they will buy for the location, irrespective of the state of the house.

Decor is a personal thing. I know of someone who viewed a house and loved it but didn't but it because they didn't like the wallpaper in the living room!!!

I was watching Fantasy Homes by the Sea at the weekend. They are very old programmes from around 2013. They took one woman to a house that was furnished almost 100% in white e.g. white sofas, white painted furniture. She dismissed it because she couldn't live with so much white around. Did she not realise that the current owners would be taking their furniture with them shock

Razzamatazz Mon 22-Aug-22 16:34:57

Perhaps rent an Airbnb for a while in September when more people come onto the market. If you work, could one of you go up/down? You'll be on the spot then, able to get to know the local agents who will like the fact you will be a cash buyer. You could get the heads up for somewhere coming on the books before it is listed.

AreWeThereYet Mon 22-Aug-22 16:38:36


Out of curiosity do any of you look in drawers and cupboards that aren't part of the fixtures and fittings? I'm tidying up everywhere just in case.

No. As someone else said if there are fitted wardrobes/kitchen cupboards/bathroom cupboards I would inspect them because they are part of the place I may buy and I would want to see how big they really are. Chests of drawers, side tables, etc definitely not.

All the bedrooms in this house appear to have fitted double wardrobes - but one wardrobe is actually single because part of it is where some pipes run and you wouldn't know that unless you looked.

M0nica Mon 22-Aug-22 17:06:36

If I was selling a house and anyone tried to look into any cupboard or drawer in the house that was not included in the sale. I would stop them doing it and complain to the EA.

Onajane Mon 22-Aug-22 20:47:03

Rentals available are for 12 months minimum, so we'd be looking at £12-18,000. Houses are also dearer where we'd like to move to to.

This aside, luck has been with as as
house we liked and didn't get offer accepted on has came back on market,and agent rang us and our offer has been accepted.

? Mixture of excitement and nerves now the big move looks like it's on ?

Razzamatazz Mon 22-Aug-22 21:12:18

In Northumberland we have six monthly rentals available, which then go onto a rolling monthly contract. Airbnb would have been an option for you in the autumn/winter as owners are often willing to reduce the price for a longer booking.

Congratulations on your offer being accepted, your buyer will be delighted you have completed the chain, fingers crossed you are in by Christmas. I hope it all goes smoothly for you.

Franbern Tue 23-Aug-22 08:33:47

Onajane I do not envy you with regard to the next few months. There will be ups and downs times. But, hopefully, all will eventually go through and later this year you will be in your lovely new home. Good Luck

M0nica Tue 23-Aug-22 18:55:10

I am surprised that rentals are only available for 12 months. I would have thought in your situation you could easily get a short term let in holiday rentals out of season at a reasonable rate..

When we rented between houses, we found a house where a tenent had vacated it 4 months early and the owners were delighted to find someone willing to take on the property for only 4 months.

Sally97 Thu 25-Aug-22 19:58:35

Good luck Onajane.
We put our house on the market in march accepted an offer within a week, took us until mid april to find somewhere. Finally exchanged contracts today. It has been an emotional rollercoaster. As Franbern said lots of ups n downs.

Lululemon Sat 27-Aug-22 11:04:56

A young couple of students from the nearby university came to view my house. They looked at my shed and said 'is that a sauna?'

Doodledog Sat 27-Aug-22 20:57:58

Congratulations, Sally97.

Good luck in your new home.