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Vintagenonna Sat 24-Jun-23 08:52:19

Ringtons have supplied us (by mail order) with wonderful tea and brilliant ginger biscuits

Last order (a dozen packets of biscuits plus tea) arrived with no packaging to protect the contents and the box (when I took it from the delivery lady) was tastefully decorated with bird-poo.

I called & emailed with photos to find out it I could pay more for proper packaging in the future (broken biscuits aren't what I ordered) and got a less than useful answer.

IF I returned the parcel as delivered they could replace it, AND they were happy with the company they used to pack their products.

I didn't want a replacement - only proper packaging on future orders which it seems they have no control over any more.

Or, so it seems, no interest in.

Oopsadaisy1 Sat 24-Jun-23 10:10:26

Mail order companies are trying to cut down on packaging waste, obviously that isn’t working for the biscuits, strange that they haven’t asked for customer feedback though.

Baggs Sat 24-Jun-23 10:31:39

You could always give them some customer feedback, in writing, vintage, whether they've asked for it or not. I would.

Theexwife Sat 24-Jun-23 10:34:18

Leave a review on Trustpilot, more people will see it than here.

In most cases, I prefer the no-packaging option but sometimes the good need protecting.

Bella23 Sat 24-Jun-23 11:41:27

I'm busy in transactions with Fenwick N/C for something I ordered 2 weeks ago They are blaming DPD the carrier but I have had no contact from either company and only Fenwicks since I followed it up two days ago myself.
I have asked for original packaging when I knew something would not break I don't think they take much notice.We got biscuits at Christmas that were just crumbs when they had been sent as a present the original covering was perspex so obviously needed a box.
Last week we ordered four things from Amazon all at the same time to cut down on deliveries. I received three all squashed into a cardboard book envelope including two tubes of cream and one packet made of paper inside a large flower box with 7!!! sheets of brown paper to protect it.
I don't think they care and the wrappers are probably so run off their feet they scramble everything.

Vintagenonna Sat 24-Jun-23 20:37:46

Hi, Grans

I think I will write to them (paper & envelope) and copy it to the Chairman.

If I still get the 'Oh we all get parcels with bird-poo on them' response I will take to Trustpilot. I don't want to heap blame on the packers - it was the lack of interest that got me.

To contrast, I have a Ligne Roset Multy Sofabed about 20 years old and one of the struts underneath cracked (our fault). When I rang for a replacement I was sent two (one spare), with guidance as to how to fit it. Payment was refused and when I rang to thank them the message was 'our pleasure.'

Thanks, Grans.