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one year after a loss of a parent.

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Dawn62 Sun 06-Aug-23 17:51:29

Hello.In oct it will be a year since i lost my dad,something that is to difficult for me to really deal with at the moment so as silly as it may seem i am trying to block it out because i cannot cope with the thought of never seeing my dad again.Anyway my mum who is 79 and very traditional tells me she wants to put a one year anniversary message in the paper,mum reads all these type of columns and she asked me for help finding a verse does anyone have any ideas please,i did trying and look online but stupid me found it to hard to read without crying,but it made me think if mum wants a verse from her maybe i should find one as well from a daughter,but how do you find the right words that say i miss you etc.thank you for reading.

DiamondLily Sun 06-Aug-23 18:48:41

Oh, well I don't know really. I don't do these newspaper things.

I would just do a paragraph, I guess, that comes from the heart.

But, I have found this site, if it's any help:

Good luck 💐

Hithere Sun 06-Aug-23 19:09:07

Very sorry for your loss

1. Please do look at grief therapy- it makes all the difference

2. Your mother's wish to honour your father is hers and hers only

You may want to assist her only if you feel capable and it helps you - that's a vibe I definitely do not read in your posts

If you are not able to do so, don't feel guilty and tell her no - it is your right to take care of yourself.