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About dogs wearing clothes?

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eddiecat78 Fri 22-Sep-23 08:56:17

We live next to a recently opened dog walking field and I've been amazed that so many turn up wearing clothing. This ranges from labradors wearing bandanas (why?) to Jack Russells wearing full blown rain gear including hats - presumably their owners don't realise JRs were bred to work outside in all weathers killing rats . The owner of the field recently posted a picture of her own dog being fitted for its winter coat - which appeared to be fur lined.
Has the world gone mad? The dog world seems to have

DiamondLily Fri 20-Oct-23 09:41:35

Some breeds need coats in winter - but none need daft clothes.

Hats and bandanas? No dog needs those.🙄

Spuddy Mon 30-Oct-23 13:42:58

As long as the clothing isn't cutting in or uncomfortable for the dog then I don't see why not, as long as the dog agrees to be clothed.

They need to be protected in hot weather so need special shoes to stop their feet being burned on hot ground, and winter wear to help stop them getting colds and pneumonia etc. Just like us humans need!

Also wearables such as jammies if they're ill or have had an operation.

I don't like to see them in silly outfits like tutu's and tiaras just so owners can post selfies, but if it's for the DOGS benefit, such as raincoats, scarves etc. then why not?

Chakotay Fri 10-Nov-23 12:49:07

I raise money for Charity by dressing up my Pugs, this year all 4 of them are getting reindeer outfits, we are already fully booked up for Christmas, we have a booth where people can have their pictures taken with them and all proceeds go to what ever Charity the event is backing, in the summer we had Pugs and Kisses where the money went to The Cats Protection and the Cinnamon Trust, the females had dresses on the the males had bow ties and waistcoats, we even did an event for the local Bats hospital and two were dressed up as Bats, however my English Bulldog refuses to dress up even though I bought him an Hawaiian shirt for the summer events and have also sent away for a Santa outfit for him