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M&S sparks offers

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MacCavity2 Thu 22-Sep-22 10:15:04

Item out of stock when trying to use my discount. The next day when offer removed, there it was at the original price. That came back into stock very quickly. Tried to complain, computer says no. Thanks M&S.

Casdon Sun 02-Oct-22 14:27:14

I am, it’s a cotton/silk blend, so it’s a bit warmer than cotton - I know what you mean about the man made fibre jumpers though, I don’t buy them as they go bobbly and lose their shape quickly. Sadly even Boden and Joules which are my other go to places for jumpers have also succumbed to the man made trend, you have to be very selective.

Esmay Sun 02-Oct-22 15:00:06

I'm really sad over the deterioration of M and S :
We used to have a cafe and the food was delicious . It was hot food so a very pleasant and filling lunch .
Now other one has remained open and the food isn't as good
- mainly uninspiring cake and sandwiches .

I find ordering items very hit and miss .
They don't let me know that an item has come in and then , it's sent back as uncollected .
Last time , it was a dress that I particularly wanted . I asked for home delivery .
It never came .
No explanation given .
The same happened last year . I was promised a gift voucher as consolation , which never materialised .
And before that - two pairs of shoes . I have problems with shoes because there's a half size difference .
So when I find shoes that fit I'll order a couple of pairs .

And my friends are saying the same thing .
No doubt I'll continue to shop there occasionally as I do like the food - but I have increasing reservations .

What a shame .

Aveline Sun 02-Oct-22 16:09:41

The only shares I ever bought were in M&S. I've just instructed my broker to sell them. Never thought the day would come when I'd jettison them.sad

AreWeThereYet Sun 02-Oct-22 16:38:49

I'm obviously in the minority - I haven't bought any clothes for three years or more (well before lockdown) but this weekend bought three midaxi skirts in M&S for the Autumn and love them. They are reasonably well made (as much as stuff from the Far East for western shops ever is), fabric doesn't look cheap, they were a reasonable price and they fit.

Can't comment on customer service as I haven't had a problem. And I agree the Sparks card is rubbish - can't find any real benefit to having it. They gave everyone free gifts at some point - when we went to retrieve ours (some handwash I think) they had none left, so we never even got that.

M0nica Sun 02-Oct-22 16:45:47

I have recently bought myself a thick handknitted 100% wool arran sweater from Culture Vulture and I shut my eyes and shuddered at the price, around £90, but it looks so warm and I loved it so much

I have just looked at the M&S sweater Casdon recommneded. It cost £69. Suddenly my new sweater seems very reasonably priced.

Fleur20 Sun 02-Oct-22 16:46:24

M and S CEO...

[email protected]

Take complaints to the top......

Georgesgran Sun 02-Oct-22 17:20:30

I find the Sparks card useless too. When their credit card first came out - remember the ads with Dean Martin singing Amore - I used to get hundreds of pounds worth of vouchers a year, now I’m lucky to get £60.
Is anyone still in the Premium Club? I dropped out, but have just had an email to rejoin - is it worth it?

SachaMac Sun 02-Oct-22 17:23:47

I have had a couple of nice dresses from M&S this year and I like some of the new boots they have in but I agree some of the quality & sizing isn’t what it was. The range is so vast, it’s hard to find what you’re looking for & it can be a a bit hit and miss. Some things also seem very expensive for a chain store.

I often buy bedding & cushions from there. The velvet cushions wash really well.

Millie22 Sun 02-Oct-22 20:53:42

I only buy underwear from m&s but it's not as good as it was.

My last Sparks offer was 20p off potatoes. I don't buy potatoes from there ?

Farzanah Sun 02-Oct-22 21:06:34

When I’ve had a complaint in the past I posted on M&S Twitter feed and got a rapid response.
I find most high street shops quality has deteriorated as they try and compete on price. I like to pay more and keep clothes til they die (or I do!). I tend to be selective with M&S clothing and still can find good quality pieces, and they tend to be more expensive, but wear and wash well. For example, merino jumpers, silk blouses and jeans. Their food is still the most reliable.

Wyllow3 Sun 02-Oct-22 21:11:01


I’m a fan of the Sparks card, I always load the offers onto my card, and wait to buy clothes until there’s an offer of 20% off. I also use it for food offers if they are something I buy anyway, and put things I won’t use immediately in the freezer. I had a free loaf of farmhouse bread this week on my card.

Me too. I have a number of things I buy and re buy and catch them on a 20% day. I have never failed to be helped by an M n S customer service person except once.

I'm not a fashionista so can't honestly comment on their range this year. I get my undies, face cream, their heatgen tops (fab) and their trousers which have FOUR choices of leg length in the range I buy. I get all my face care products from them, their Formula Range is mid price and very good.

YES I agree that quality is compromised, things don't last as long, and its sad but its because they have had to remain competitive in a mass market.

BUT - not point in harking back to the Good Old Days and I can still afford them and I simply cannot afford more expensive brands. (Also M n S now also do Whitestuff and some Phase 8 if you want more upmarket.)

