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Vaping while pregnant

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Beth249 Tue 22-Aug-23 23:01:15

My daughter and her partner vape. She is 28 weeks pregnant and I find it quite selfish how she is doing this and the effects it will have on her baby.
Just wondering what your thoughts are about this?

Smileless2012 Tue 22-Aug-23 23:08:02

I don't know what the affects of smoking can have, only that it's less harmful than smoking. Did she smoke before she vaped, and start vaping to give up cigarettes?

Smileless2012 Tue 22-Aug-23 23:08:40

sorry, that should be I don't know what the affects of vaping can have.

Beth249 Tue 22-Aug-23 23:12:35

Thank you for your reply!
No she didn’t smoke before she vaped. She vaped before pregnant, stopped for six months of her pregnancy and has now started again.
I just find it baffling!
We have asked them both to stop vaping in our house.
I just find it really unpleasant and think how each puff she inhales goes to her baby.

Beth249 Tue 22-Aug-23 23:20:57

But then again if it is less harmful? Maybe I shouldn’t be so concerned.

Georgesgran Wed 23-Aug-23 08:30:16

According to Google - it’s not safe. Vapes not only contain nicotine, but other chemicals and flavours which can be harmful. I guess you sort of suspected this already?

Jaxjacky Wed 23-Aug-23 08:47:57

It depends what you read, this research shows some conclusions, but more research is needed.

Doodledog Wed 23-Aug-23 09:23:58

It’s probably not ideal, but the fact remains that it is her choice. Is she under a lot of stress? That can also be harmful to unborn babies, so it may be that she is balancing one harm against another.

I can understand concern for your grandchild, but am very uneasy about pregnant women being ‘managed’ when it comes to their behaviour during pregnancy. There was a thread on MN recently about a breastfeeding mother being refused a glass of wine because she’d had one with her meal and the manager didn’t think she should have another. That sort of thing is normal in parts of America and I don’t approve of it at all. Obviously in an ideal world women would follow all the (ever changing) advice and do as they are told; but they are not public property and should be allowed to make their own decisions.

Hetty58 Wed 23-Aug-23 10:08:58

I gave up smoking when pregnant - but due to extreme nausea - and didn't drink alcohol anyway.

Still, I was very annoyed by all the unwelcome advice about what was good or bad for the baby.

Bombarded with 'advice' I was told to stop cycling, reduce exercise, not stretch upwards (so never hang washing on the line), start eating meat, drink stout, stay out of the son, stop taking buses or carrying shopping - and all the rest.

I felt ignored and very insulted by all this fuss - as if I didn't have any value as an individual, just as a carrier for this precious baby. Suddenly, it seemed, I had no brain, opinions, identity or common sense.

Hetty58 Wed 23-Aug-23 10:09:35

(the sun)

Doodledog Wed 23-Aug-23 10:30:21

That's exactly it, Hetty. I think it's great that women are told the current advice, but often it runs contrary to the advice of their own mothers, and in any case the advice shifts constantly.

One of the impacts of this is, as you say, that mothers and pregnant women are infantilised, and another is that many seem to be incapable of making decisions of their own. Whether it is swaddling, 'wake windows', 'tummy time', baby-led weaning or whatever, life seems so regimented these days, with babies constantly 'working on skills' and 'transitioning to' whatever stage comes next. It all feels a bit joyless to me, and my antennae twitch when the advice is monetised. Buy this swaddle, join my babysleep course for only £20 a month etc.

I'm not suggesting that expectant mothers swill gin and smoke 20 a day, and if it is found that soft cheese or raw egg is harmful then of course they should be told, but I really don't think it is up to anyone else to get involved with decisions that they make for themselves. They are adults, who are soon to be responsible for another life as well as their own - treating them like children is unacceptable, I think.