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Nanagem Tue 15-Nov-22 07:21:30

Anyone else trying to get a Tesco delivery slot, been on since 5am, site opened at 6 put thought I would join early

Start at place 27656, every time it gets to about 19000 it jumps back now 29899 again!

growstuff Tue 15-Nov-22 07:24:18

I'm 284418th!

Oldnproud Tue 15-Nov-22 07:25:52

That sounds awful. I'm in the queue too, but it is slowly going the right way, unlike yours (I logged on just before 6am, now down to estimated wait time of 10 mins.

Perhaps try logging in on another device if you have one, to see if it avoids that glitch?

Oldnproud Tue 15-Nov-22 07:30:35

Are you sure it wasn't in 6 figures when you started (mime was) and has dropped to the five figure one?

rosie1959 Tue 15-Nov-22 07:41:20

I have just been kicked out with a ten minute wait at around 35k now back up to over an hour with 200k plus. Think I will just go to the shop instead

Oldnproud Tue 15-Nov-22 07:48:34

I made it! Just put some milk in my trolley then checked out so as not to hold things up for others.

I feel for you, Rosie. I've had problems myself in the past.
Two years ago, my DiL signed in 30 minutes after me and only had a short wait, while I was still in a long queue. As we live in the same area, supplied from the same place, that didn't make sense!

rosie1959 Tue 15-Nov-22 08:01:20

Have given up now did try again but was kicked out once more. Will order heavy stuff early and just go shopping for the rest at least I can pick the dates I want lol

Jaxjacky Tue 15-Nov-22 08:02:32

I logged in at about 5:35, 6714 in the queue, I was ‘allowed in’ about 6:10, done and out five minutes later.

tanith Tue 15-Nov-22 08:10:25

The website crashed this morning which is why some people have problems today.

growstuff Tue 15-Nov-22 08:17:44

The website has the message: "We're currently experiencing some technical issues with our app. We're aware of the issue and working hard to fix it. In the mean time, we'd recommend using the website to place your order."

Maya1 Tue 15-Nov-22 08:33:34

I lost my first place in the queue as my dog was desperate for the toilet. I was at 98006.
This time l am at 106,400 and have a 15 minute wait time. Fingers crossed l make it.
Yes Growstuff l have that message too. Hopefully we are still able to order.

Tizliz Tue 15-Nov-22 08:34:54


The website has the message: "We're currently experiencing some technical issues with our app. We're aware of the issue and working hard to fix it. In the mean time, we'd recommend using the website to place your order."

Says that for me as well. I am on the website!

joannapiano Tue 15-Nov-22 08:46:31

I was 280,000 in the queue at 7.30, got to my turn and went back to the beginning. Logged out then logged back in and slots appeared ! Have now booked.

growstuff Tue 15-Nov-22 08:50:04

I've booked mine too, but the latest available was 22nd December.

I'll have plenty of milk for Christmas, if nothing else grin

Annapops Tue 15-Nov-22 08:50:46

I slept in so didn't enter the queue until 7am. 288,565 to go. I must say timer did work as I was told I had an hour to wait and once down to the last 1000 with 2 minutes to go I finally got in. I rapidly chose the date and put a handful of items in. Checkout was rather bumpy as I was rejected a couple of times and thought my order was lost. Technical difficulties notifications were appearing on screen. By the time my payment seemed to be
accepted I was informed my basket was having problems being loaded. One more attempt at payment and all seemed well until a second later "try again" appeared. I then checked my email to see if my order was confirmed and low and behold all is well. I never had this problem with Asda last year!

Nanagem Tue 15-Nov-22 08:50:59

Finally done it, went onto the website and had that open on my iPad and the app open on my phone, both went through about 2 minutes apart. Couldn’t get my normal slot of Thursday morning but got the afternoon so ok. Nothing going Friday or Saturday but I’m ok with that

Maya1 Tue 15-Nov-22 08:53:29

Just booked mine, luckily got Thursday am which is what l wanted. As Growstuff says Thursday 22nd December is all that's available here too.

Marydoll Tue 15-Nov-22 08:56:54

I was 250,000+ at 6.30am (forgot to set the alarm), got booked for 23rd, which I wanted, about ten minutes ago.

Pittcity Tue 15-Nov-22 09:05:36

We stopped online grocery shopping at the beginning of C19 to free up slots for those who really needed them. We are able to easily walk or drive to a supermarket.
I wonder how many of the thousands in the queue have held a slot "just in case"?
My philosophy is that it's just a big Sunday roast.

Elusivebutterfly Tue 15-Nov-22 09:25:30

I have just checked and there is still a queue for Tesco but Sainsbury's have their Christmas slots open and I have managed to book a slot.

GrannyGravy13 Tue 15-Nov-22 09:39:29

Don’t know if this is helpful but Waitrose released their Christmas deliveries in September, not sure if they have any left.

Kate1949 Tue 15-Nov-22 10:16:23

We were 63000 and something in the queue at 9 o'clock but it moved very quickly and we got the slot we wanted.

Katek Tue 15-Nov-22 10:22:05

I've also managed to get a slot with Sainsburys elusivebutterfly- no problem or wait. Out of curiosity I also tried Tesco, joined queue around position 29000 with 3 minute wait and could have got a slot on 21/12. Perhaps it's easier the further north you go!

Joane123 Tue 15-Nov-22 11:10:09

Tried Tescos - "Christmas Jingle - you are 213,624" in the queue!

Blondiescot Tue 15-Nov-22 11:21:25

I just don't trust anyone else to pick my shopping for me, especially fresh stuff! I've been known to every pack of something on the shelf until I find one which I like the look of.