Delivery is free to my local M n s foodie store 5 minutes drive, often next day delivery.

Yes some sales items sell out in my size very quickly but that's the luck of the draw with sales. Its exactly the same on the TU website when they have a sale and ditto if I look into a JL sale.

Witzend Sun 02-Oct-22 22:38:05

I do still find the odd thing. Last year I bought 2 pairs of their ‘cosy’ high-waisted (they really are) jeggings and lived in them all winter.
Got them out again this week - as good as new - and will be living in them again.

FoghornLeghorn Mon 03-Oct-22 00:59:01


This was the one I bought Aveline, it’s lovely.

That’s blooming expensive for a cotton jumper though. I know it has a little bit of silk in it but still………….

vegansrock Mon 03-Oct-22 06:46:05

I wouldn’t bother to look for clothes in M and S, too much stuff , stores badly organised. My OH used to buy things from the mens section which he swore by, but even he was complaining about the quality of a checked flannel shirt he bought from there, especially as he saw Stu from Coronation Street wearing the same one. It’s Uniqlo for both of us for basics.

Margiknot Mon 03-Oct-22 15:55:29

I am not too fond of the sparks card - although I still use it. I still have the old premium club, but I am wondering if its worth it now it costs so much more a year to be a member. Georgesgran. I have just received a £20 token from the Premium club- I think there are 4 a year- but it is £22.50 a month now!! I got membership originally for the travel insurance (rarely travel since before Covid)- and convenience since we live close to an out of town store.
Thinking back to the things I used to buy decades ago- I paid more relatively speaking for good quality items- like a wool mix suit jacket that was just over £100 ?£25 years ago. I guess a similar quality jacket would cost at least double now - but M+S - like other stores- aim for a cheaper sell point now. Their Autograph range is mostly natural fabrics and reasonably good quality ( and more expensive) and I do buy items there occasionally - if ( being short) anything that catches my eye fits me! I like the autograph jeans- but a pair lasts me a few years!
Mostly I buy make up and face cream, food, underwear and the occasional clothing item for DH or I. I'm so pleased I can order other brands through M+S - although M+S do not stock petite fittings in other brands.
I was impressed with M+S foodhall buyers in the early days of lockdown. They managed to source some food basics- whilst Sainsburys were often out! Obviously one had to take potluck with what was available - but at least ( as an NHS worker shopping late after work) there was something!

Rosina Mon 03-Oct-22 16:35:33

I have found a new less than honest situation when buying online from M and S; in the past few months I have bought, among other things, three items shown as available, and had the money deducted from my account. I've then had an email a week or so later to say the item is out of stock, and they will refund. This takes up to two weeks, so M and S have use of my money for about three weeks at least.
I have asked why they accept an order and then say it is unavailable - out of stock items are usually flagged up with an offer to email when they are back in stock. I have had no reply to this email.

Farzanah Mon 03-Oct-22 20:50:37



This was the one I bought Aveline, it’s lovely.

That’s blooming expensive for a cotton jumper though. I know it has a little bit of silk in it but still………….

What would you expect to pay for a quality item that will last longer than one year?

Amalegra Tue 04-Oct-22 01:48:27

Hadn’t been into an M&S store in ages as the two near me have closed and the nearest now is miles away in a big shopping centre. It’s not at all convenient so I usually shop there online. I was horrified at the poorly lit, messy store which seemed very old fashioned (even though it’s quite new!). Clothes were arranged in a very haphazard way and I had to really hunt for what I wanted. When I found it, more from luck than judgement, I had to find a reasonably well lit area to see it properly. Will stick to online in future, not that I buy too much from them these days! A bewildering choice and there are often so many better shops for what I am looking for. I suggest that they up their game, and quickly, before they get buried by the not inconsiderable competition!

argymargy Tue 04-Oct-22 07:19:53

I used to buy loads at M&S but now only underwear. I’ve had amazing quality clothes and shoes in the past (esp machine washable linen and knitwear) but now it seems dowdy and expensive. I do rate their high impact exercise bras and their post-surgery bras are second to none. Sparks is a total mystery but I still scan my card in hope…

nadateturbe Tue 04-Oct-22 07:40:38

I don't buy clothes often from M&S so rarely benefit from those offers, but I've always found the food offers useful. And I get free delivery of orders to my local food store five minutesaway.
I got a lovely free candle once, and have had other free gifts too.

Still buy bras. The clothes aren't as good as they used to be.

grannyrebel7 Tue 04-Oct-22 08:08:14

I bought some lovely pyjamas there but they're too long for me and very thin material. I love M & S jeans though. I think what they do best is their food. Can't wait for that fantastic Christmas pudding they do!

Rosina Thu 06-Oct-22 22:19:35

I am never buying online from M and S again - because once again today they have accepted my order for an item, proudly announced that I could pick it up today - same day - and a few hours later told me it was out of stock. Looking at my account they have deducted the money, and doubtlessly in a few days I will get an email telling me that I am due for a refund - I haven't yet had the money back for the last time they did this. Why accept an order that cannot be fulfilled?